Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Chit Chat Tuesday

This one was a tough Curiosity Experiment question...I really took a couple of day trying to figure out how I wanted to approach my answer...What other questions can I ask today?  And, I settled on...what do I really want out of this life?  Being human and not knowing what the future holds it might behove me to really make the most of this turn around the sun.  When I leave this life I want to know that I left a well of kindness behind.  What I do know is that the Curiosity Experiment has expanded my thoughts beyond my own needs...I love these cards.

I hope I get to see some of you at Woolstock!!!  I am so excited to have this event on my calendar.  I am not much of a spur of the moment girl but that doesn't mean I'm not having fun!  This is going to be an epic birthday!!

I finally have the top to my Storybook Auction Quilt done which you will see in the next Quilt Roadies video.  OMG do I ever love it and the story behind it...I hope it goes for an awesome bid otherwise I am going to have to buy back my own quilt, LOL...G asked me why I can't make a second one and I told him...my brain doesn't work like that...I rarely have repeated a quilt. 

Have an awesome week filled with 
kindness, friendship and stitching! 

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Happy Easter...

I am so looking forward to this weekend because the lil man is coming to hunt eggs at Nana and G's...I hope those of you who celebrate Easter have an enjoyable weekend filled with family and chocolate!  

I am mixing it up these days...working away on my quilting projects but cross stitch has been calling my name and I have been working on more than one of those projects also!  I am having a lot of fun with this Haunted Woolie.  My cross stitch box is bulging and then I found out that my friend Robin has a bigger box for her cross stitch projects...guess I need to switch up! LOL

Hope I see some of you at the Stitchin' Post today!  
Customer Appreciation Days!!!  
And a great sale...
I might have to indulge in-between demoing Sashiko!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Tuesday Chit Chat

My challenge with the Curiosity Experiment was in trying to decipher the question... What if I say yes?  For a couple of days I thought about saying yes to much may tip my world and maybe it is a reverse thought...I should really be establishing boundaries because saying yes to much is in fact saying no to myself???  Or...saying yes may open new adventures or creativity???  Ultimately, where I found my answer was in acceptance...saying yes to who I am...mind, body and soul has brought me a contentment about being alone with myself.  So...I am saying yes to myself, to some quiet time...to realizing my own company can sometimes be enough.

I don't think I ever shared this pillow I made for a dear friends birthday...I loved making it in colors that are so her.  I never worry about finding pillow inserts to fit since I usually make my own.  I have demonstrated the process on the Quilt Roadies video but it may be time to do it again!

I continue to plug away on my Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show deadlines!  I am making good headway on the  auction quilt...but, I realized that I also have a couple of personal stitch challenges to finish this month and next or I will be hearing all kinds of complaining from girlfriends!!  

Have a wonderful Tuesday...and keep in mind if you have nothing to do on Thursday and are going to be in Sisters...come visit me at the Stitchin' Post during Customer Appreciation Days where I will be demonstrating Sashiko!!!  Can't wait to see you!!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

My Emotional Well...

I have been taking time to fill my well...my emotional well.  Making deposits daily and I can tell that it has been good for the soul.  It has been so wonderful to gather with my book clubbies and my stitcher friends.  I now have a whole list of new books to read and I picked up a couple of new projects from Kathy Schmitz ...love her stuff!

I feel in love with both of these patterns...
and now have them on my ever so hopeful 2019 list :)

you are responsible and in charge of your well :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Chit Chat Tuesday

I am going to try something a bit different...I started using my Curiosity Experiment Cards and decided to post them on Instagram each Sunday.  I bought the stack of card from The Stitchin Post and they come with a little easel.  Setting it up on my sewing table allows me to see the card regularly during the week and ponder the message.  Each Tuesday I hope to ponder out loud on this blog about any revelations I have discovered.  I didn't expect the first week to produce anything profound but I have discovered that the intention of reading the question each time I am up in The Bee Hive has been revealing.

So this past week the question was "What Am I Resisting?"

Interestingly enough I found out...I was resisting some health issues...resisting emotionally and practically.  I felt since I live a healthy lifestyle it must mean I have no health issues. But, in fact my genetics is my genetics and my age is my age.  Wanting to not be on medication in my Medicare years I started trying to wean off of them...well, no can do...I cannot resist my genetics or my age no matter how healthy my lifestyle is!  With this acceptance a new peace has come over my days...I am most anxious to see what is revealed in week 2 with the new card!

Although we are faced with more rain that I can remember there was a glimpse of Spring in Sisters, Oregon...the deer are growing in numbers and the landscaping job they provide is in full swing...

The frogs in the creek are croaking a cacophony of music and the geese are on their honeymoon.

And...Spring has also brought a new coffee meeting place for the town of Sisters!!!  Fika a wonderful place to meet friends or work remotely...yes they have space for those who work without walls.

Yes, Spring is in the air and what a breath of joy I feel!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Bright Side...

Ahhhh...thank goodness for the bright side of my world...family and girlfriends!  And, of course there is the Bee Hive which was a peaceful spot to hibernate.  But, really...I know I am his Nana...but is he the cutest ever and what a large personality, LOL

It was a blessing to have the Berries over for a stitch support group meeting...and I mean support with a big "S"  I can't say enough how important girlfriends are...not only for those moments where you need to grieve with someone who knows there is nothing but time that will make it better...but, the comfort in knowing there are peeps who are walking the same aging path you are!!!  What I can tell you (alleluia) is we have not reached the age where we are talking about our poops, LOL!!!  It is still about the stitching, family and grandkids :)

I had to share this adorable Norma Whaley project that Pat was working on...love the combination of wool and cotton.  9 more wool blocks to go :)

The day ended with a blessing when I got a call from The Stitchin Post that someone had dropped something off for me.  So after the Berries left I headed over and picked up an envelope with a sweet note from Marci who is a watcher of our Quilt Roadie videos and tucked inside were 2 scissor Bee Fobs!!!  Absolutely adorable and I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart!  

I am going to spend another day hiding out in The Bee Hive..nourish my soul, get ahead of some of my deadlines and Bee Happy.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

One Of Those Days....

The days have been a roller coaster of emotion...it is amazing how one 50lb dog can interrupt the cadence of your life with his absence.  I bought myself a silver ring that is embossed with the words, "this too shall pass"  It is a way to remind me that eventually I will be spending more time remembering the good times and not the loss.  

So today I am taking a break from the should and need too...and I am going to spend the day in The Bee Hive.