Thursday, September 20, 2018

Boersma's Sewing Center

I Fall Down!!!

Years ago I told my sister when i would slip on the ice i would scream...I Fall Down!  No embarrassing hop up hoping no one would see me...but a full bodied scream "I Fall Down!"

Well...yesterday I Fall Down!!  Right in the middle of downtown Portland...which gave me so many interesting experiences!  I did a full bodied header due to uneven bricks because of tree roots.  When I initially fell down 2 people ran over to me and asked if I needed help...i was to shocked and nauseated to respond but knew I had hurt myself.  The guy said...if it helps you really fell gracefully, LOL.  I called G and told him where I was and within 15 minutes he arrived...But, during that 15 minutes i got to observe Portland from the ground.  And, it was an interesting social experience...the well dressed passer byes just looked away and passed me by.  I couldn't get up because my arm and shoulder were useless.  But, the street people would stop and ask me if I was ok :) and one guy shared his experience of falling down.  I wished I had a cardboard sign so I could see how many people would give me money!

Then it was an afternoon in the ER...which was a whole new view of our world...yowzer...after 2 XRAYS and several hours I am in a sling.  Lucky for me it wasn't my stitching hand and arm!  And now my stitching pillow has even become more necessary!!!

Do some chanting for a quick recovery!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Sister Weekend

Every so often I must have a sister weekend!  A weekend that is all about the sibling life, catching up on family, rehashing history and sharing future dreams.  Naturally we had to hang out with the lil' man and he loves his Emo.

We shopped, ate, talked and watched 2 movies back to back with a big bowl of popcorn.  The Living Room Theater is just down the street a few short blocks and generally shows Indie and Foreign Films.  I enjoyed both of the movies.  The Pick of The Litter was a documentary about dogs who are hopefully going to be future Guide Dogs for the Blind.  From birth to graduation not all make the cut.

The other movie we saw was The Bookshop and being an avid reader I knew I had to see this one.  It was a lovely movie...nothing earth shattering but sweet and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend both of these movies...and did I tell you that they serve the popcorn in a glass bowl!

I finished the Coffee Quaker cross stitch and brought a new one along with me to start but boy does this one make me realize my age!!! LOL...on 32 count linen I now realize that my 3.5 glasses are not going to cut it and that I won't be able to do this one in the evening!

So...for this adventure I brought my Winter Wonderland embroidery by Buttermilk Basin to stitch.  Only 2 more blocks to go and I can begin to sew this one together :)

One has to be prepared for the unexpected aging moment, LOL
...hope you have a wonderful week!

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Those of you who have been traveling this blogging journey with me from the beginning know already so much about my BOM (block of the month) pathos.  I love BOMs because they allow me to dream of beautiful quilts without the angst of fabric decisions.  That is not to say I won't weave a little of my own personality into a BOM but I love the comfort of knowing that if needed and wanted the basics arrive in the mail with the potential of success.  The reality is that the success of completion sometimes takes me month and more often years to finish.  But, I would not chose a different I love them all.

Upon arrival home from the latest Quilt Roadies adventure and knowing that the mail pile will be huge I was SHOCKED...I mean Gob Smacked that the next Autumn Harvest BOM from Buttermilk Basin wasn't in the pile...which meant for this brief period of time I...for the first time EVER was on schedule with a BOM!!!  I mean that has NEVER happened to me EVER!!!

I am so impressed with myself that I think I deserve a prize, LOL

I love this photo of G and I...
I may have to print this one off...
We have some adventures ahead 
and hope we run into some of you along the way!  
Stay positive and embrace your gifts

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Recovery Room...

Yesterday the camper was cleaned and tucked away until the next adventure and we are all in recovery mode.  A girlfriend texted and asked if Enzo was happy to be home...well he walked in, flopped down with his toys and didn't move for a couple of hours, bad he doesn't have thumbs...then he could have helped us clean out the camper!

I noticed all the specs of our camper and
 realized that it was rated for 20 Fat Quarters!!!  
I need to shop more, LOL

The thing about traveling is you miss out on a lot of things 
and how did our little guy age enough
 to grow a beard like his grandpa G?!!!

While on the road I finished this book recommended by one of my Cup Half Full book club members and I really enjoyed it...although a beach read and light hearted it did make me think about the choices in my own hopes, dreams and future.  I would pass on the recommendation.

I think today I am going to relax 
and spend some time in the Bee Hive. 
 I hope you have made some Recovery Room 
time for yourself :)

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Faster Than The Speed Of Light...

How did it happen?  We are a week into September and the time has been marching towards 2019!  I have been busy but it is still shocking how fast this year has gone.  When I was walking down the beach and I saw someone had drawn 2018 in the sand it was a shocking eye opener!

We have been blessed with wonderfully clear air on the Quilt Roadie adventure and it has been a time of reflection and re-evaluation.  I think when you are mainly working on hand work you have more thinking time and that for me means a realignment of my desires.  What is truly important and what is enough in my life.  Living in a 20ft trailer makes life simple.

Since I forgot all my Sue Spargo threads I jumped right into block 2 of Autumn Harvest.  It is refreshing to stitch outside in the crisp ocean air. As you know I like BOM but I do like to put a little twist of my own here or there so while stitching block #2 I noticed that this tie is a nice size...I do think I might have one of my dad's old tie tacs at home. It would be fun to add that to Mr. Pumpkin's outfit!

We pull up stakes again today and head over the mountains to camp...I think I will work a bit on block #3 and then jump into a UFO!!!  Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

True Confessions...

When I was a kid I remember on the news stand there being magazines called True Confessions...or True Detective??? Do you remember that?  My mother would have never purchased such a magazine but I was intrigued.  Where is this thought process taking me...and you???  I think I should start a magazine called True Quilter, LOL...or a Dear Anna column.  So, before I ask you to air any dirty quilts here I will start off with a True Confession...

You know how I packed my handwork for this Quilt Roadies trip...choosing very carefully which stitcheries I was going to bring.  One of the projects I brought was Cuppa by Sue Spargo. I really wanted to give this BOM a jump start!  I brought all the blocks I had prepped and the instructions...but, I did NOT bring one spool of thread!!!!  There is a reason Robin is my quilting spouse...where was she when I needed her?!  As Caker's says...we all need a Pocket Robin and that goes doubly for me...

We have pulled up stakes at the Timberlake Campground and it is one I highly recommend...just a lovely setting.  The wedding we attended was just a couple of miles down the road with a quarter mile hike from the parking lot to the open meadow where the wedding was held.  Did I mention that I was the L & D nurse for the bride's birth.  Such amazing memories and connections with this family having been the delivery nurse for the 3 oldest siblings.  Her mom is a dear friend who I worked with and shared family time our younger married raising kids life.  G and I are better people for having been a part of this family.

Since Stevenson is across the river from Oregon and only about an hour from our youngest son and his family they made the trip over for lunch at the Skamania Lodge.  I had never been there and it was a wonderful spot to meet up.  What a treat to have before we hit the road again.

May September bring 
more sun, more clear skies and more stitching!
The 3 S's 
actually that is 4 S's :)