Wednesday, April 14, 2021


As we continue our journey down the road of life I have had lots of time to reflect...both on our blessings and on humanity.  I apologize for not posting on a regular seems our WiFi is challenge by the back roads of life.

This is the time of year for road work and several times we were stopped long enough to take a bathroom break, for people to walk their eat lunch.  All I can say is bless the road workers for standing out there for a full day in the heat has got to be brutal!

In this age of COVID traveling in Penny has been a blessing...but truth be told we had embraced this life style way before that first virus came along.  Traveling with a vegan chef has been a blessing for sure...and I am the cutest dishwasher in the van, LOL

Viewing all the wildlife off the beaten path has been fantastic...and oh the birdwatching...the birdwatching has been fantastic!  More of that to come...

What I have observed as we have traveled the roads is not only the beauty but the impact humanity has had on the environment.  To look at this lake at a glance and you see the beauty and magnificence...

But, it is dead...dead because of man.  The town next to the lake used to be thriving, with birdwatchers, fishermen...derbies of all kinds...but because of humanities impact the water has receded so much that where the water level was in 1933 a highway now runs.  No fish live in the lake because of the mineral levels...they stopped stocking trout in 2008 because the trout would die in a short period of time after being introduced to the water....there are no wildlife around the swimmers...where we camped is basic boondocking because the once thriving campground is now managed by the BLM as there is no recreational activities.  My thoughts bounce around to the knowledge that beauty which is only skin deep is not true beauty...anyhoo lots to all about the history of Walker Lake and the town of Walker Lake.  This sign says it 1962 where the lake level used to be....

I leave you with this attention to the deeper layers 

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Bitter Sweet

It is bitter sweet...the turning of this page in our life.  We loved our tiny home but for a list of reasons that would bore comes down to the grands...we love our new adventure in the Portland area and the time to be with the grandkids.  No, we will not stop our camping/traveling but 4 continuous months away is more than we want right now...maybe when they are a bit older and their friends are more important than grandparents, LOL.  Coming down at what is considered the "end" of the season means we missed many of our friends...but, we are seeing a different season in Tucson.  We love Tucson and will be back!

We are pooped, cleaning and making decisions about what we need to get rid of and what we want to haul back...Given the COVID environment we are traveling smart which is easy in the van.  We are avoiding large crowds and events...staying in our own campsite and only one of us goes in the grocery store.

But...I totally get why people are tired of mask wearing...mask wearing in 90+ degree is like having a personal sauna!  To avoid this feeling we don't go anywhere!  Personally I am trying to keep on course with all the suggestion of the CDC because I want to someday see my Canadian Australian friends, my European friends, my South American friends...I just want to see all my friends....I want a big family BBQ...I want a Quilt Retreat!!!  

Like I said the upside of being in the desert when it is so hot is seeing all the cactus blooming, lizards are running around, the birds are flocking in and my friend has a family of Havalinas in her yard!!!

I thought you'd get a kick out of this photo...traveling in a van brings the creative brain out and you figure out double duty for everything!!! LOL

Have a wonderful time stitching and 
I hope our paths cross down the road!


Thursday, April 1, 2021

Not All Who Wander

Both G and I have a nomadic gene...and so when we saw this tire cover it was a no brainer.  This week has been a glimpse of what was and what could be.  Our spirits are lifted and the road and future are wide open! 

Camping in Sisters was so sweet, seeing dear friend and visiting the Stitchin Post!  My Zoom get together was soul filling in that I was able to see and talk to people who in the comfort of their homes didn't have masks.  I can see me doing more of these!  Quilt Roadies and Stitch Roadies has been a blessing but to be able to talk in real time was just what my spirit needed!

G was working hard on cleaning up Penny and getting her ready for the road...I know you understand how much we love our van!!!  I hope we run across you down the the meantime keep stitching!!! Oh happy April Fools, LOL

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

My Motto

My heart aches this morning for all that is going on in the Asian of the aspects of this is that as a culture Asians fly below the radar...they rarely will report a crime against themselves...not wanting to draw attention.  Which in todays environment makes it difficult for police to investigate.  When you think of the hodge podge of cultures you have to understand that many came from places where the police was feared.  Again today I am grateful for my mother who was a strong women who lived her, as I remember her I inhale courage and exhale fear.

I am in a happy place, seeing the mountains, friends and quilt shops...what is not to love about quilt shops!!!

 Hope I see some of you down the road and we can share and pass on the love to each other.