Thursday, February 21, 2019

Thursdays Reflections

No, I am not in Las Vegas but this photo sums up what everyone is saying....What the heck is Mother Nature so worked up about?!  The list must be long because everyone is saying the same thing...this ain't normal!

We have pulled up stakes and headed to the next campsite...and you know is freaking cold!  Got the heater blowing and my winter jammies on.  I think it must be getting to me because my stitching is slow and my book reading is almost non existent.  I hear there is a quilt shop a fair piece down the road which is only opened 2 days a week...might need to go check it out.

We are visiting relatives and G's uncle says he has brought me some family quilts...I can't wait to see them!

Maybe what I need to break me out of this doldrum is to drag out a new project!!!  Have a good Thursday and by Tuesday I'll show you what I ended up doing... :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Chit Chat Update

The ups and downs of life require one to be flexible and look for the blessings along the way.  I had a quick trip to LA flying out of Phoenix.  Visiting family who were having medical treatment in the city of angels.  I have to admit the best part was getting to see my grandson.  He does have both sets of grandparents wrapped around his heart.

For the trip there and back I took my Crabapple Hill embroidery and full confession only stitched on it during the flights.  I literally spent the rest of the time with family :)

I not only got to spend time with my DIL's family but also my many of my mom's family live in the greater LA area.  Getting to share time with my aunts gave me sweet moments with my mother who I miss.  She was a pistol for sure but I am so glad I was a part of her gene pool.  

The best part of the weekend is that I got to spend every night in a slumber party with my grandson...and we were perfect roommates!

I missed G and Enzo but is was such a gift to spend time with family in LA.  Of course coming back to AZ didn't mean it was any warmer...geez has it been a cold winter in AZ.  

The exciting news is yesterday I was a guest on Pat Sloan's Podcast with American Patchwork and Quilting!  Such a fun experience and you know how I like new experiences. And you can listen to this Podcast by clicking on this link :) Pat Sloan Podcast

A couple of more days and we pull up stakes and move down the road...I will be missing my Olde World Quilt Shoppe stitchers and look forward to meeting other stitchers down the road!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Flexibility Is The Name...

Flexibility is the name of the game and one will be less stressed if you just go with the flow...I am heading out to meet up with my DIL and her family in LA...what a world of difference that will be from the desert of Arizona.  G and Enzo will be batching it and I know they won't be living the hard life, LOL.

But until I leave I am going shopping today with girlfriends and revisiting The Attic.  I was so overwhelmed by the shear volume of stitchery that I couldn't even begin to I am thinking this second time around may do the trick, LOL

I have been stitching away on a variety of projects in the camper and let me tell you 150 sq feet of living can be challenging...normally the weather would be warmer and we would be expanding our living space outside but...not so much this January and February.  It is a good thing that G, Enzo and I like each other, LOL

On the other hand it has been fantastic hiking weather and we have been enjoying ourselves.  The desert is a wondrous place and you can never be bored.

Just a heads up...there will not be a blog post on Thursday 2/14 as I will be flying the friendly skies of AZ and CA...see you next week! But, some exciting news on the horizon...I will be a guest on the 18th of February on Pat Sloan's radio stay tuned!  

Have a wonderful week of stitching!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Hi Ho...Hi Ho...

It is off to the Olde World Quilt Shoppe in Cave Creek, AZ I go!!!  I am spending today and tomorrow in one of my favorite shops and hope I get to meet a few of you in the area! The last time I was here I was in the world did they know what I love in the quilting world???

It was sad to live the Superstition Mountains
but I know we will be back someday.

But, before we left we visited the local museum to find out who and where the gold was found???  So far the Dutchman's gold is still up there somewhere waiting to be found.  I loved all the hand drawn maps by different hunters hanging in the museum.

And, there was a beautiful quilt which was donated to the museum and beautiful preserved behind a plexiglass frame.  A Log Cabin quilt made in 1870 and donated by Mr. & Mrs. Kukuk of Gold Canyon is made up of all kinds of fabrics...not a Moda in there, LOL.  But you know a quilter painstakingly chose and placed each piece. 

Also there was a Applique quilt 
that was made as a fundraiser
...fringe and all!

I hope you have a kind day...
I am off to have a cup of coffee and then do the things!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


While stitching, hiking and meeting people along the way I also have a lot of extra time to reflect on life.  It is easy to look at someone else's life and judge your own.  But, what I can tell you is everyone's life has is part of living.  And, it is good for the soul to take the time and look at the blessings in your life and accept that the challenges are what make the blessing that much sweeter.  I hope that with all the ups and downs of life I will always remember the sweet moments...

This past couple of weeks we have had 2 birthdays in our family and in looking back I am reminded of one of those sweet moments and what a blessing it is to know that I can carry these moments with me.

These 2 guys have birthdays in the same 7 day period and back a few years ago the little guy was mesmerized by G's guitar playing.

G helped him pick a few notes...
and was impressed with how gentle 
he was in picking the strings.

...and now for his 7th birthday his dad gave him a guitar
 and is teaching him to play!

I hope you also tuck those sweet moments 
in your heart to bring out when 
you need a feel good moment :)