Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quiet River

Within a half an hour of arriving at the Quiet River Retreat Lori and I headed to Sew Many Quilts for shopping, LOL. Lori needed 2 more yards of a fabric...and I mean...NEEDED and, I had decided that I no longer was in love with a kit I had purchased there on a previous trip and returned it for some yardage...yes, Quiet River was off to a great start!

By the time we returned Nancy had this little table topper for display...dang dorothy...we had to get cracking.

Robin was on a penguin hunt and after some Google research found that a group of penguins was called a colony.

But, we liked one suggestion which was a Waddle!

by Thursday evening she had pieced all the blocks and put them a border hunt!

Irene worked back and forth between quilting and reading quilt magazines...dreaming of new projects.  (your sista misses you Jules & so do we)

Me...all day...and, this is all I got done!  But, my well was filled with laughter and support that only girlfriends can provide and I felt like I had a successful day.

I want you to know I am reading all your comments and have loved hearing all about what you include in your "passion" circle.  This weekend I am foregoing answering emails but I LOVE getting them!