Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Crazy Times In The Neighborhood

As with most of you it is a crazy time in the neighborhood...whether it be weather, health or  schedule related it seem December everything comes to a head.  Especially if you are like me and love sharing with homemade gifts.  

I was able to get all my fleece reading cuddles done in time to go out in the mail today.  I loved making these for the little peeps in my life.

It may have been crazy to go on retreat this time of year but I have to tell you this retreat was a wonderful way to stop the madness, LOL With the meandering river flowing by, the quiet break from the outside world and especially time with some of my favorite people...my soul was filled with how blessed I am.

I think the most important thing for your health 
is a good belly laugh and boy did I get a belly full!

I gave my new table magnifying lamp a work out and when all was said and done I am happy I chose this one.  It is the table top Brightech Lightview Pro.

Even though you may be running around like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland...take a moment...I guarantee that moment will give you the energy to tackle  the other moments.   

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Floss Tube Stitch Roadies No 22 ~ A Winner


The holiday always brings up so many memories of holidays past.  Including family and friends who are no longer with us.  Life is so unpredictable that you need to seize those moments to be with one another.  And, given a choice between what needs to be done on the list and who needs to be on the list...I have never regretted the choosing of who needs to be on the list first.

Every now and then when I get a moment...you know one of those deja vu moments I feel Enzo.  Especially when I am in the Bee Hive...or in the middle of the night.  He slept in our room with his own quilt and there was a comfort knowing we were there for each other when it was dark and cold outside.

This is the year of firsts...the first Halloween without him passing out candy...the first Thanksgiving hoping something would hit the floor and now our first Christmas without our dear friend.  He is definitely here as many of our decorations reflect his place in our hearts.  I love this pillow that my friend Robin made for us one year...it really captures his goofiness and worry about the holidays.

He was so important to our whole family...There are moments when we wonder why he had to leave us...and then in the next moment we embrace what a gift of him we had for the moments we did.

Although Santa was no his favorite peep...
he did love how the holiday brought the 
rest of his family around.

Thank You for listening to my ramblings...I know many of you loved our Enzo also!  One of the lessons I learned from him and I pass on to you...is choose your peep time over the list of stuff that needs to be done.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Happy Tuesday

I woke up this morning with stitching dancing in my head...This week will be filled with stitching goodness and I can hardly organize through the haze of excitement.   As I type this blog post it is 17 degrees outside and the sun is just trying to peek through the snow fog.  All is still and quiet...which means the mind is not distracted from the tasks of the day.

Later this week is a Fabric Stalker Retreat and it has been a while since I was able to attend.  I need to start organizing what projects I want to work on...and the mind just boggles at the choices!!

I also have been organizing my cross stitch life which brings such joy.  I am starting a new project the first of every month (there is no requirement for a finish date, lol) and my Dec. 1st start is turning out to be a sweet little project...not as daunting as I had thought!  

I decorated the house for the holiday switching out Thanksgiving for Christmas and it was so much fun to put out my very first Christmas cross stitch!

I hope this week is a good one for you...once we have the coffee then we do the things...and 1st on the list is to dig the snow out of heat pump area...
now doesn't that sound like fun!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thank You

Today I am thankful and blessed to have all of you in my stitching life.  May we continue to support each other through all the ups and downs that life bring us.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Buttermilk Basin Gift to You from The Bee Hive

Please enter for chance to take home the calendar on the Quilt Roadie You Tube Channel (not here) and please be a subscriber of Quilt Roadies :)

Tuesday, November 26, 2019


How incredible life can be...and we think we are the one's in control, lol.  I am grateful for the flexibility and compatibility of G and I to change our minds in a moment.  

A big storm is bearing down on us and has changed our holiday plans...being that it is just the two of us we are able to make a decision and act...because of that our holiday looks to be even more epic that we anticipated!!!  We set the alarm to beat the storm...no one messes with a grandparent on a mission!!

I thought I would leave you with a couple of ideas for good reads...one is a mystery and I didn't figure it out till it was revealed in the last chapters! 

And the City of Girls is a laugh out loud break from life!! 

 Enjoy!  if you are in holiday mode have a safe one...
for the  rest of you I hope you have some
 great stitching time!!