Thursday, June 4, 2020


No MATTER what!!! ok

With more beautiful days than dreary days we can only hope that not only Mother Nature has stopped crying but we as a nation recognize how our culture has helped create our current pain.  

I have been spending my stitchy time tacking seems I have miles of binding to tack but there is something soothing about the process.  

I wish health and safety for you and that you are starting to dream of a peaceful future filled with beautiful quilts!

Tuesday, June 2, 2020


I wake up each day with a combination of fear and anticipation...what will today bring.  Before I get out of bed I stretch both my mind and body...I know that these first moments can have a big effects on the rest of the day.

I always plan for some stitching because I know it will sooth my soul and give me some semblance of at least feeling I have control over something.

First thing, the landscapers showed up and I wasn't even peeved at their lack of a plan on how our yard should was so nice to see something so sweet!  A group of 5 adolescents bounding by the house trimming the foliage :)

As I walked the neighborhood I stumbled upon one of my good friends...such sweetness and you would agree that chocolate has helped with my mood!

I hope today you can find a moment of peace, kindness
of  how we can all help make this a better world.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Beehive Update, Zoom Class & A Surprise


Today is going to be an exciting day...I am taking my first Zoom class!!!  with Jean Wells!!!  The class is based on color intuition and you would think that I bring a long time quilter would understand all there is to know about color...but after taking a class with Jen Kingwell and her explanation on  choosing fabric (click the link) I realize that color is a life long learning process.  Jean has 2 more classes available if any of you are interested in taking a class from the comfort of your home.  Just click on this link Stitchin Post Classes .

A friend shared a link for making masks that look comfortable and I am going to share that link here...I know you are probably over the top with mask making but the site is incredible and I can't believe I have never heard of it before!  Called Craft passion it has free tutorials for every craft imaginable...incase you are getting bored!  Have fun looking through this site!  Craft Passion

Have a wonderful and healthy!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

One Foot In Front of the Other

Today is a day I try and figure out how to put one foot in front of the other while wearing a mask and gloves.  I head out to my PT appointment for my vertigo and while in town run some errands.  Who would have thought a day of errands would become a vacation.  

I love having G says our rolling outhouse, kitchen and bed all in one van...the best penny we ever spent!  I have 2 quilts that are going to my long arm quilter who does custom work...the process is the sign of the times.  She picks up quilts once a week from a quilt shop in Bend.  Today I drop them off in the front of the store where a check in table is set up...the quilts are checked in and then go into quarantine for a week, then she will pick them up and have some fun.  It feels good to have gotten the backs together and have them off the floor of the Bee Hive!!

Across the street from the quilt store is JoAnn's...needing some missing floss I may venture in and check it out...we shall see how I feel.  Just the anticipation is like deciding whether to take that roller coaster ride or not!

I was able to attach the binding to my ABC quilt so now to tack it down and make the book pockets!!  After doing the review of some of my older UFO's I am excited to try and get some of those done!!!  such a long list foot in front of the other!!

Have a wonderful day!