Saturday, July 24, 2021

Stitch Roadies No 118

Kindness Conversations

I have been working on my kindness conversations...with myself.  It seems I am less kind with myself than I am with others and that has got to stop.  Lately my emotions have been all over the board.  I have accepted the grieving I am going through with the impending move of a family member...not as selfish emotion but as a real loss.  This has allowed me to look forward, be kinder with my much quieter self.  Although occasionally G will say..."you're awful quiet today"

It seems as we adult...we allow less emotion to be displayed...we are supposed to suck it up, be mature and deal with it.  But what we don't realize is every emotion we feel is connected to a previous emotion that is then stitched to an even older emotion.  Not everyone in our circle with get it...and many will either think you just need to get over it or move forward.  But, what I know is when you do this it is not is just lying in wait.  

So, today I allow myself to take care of myself like I would a friend and to know in truth if you can be a true friend to yourself...than you ARE a much better friend to others. 

A walk in nature and it's ability to repair itself is a lesson to embrace.  The Oregan Grape is the state flower...and yes it looks prickly but will display an abundance of yellow flowers.

The resilience of fungus and the variety of the display is amazing and beautiful.

Nature really does provide us with beauty...and ideas for a stitch creation...I could not stop staring at this snails much so that I think I made it nervous, LOL

Today, I embrace my Octopus...
who has taught me so much!

Have a wonderful day and remember your friendship and kindness starts with yourself!

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Live Love Laugh

Yesterday was a highly anticipated day for me...I had invited 3 friends to an indoor stitch gathering.  In so many way I couldn't even believe it was going to happen!  I haven"t had a gathering around the Bee Hive Table since...well...pre-pandemic!  It seems life is measure in terms of pre...and not yet post pandemic.  I have been ok..and I say that with a slight sarcastic tone...but, I have been ok with the isolation...I have been ok with the ZOOM...but, what I really missed is the in your face, ears ringing laughter!!!  I needed the Bee Hive to have a baptism of sorts!  So, that if and when I isolate again I know I will hear the laughter.  It is a bit scary to open ones door again.  I will admit wanting to just invite the world but this was my way of putting my toe in the waters.  

Self serving I know...I wanted laughter and lots of it!  I wanted inspiration and lots of it!  I wanted to surprise my friends and I did.  All 3 friends are also fellow flosstubers...Cheryl of Stitching With The Sisterlies Becca of SamBrie Stitches and Audrey StitchyWitch42 I just knew I was going to have to wear a pair of depends today!!! LOL

I know you understand...the canned laughter of sitcoms does not begin to satisfy the need for real laughter to be ringing in your ears!!!

To surprise my 3 friends I invited a surprise guest!  None other than Jeannine our very own cross stitch pusher, ultimate enabler, owner of the most wonderful shop in the Pacific Northwest Acorns & Threads

Let me just say that it was absolutely cross stitch perfect and I am blessed to have landed in the happiest of places again and am grateful to all who continue to enrich my life by reaching out, opening their lives, sharing and enabling.  You all have been an important part of my pandemic survival!  Hugs!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2021

What A Week

What a week I had!  4 days of Sit 'n Stitch Zoom which I have to admit I was nervous about...but, boy did I enjoy myself!  I'll go into more detail on the Update Quilt Roadies video.  Camping in town was great and there were lots of other quilting campers which were fairly easy to spot!!!

You would think I would be shopped out at the Stitchin Post but when the notification that the Sew Yeah  brothers were on I gave it a good try....Unfortunately the marginal WiFi in the campground prevented me from shopping...

My Fabric Stalkers got together and this quilt top by Pocket Robin was perfection!  I have this one on my list to make....someday....

We'll have a video of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show up soon but let me just say that even though there were less quilts than in a normal (non covid) year it was still spectacular!!! The Sisters Fire Department hung the quilts on the side of the Stitchin Post the same as in years past and it seems all the anguish of the last year receded just a bit! 

G worked his magic walking around town videoing with much more patience than I possess, LOL

This quilt by Kristine spoke to many of the visitors...titled Glass was created in honor of all the women who have been hammering at the political glass ceiling.

G will be working his magic to get the video ready to sure you have a snack and drink before you sit down to enjoy!

Thursday, July 8, 2021

It's A Quilt Party in Sisters!!!

Being in Sisters during Quilt Week beings back all the stitchy goodness that I have been missing this last year!  The town is busting with quilters, the Stitchin Post is hopping with shoppers and inspiration abounds!.  I had my reservations about running a Zoom Sit 'n Stitch but I have been having a blast.  Unlike in person Sit 'n Stitch  Zoom actually creates a personal interaction that doesn't occur in a large classroom.  As an alternative it has been very fun for me.

The shop is filled with new samples and fabrics but the Homegrown Challenge that was hanging in the shop was jaw dropping!!!

This quilt was the #1 prize winner created and stitched by Jackie Smith from Bend Oregon and it is a work of art!

Here are a couple of other entries that are also amazing!!!

I really loved this one!

What I do know is that being here has stimulated those quilting juices and I cannot wait to get back to the Bee Hive and cut up some fabric!!!