Thursday, August 6, 2020

Stitch Roadies NO 67

Epic Portland Trip

What can I say...yesterday was one for the books!  Filled with moments I am going to carry with me when I get to feeling down in the dumps.  I had an appointment to shop at Acorns & Threads because you know....A Stitch A Day Keeps The Crazy Away!  And Yes...I did decrease their stock but it truly was the peeps that I met that filled my heart.
It was wonderful to run into Peggy a long time friend of the roadies...and yes, we have dragged this quilter down the cross stitch rabbit hole.  But I make no apologies cause this hole is filled with wonderful goodies!
Erin, The 2 Martini Stitcher came down for a bit of shopping, meet up and lunch...and she is one of the first floss tubers I met when I visited the 1st Thursday stitch at Acorns and Threads.  Even though our COVID reality has interrupted our lives I am bound and determined to maintain those important relationships!  I love seeing the projects she showed on her floss tube in real life!
And in all the excitement of shopping and meet up I didn't take a photo of Becca, SamBrie Stitches but I did get a photo of all her charts!!! That she brought down to show her sister.  I am not feeling so bad about my growing chart accumulation, LOL If it was so hot I would have sat down in the parking lot and did some chart reading!!!
The day was topped with a walk around downtown Portland which is my most favorite city.  I was sad to see how quiet it was with all the businesses and restaurants still closed...but, Portland is a passionate resilient city and she will recover.

...and I leave you with my most favorite photo of the grandson.  Yesterday, he had his 1st playdate with the grandchild of his maternal grandmother's friend.  And, look at them playing and wearing their masks.  If we don't burden them with our worry and pain...children are stronger than we may give them credit.
Be kind to yourself, take a stitch or 2 by hand or machine...create something and enjoy a piece of chocolate!  Haul reveal on the next the next Stitch Roadies!

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

It's August Already!!!???

A Perfect Day

A peaceful time in a Portland tree house.

Serenaded by a wonderful musician

And, dinner cooked by an excellent Vegan Chef.

no complaining here....

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Facing a Quilt

Life ~ Living

It is not lost on me how I took my life for granted.  I am blessed. I woke up each day never worrying about where I was going to sleep the next night, where my next meal was coming from, how I would get from point A to point B.  With all that said life has changed dramatically and in my blessed life I am making a concerted effort to not spend a lot of time with what was lost this year but how this change has positively impacted my life.

It is noted throughout the world how animal behavior has been changing.  Our "town" deer have always been moving in and out of our yards but it seems with less fear as there is less movement by humans.  We have moved in on their territory and they have been very accepting of our intrusion :)

I also have been finishing up projects that have been languishing around The Bee Hive.  What I realized was...that a virtually empty calendar has decreased what I didn't realize was a certain level of stress/anxiety. I now realize  this interfered with getting projects to completion.  I have found that alone time isn't scary and in fact quieting all the supposedly "must do's" has allowed me to find the joy in taking projects to their beautiful end! 

I hope you are listening to your inner voice...
it truly is the wisest voice in the room!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


I have been on a quilting bender, pulling out half done projects, figuring out where I left off...and isn't that a challenge!  Where did I leave off???  It is interesting how the last few months has influenced my crafty brain.  I wasn't worried so much as confused by what was occurring in my stitchy heart.  I have to say that it nows feels good to be back in the saddle again.

I share with you not to worry too much about your lack of desire for crafting because your mind and heart are leading you at the pace and way you need to go.  And if you don't fight it but let it play out you might discover you're interested in adding a new passion pick up right where you left off!

It was such a pleasure to visit Sew Many Quilts.  It had been quite a while since I had visited and I could have kicked myself for not bring the video camera because the shop was stunning!  Filled with quilting and stitchy happiness!  I found the perfect fabric and more than that I got to chat with Mary Ann who I hadn't seen in months!  I can't wait till classes are able to start back up.

I promise  next time I will bring a camera along with me so you can walk around and shop with me, LOL  Until next time, take care, be gentle with yourself and know that one day you will be stitching around a table with friends!