Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Each morning after a restless night of sleep this is my mantra...Inhale Courage, Exhale Fear.  It is a daily struggle but the wonderful side of social media is seeing all the stitchers who wake up and create something for strangers...all the mask makers, quilt creators, cross stitch designers who encourage us to exhale the fear through our stitching.  Thank you to all of you who lift my spirits and I hope I also do that for you!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Floss Tube Stitch Roadies NO 39

Thursday Reflections

After several days of rain and snow I woke today to this...the blessings abound.  Although there is weather in the forecast for more snow/rain for this moment the sun is rising on a clear sky and our beautiful Sisters.  Such an analogy for our times...some rough times with moments of shear gratefulness to be living in these moments.

Technology allows us to connect with such ease...yesterday our book group in Sisters met on Zoom.  How fun to see all everyone, to catch up and connect in this day and age when you cross the street while walking so as to not interact with other walkers.

Today I am mask making for some friends and then jumping into some Sue Spargo stitching!  I hope your day is a soul filling day!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020


We live in a "Shelter in Place" state so it provides a lot of time for reflection.  Today we woke up to snow falling but earlier this week there was an opportunity to get some fresh air.  We are asked to not leave the house except for essential services and to exercise in a way that you do not come in close contact with  others.  It is surreal...if by chance you see another person on a walk one of you will cross to the opposite side of the road.  My little tourist town knows what is at stake and everyone here is doing their best to flatten that curve.  There have been past events that have shown us what happens when people cannot come visit, whether it be an avalanche that blocks the mountain pass or forest fire.  So we as a collective know what to do...but, this...well this is a whole different event and I pray for my family, friends, strangers...for it is not just about us but the world.

When G and I walked out the door we were greeted with a message...SMILE!  Some little angel left us a gift and it certainly did make us smile :)

Although crisp, it was a beautiful walk
 even the geese were taking social distancing  to heart!

On our walk we found messages here and there
 I am grateful for the kindness of people.

I thought I would leave you with this photo of the most stunning project that was hanging in the Stitchin Post the last time I was able to go inside.  Although the store front is closed you can still mail order.  If it is not on their website you can call them.  Valori is a one woman shop now and is answering the phones in the morning.

Be Safe, Stay Inside and Stitch