Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Quilting on the HQ Sweet 16

Tuesday Thoughts

I don't know how the weather is in your world but in mine...it has been fantastic!  And so beings "Porch Time"!!!  We ALL love porch time...the big decision is whether to sit on the back porch or the front porch.  Enzo loves the game, "Treat Hunt."  We throw treats out into the grass and he has to find them...boy does he have a great nose, LOL.  Once he finds all the treats then it is time for a Siesta :)

I am going to be attending and working at the International Quilt Market so there will not be a Thursday post.  G and I will be videoing for the Quilt Roadies and I will be posting an article for The Quilt Show...and next week an update here...so, stay tuned!

Saturday the Fabric Stalkers came out to the house for a stitch day and it was soul filling.  We had not been together in quite a while...life, family, work...well, it all seems to fill up the calendar. But, what we did realize is that we NEED to make the time for each other.  Strength in numbers :)

Once we caught up on each others family lives it was time to discuss projects...and you know...nothing has changed!  We still have more than we can ever possibly finish and we love them all.  When I dragged out the cross stitch box...oh yes, I have a cross stitch project box I was driven to start a new project!!!  There is something so exciting about starting a new project.  This is going to be my mystery cross stitch project, lol.  I am going to post my progress without giving any information until it is almost done.  I finished the first motif...can you guess what it is?

Have a great rest of the week and we will be sharing lots in the next few days!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The City Life 2

Now that I am sitting in the quiet of my little town I can reflect on the differences with the city life...I thought I would share some of the more interesting sights and sounds...how I wish I had a photo of these but...when your mouth is opened and your brain is going...what the heck?...you just don't think about taking a photo, LOL

The front wall is all glass from floor to ceiling so you really have a view on the world.  I watched a gentleman walk down the sidewalk with his bag of groceries and his golden retriever was carrying a giant bag of Cheetos by the top...swing back and forth, LOL

Early one morning a man was walk down the street with a cup of coffee playing a harmonica...and he was good!

I did make a trip to Fabric Depot and it has a totally different feel.  Although the isles are larger and it is easier to maneuver around  it seemed there was a whole lot less fabric and for the first time ever I couldn't find what I was looking for!  Then I saw a product I use regularly and thought I would pick it up...and was stunned.  What I normally pay in my local quilt shop is $23...at Fabric Depot it was $37!!!! Wow...talk about mark up! NO WAY...I'll wait till I get to the local store :)

Before we headed up we went to the Farmers Market and discovered the best chocolate EVER!!! And, it was Vegan and Gluten free:)  You can mail order at Missionary Chocolates  A bunch of different flavors...my new favorite!

But the best part of the city life was seeing 
my sons and their families.  

Have a wonderful week...I have stitching in my forecast :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

City Life

We got out of Sisters just in the knick of time...it is controlled burn season where the Forest Service works on the health of the forest...burning the under brush and hopefully keeping our forest and little town secure during fire season.  I already saw in the news that there was a big  forest fire started in Arizona because of an untended campfire!

Up to Portland we headed to visit the sons and the grands.  And as luck would have it a stitching friend from Bend was up here at the same time.  She grew up in Portland and knows the ins and outs of where to shop antiques!!!

I found a wonderful little treasure trove to add to The Bee Hive!  Leslie has a real knack for decorating and putting vignettes together in her home and so I was hoping some of that creativity would rub off on me!  I can't wait to get home and see if I can add these wonderful items to my decor.

if you want to see how creative Leslie is...just check out grammiecrew  on Instagram!

We'll be heading home soon and I am excited to get working on some quilts in the Bee Hive!  Hope you have made time for your creative spirit!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Busy Bee in the Bee Hive

I have been spending some time in the Bee Hive getting a few UFOs and PIGs a step closer to completion.  There is a giddy feeling when you actually move a project from dream to reality. My pile of projects to be quilted is getting taller...maybe I'll need some help to get everything done, LOL

This pattern by Edyta Sitar just spoke to me...the leaves were all laser cut which made this wall hanging so fast and enjoyable and moved it from PIGs to done!

I must have been on a Laundry Basket Quilts kick because I decided I needed to make this pumpkin quilt...it was a BOM by Homestead Hearth and has now moved from UFO to the quilt pile :)

...and the latest was this wonderful wall hanging.  The whale is artwork by Dan Sineti which was made into a laser cut piece by Lisa Moore of Quilts With A Twist.

Yep, the Bee Hive has been buzzing...but, I did take a break and spend some time with The Berries my stitch group in Sisters.  It was a beautiful day with lovely people...and I have to say there was more talking than stitching which is just the way I love it! Plus we toasted to a wonderful day with Organic Greens, LOL...nothing like Organic Greens in a wine glass!

Feeling so energized by the Organic Greens I was inspired by Ginn's English Paper Piecing project!  OMG I was so amazed by her creations and can't wait to see it all put together.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned and that it includes some stitching...we all have UFO's that need to move to the quilting pile :)