Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Let's Be Kind

This was one of my favorite cross stitches in 2019  from the Modern Folk Embroidery.  The whole time I was stitching I said a prayer of sorts...let's be kind.  I was reminded of this project after watching a Floss Tube by my friend Christine of Stitch All The Things.  In her latest Floss Tube she started to read excerpts from a book of Positive Thoughts.  I think stitchers can change the face of the world with kindness. 

I have been rotating my cross stitch and wool stitching this week.  Making some headway on Autumn Harvest.  I would love to have this quilt ready for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2020.  But, it is going to take some concentrated effort to get this quilt finished.  The issue I have is I love it all and this stitching life is filled with new adventures.  Tomorrow I head to the Road to California and I am looking forward to sharing that adventure with all of you!

Have a wonderful week of stitching and kindness!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Floss Tube Stitch Roadie No 27 "Sew With Me"


Since my word for 2020 is Aware I am finding it in all the nooks and crannies of my mind and heart.  Lately I have been aware that my frustration levels have been off the charts.  I rarely get really angry but can I just say the internet services of the world suck!  And, no matter how much you pay it still runs out and they want you to buy more.  I love doing my video blogs but when on the road it becomes bogged down.  All it takes is 2 video uploads to use up the data for the month then the whole system slows down.  Yes, we could go sit in a Starbucks for hours but hey...this is supposed to be fun!  Literally I have been trying to upload one Quilt Roadie video for 24 hours!!!  now that is slowwwwwww. I guess as far as prickly things that bug me...this is a small one.

After all...there are things in this world that make me aware of how blessed I am....my lil' man looks like he is say...yeah, nana...get over it...

Go out and have some fun...be silly...

Hope you word is guiding you 
that there is someone in your life 
who will put it all into perspective!

Thursday, January 9, 2020


It seems lately I have become discombobulated...I think that rolls off the tongue better than "she is losing her mind!"  I think my word for the year "Aware" is going to be a perfect word for me to live by!  But, from the text stream that was going on between the Fabric Stalkers yesterday I guess I am not the only one who is discombobulated!  We are currently in different time zones and some are what we call "post call" which means you brain is really going to be confused from lack of sleep.

I need to start being aware of what day of the week it is...because I missed my Tuesday blog post...every so often that happens.  I look up at G and ask...what day of the week is it?  I could get the days of the week tattooed on my fingers and then move my ring over each day...wow...that is genius.  I think I may submit that idea to a assisted living home!!!

Our lives are still in limbo because we are waiting for the van part.  It is only getting warmer here and the flapper valve stuck open on the toilet is not going to work for us...if ya know what I mean...if not...let me just say no amount of hanging tree air freshener is going to help.  

I did get in my class but the wrong day...not sure what happened there but will try to adjust and we shall see!...

ok, that's it for today...off to water aerobics and then a bit of stitching!