Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Finding Inner Peace With Quilting

Memory Lane

This week I have been traveling down memory lane...I have committed to opening every box and examining every item within that box...looking with a critical eye if it is something I need to keep.  Especially photographs...do I know those people in the photos??? and where the heck was that taken...Have I been there.  It is my gift to my children :)

When I arrived in the US we lived for a short time in the New York City area where my dad was from...then we treked across the country...out west we went.  We lived in the housing projects until my parents could afford their first house which was the size of the condo in Portland!!!  Hard to imagine now, lol.  My dad always worked 2 jobs in those early days...one of his jobs was as a lawn guy and he would load up his old convertible with a push mower, hoses, rakes and hoes... what a site he was going down the road! I am so grateful for the work ethic that was instilled in me from an early age.

I also came across my first quilting buddy!!!  Yoshi, who was a toy poodle was small enough to sit on my sewing table and help me with my quilting.  It was such a sweet memory...unlike Enzo...Yoshi hated the camera!  We used to say in a former life he must have been chased by Paparazzi's LOL

Although the job is tedious I am loving these walks down memory lane.  Have a peaceful week.


Thursday, January 14, 2021

A Journey...


I realized early this morning that this stitch I started by Bent Creek called BEGIN was a message to my heart.  So much heart break in recent weeks... but, as this stitch says...a journey of a thousand miles begins one step at a time.  I step forward in kindness and love in my journey.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Thoughts for "Today"

I have to say I am really going to miss this place!  It was such a window on the world that we didn't even have a TV here.  The view of real life was complex and amazing.

 This next phase is going to be exciting, interesting and in reality we have no choice...life does keep marching on.

G and I had a conversation of how our adult lives are segmented into experiences and that what we are entering now is just another segment.  

There was the...

1. newly married segment: adjusting to living and compromising with another adult

2.  children segment: learning to be a person who is totally responsible for another human being

3.  the scariest period was the turning over your child to another adult...ie daycare, preschool, school.  It is during this period you have got to believe in the power of your own gut.

4.  Kids are more interested in stuff outside the home...now what do you do?  Who are you...oh yeah, I have a partner and you dive into hobbies.

5.  during those later school years, life is a blur of activities...trying to allow your kids to have experiences but at the same time feeling protective.

6.  High school is a huge transition for us all...freedom, lots of prayers...and oh yeah, I have a partner...let's start dating again.

7.  Kids leave home for college...lots of prayer and...lots of dating cause now it is the 2 of you and hey, you go away on weekend trips without worrying.

8.  Kids marry and are starting on their own paths...you retire and start traveling!  Eating out, meeting others for happy hours and camping...try a cruise or 2...a really sweet spot.

9. your kids have kids and you start feeling the tug to be more present.

10.  A pandemic happens and the isolation affirms the want to be together with family...this new segment is going to be a fantastic period.  With all the loss that G and I  have had throughout our entire lives we have never been more ok...because hey, we have a partner and that is a huge blessing.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Hexi Plans, chit chat, new give away and wait till the end for the winner


 Yesterday...well, yesterday was filled with sadness, fear, anxiety...and, the need to bury my head in the sand.  But, even though it was filled with all these emotions it was an amazing day spent with my middle grandson (3 yrs old) in our home who was the blessed distraction from the Sh*t Show going on.  Yep, Today is the perfect word for 2021 because I woke up this morning and it is a new beginning for me...a emotional groundhogs day.  Today...is wide open!