Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Tuesday a Bit of This a Bit of That...

When I saw this I totally cracked up!!!
...can't you see this as a quilt!

I finished prepping my latest cross stitch project 
just in time for July!

I am totally in a Quilting Zen place today...Just about finished with all the deadlines regarding the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  Which means I get to stitch stuff just because!!  It is such a wonderful feeling to know each morning that when I head up to the Bee Hive I can work on whatever I want!  I have so many ideas spinning around in my head...and...there are UFO's that are screaming for attention!  What to do what to do...yes...I think that my Autumn Harvest BOM from Buttermilk Basin is back on top of the pile...sure would be nice to have it done before Autumn, LOL

Hope your stitching day is wide open and your needle and thread are feeling feisty and free!!!  

Thursday, June 20, 2019

My Bad....

Both Robin and I have been having...what I might call brain farts...or for more polite company...aging memory issues!  I totally forgot today was blog day and so here i am at 5 PM writing a blog...but at least I didn't show up for a dinner invite a week early like someone I know, LOL

I am chalking it up to the anxiety of forgetting my stitching or maybe it's that this week my vertigo showed up again...drats.

We had a lovely day stitching with the So 'n Sews and I brought my embroidery that I forgot to take to Portland.  It is an old Crabapple Hill pattern.  There is something about redwork that I love.  I completed one jar...yippee kai yeah!!! Two strands for the motif and 1 strand for the script all done with a back stitch just like Meg :)

I wanted to share with you the quilt that Nana and G gave to Silas to celebrate his second birthday.  I called it, "He Choose The Pencils"  because at his Tol he choose the pencils, LOL. You can read about it by clicking on the link.   It was a Sewing Card by Valori Wells that you can get at the Stitchin Post  for $6!!!  great for a graduation gift!


I think he like it!

Hope you had a great Thursday 
and that your brain was working better than mine!
  And that you have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Holy Moley!!!

Holy Moley!!!  Who would have ever thought this would happen to me...a huge brain fart for sure!!!  I brought my stitching pillow...but, zero stitching.  I had packed up my cross stitch and an embroidery by Crabapple Hill... I am assuming that it is sitting on the counter at home.  It is a really weird feeling to have absolutely no stitching with me and I don't think this has ever happened!  I have felt a bit anxious but for the most part family time would have allowed little stitching anyway.  It's just that... it is like a stitcher's security blanket....

My days have been filled with birthdays, grandson time, Father's Day...more grandson time...and even more grandson time.  Yesterday grandson #1 and I  took the streetcar to OMSI which is the science museum and met up with grandson #2.

They romped around the various room playing 
then the big guy went on a tour of the submarine.

Upstairs they had a huge Pixar exhibit...was very interesting and fun with lots of interactive displays.  This guy totally understood my anxiety about forgetting my stitching!

Tomorrow we have a zoo day and then it will be back over the mountain to rescue my stitching!!  Hope you at least are getting some stitching in!

Thursday, June 13, 2019


I admit it...I refuse to let the ugly enter my heart and I may be called a Pollyanna...and there are days when the headline news takes my breath away.  But, I keep plugging forward with my head in the clouds.  After all the view from up here is beautiful and I know this moment was brought here by all the hardships and blessings in my life.  And, to change anything would mean to change this moment. 

One of those blessings is my dear friend Robin.  In our quilting group we call her Pocket Robin because she always steps up to the plate with a shoulder to cry on...or a task to be done.  So, when the Stitchin Post asked about making a sample of Elizabeth Hartman's pattern Norm and Nanette with Christmas fabric I told them I have the perfect person!  Pocket Robin!!  Adorable!!!

the sun is out and the heat is on!  
My flower bed is screaming beauty.  
The delicacy of nature is breathtaking. 

It is hard to believe that this little guy is turning 2 this weekend and we are going to party hardy as any 2 year old can...when I look into his eyes I recognize generations of stinkers, LOL

...and as the blessing are many this weekend 
my other grandson gets to camp out in the condo.  
We are going to be a happy Nana and G!

May the blessings be many and the pain be tempered by the love around you.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A Beehive Tour

Newsy Tuesday

Well, I admit it the Curiosity Experiment this week was a bust...so I am going to try and embrace it for another week...Breathe deeply for 2 minutes before every meal is the opposite to inhale  you meal as soon as it is set before you!!!  I guess there is a learning curve....

I will be like a broken record for the next few weeks until the Meet 'n Greet on Sisters Quilt Show Day because Fika is a bit off the Quilt Show path but our town is small.  It is best to park on the North side of town so if you are too pooped to walk there you can get your car and drive.  It is actually located on the Detour road that will be established on Quilt Show Day.  I am so looking forward to meeting up with those of you that have been "virtually" hanging out with me in the Bee Hive.

I have had a great response to the Sew A Long and have already ordered my pattern from Edyta Sitar.  I plan on using her fabric line and so far the bundles have not arrived so it will take a few parsecs to gather every piece I need.  I have tentatively decided on a start date of the first week in September. I
 think it will be a 9 week finish if each segment is done on a weekly basis.  Of course I know some of you will dive right in... but, I am going to work in segments and will post progress photos here and also talk about the process on the Quilt Roadies.  

I hope if you are the least bit tempted 
that you will join the first ever 
Bee Hive Quilt Along!!

Have a wonderful week, 
embrace those joyful moments and know you are loved.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Oppps I Overslept!

A bit late posting but I slept in...what a gift!  This week in Sisters the Rodeo has started and boy is our little town busting at the seams (a quilting term).  Hopefully the weather will hold out for everyone.

I spent yesterday stitching with the Berries, my Sisters stitch group and it was a lovely, peaceful break to the frenetic schedule I have been keeping lately.  Almost have the binding tacked on my quilt for the show and then on to the binding for a Sponsor Quilt I will be hanging in Fika, the coffee shop I will be having the meet and greet on Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show day.

But....I can't stop thinking about this new quilt I want to make...it is a new design by Edyta Sitar and I am thinking about doing it as a sew along with any of you that want to tag along.  I am thinking it my keep me on task??? if that is possible.  It is only about 46 x 64...so not to big.  The start date would need to be after quilt show and when I can get ahold of the pattern.  What do you stitchers think???  I just love it!!!

Today, is a stitch day in the Bee Hive and also I am visiting a new long armer who has opened at business in Sisters.  G is coming along so we can do an interview/video...should be lots of fun!

Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!