Thursday, June 13, 2019


I admit it...I refuse to let the ugly enter my heart and I may be called a Pollyanna...and there are days when the headline news takes my breath away.  But, I keep plugging forward with my head in the clouds.  After all the view from up here is beautiful and I know this moment was brought here by all the hardships and blessings in my life.  And, to change anything would mean to change this moment. 

One of those blessings is my dear friend Robin.  In our quilting group we call her Pocket Robin because she always steps up to the plate with a shoulder to cry on...or a task to be done.  So, when the Stitchin Post asked about making a sample of Elizabeth Hartman's pattern Norm and Nanette with Christmas fabric I told them I have the perfect person!  Pocket Robin!!  Adorable!!!

the sun is out and the heat is on!  
My flower bed is screaming beauty.  
The delicacy of nature is breathtaking. 

It is hard to believe that this little guy is turning 2 this weekend and we are going to party hardy as any 2 year old can...when I look into his eyes I recognize generations of stinkers, LOL

...and as the blessing are many this weekend 
my other grandson gets to camp out in the condo.  
We are going to be a happy Nana and G!

May the blessings be many and the pain be tempered by the love around you.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A Beehive Tour

Newsy Tuesday

Well, I admit it the Curiosity Experiment this week was a I am going to try and embrace it for another week...Breathe deeply for 2 minutes before every meal is the opposite to inhale  you meal as soon as it is set before you!!!  I guess there is a learning curve....

I will be like a broken record for the next few weeks until the Meet 'n Greet on Sisters Quilt Show Day because Fika is a bit off the Quilt Show path but our town is small.  It is best to park on the North side of town so if you are too pooped to walk there you can get your car and drive.  It is actually located on the Detour road that will be established on Quilt Show Day.  I am so looking forward to meeting up with those of you that have been "virtually" hanging out with me in the Bee Hive.

I have had a great response to the Sew A Long and have already ordered my pattern from Edyta Sitar.  I plan on using her fabric line and so far the bundles have not arrived so it will take a few parsecs to gather every piece I need.  I have tentatively decided on a start date of the first week in September. I
 think it will be a 9 week finish if each segment is done on a weekly basis.  Of course I know some of you will dive right in... but, I am going to work in segments and will post progress photos here and also talk about the process on the Quilt Roadies.  

I hope if you are the least bit tempted 
that you will join the first ever 
Bee Hive Quilt Along!!

Have a wonderful week, 
embrace those joyful moments and know you are loved.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Oppps I Overslept!

A bit late posting but I slept in...what a gift!  This week in Sisters the Rodeo has started and boy is our little town busting at the seams (a quilting term).  Hopefully the weather will hold out for everyone.

I spent yesterday stitching with the Berries, my Sisters stitch group and it was a lovely, peaceful break to the frenetic schedule I have been keeping lately.  Almost have the binding tacked on my quilt for the show and then on to the binding for a Sponsor Quilt I will be hanging in Fika, the coffee shop I will be having the meet and greet on Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show day.

But....I can't stop thinking about this new quilt I want to is a new design by Edyta Sitar and I am thinking about doing it as a sew along with any of you that want to tag along.  I am thinking it my keep me on task??? if that is possible.  It is only about 46 x not to big.  The start date would need to be after quilt show and when I can get ahold of the pattern.  What do you stitchers think???  I just love it!!!

Today, is a stitch day in the Bee Hive and also I am visiting a new long armer who has opened at business in Sisters.  G is coming along so we can do an interview/video...should be lots of fun!

Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Fusible Batting Demo

10 Course Blog Post!!!

Be for is a 10 course blog post 
so get something to drink and snack on!

Starting off with the winner of the wonderful wool applique  by Sewing the Good Life :)  The Random Number generator chose Nancy from please email me your mailing address and I will send it off so you'll have a new project to start!  Thank you to everyone who played...I enjoyed reading all the comments!

Next, I wanted to let you all know that a local long arm quilter is moving and the long arm is not going along and he has asked me to pass the word on...if there is someone who is interested in purchasing a much loved long arm machine.

Gammill Statler 30-12, about 14' wide and 8' deep, with a touch-screen monitor and separate thread winder. Price: $27,000 and the new owner is responsible for transporting it. Less than five years old. For more information, call Keith at 458-206-9720.

I am currently in binding and label mode with countdown to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show  and I love the breaks I get pondering The Curiosity Experiments.

I know some people would say...20 things...I don't have enough time...but, for me 20 doesn't seem enough!  I started making life lists when I turned 40 and it is a wonderful because writing down my dreams has made so many of them become reality...and now I have added 20 more!  I won't bore you with the whole list but I do know one of my items is a meet and greet this year with some of you who are able to make it to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  My dear friend recently opened a coffee shop, Fika in Sisters and she is allowing me to have the meet and greet there mid day...I hope I get to meet some of you :)

I stitch with a small group and we are also cross stitch we asked one of the stitchers to teach us a finishing technique.  Linda was so generous with her support and knowledge and we all came away feeling wonderfully satisfied.  Thank you for hanging in there with this long blog...hope you had enough snacks and coffee!

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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Thoughts on Thursday

I have been on a quilting marathon...with the countdown to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and a couple of birthday coming up.  Which also means an audio book marathon!!!  I finished 2 books and both were excellent!  Code Girls was a part of history I knew little about and it was fascinating to hear first hand via letters, documents and the Freedom Of Information Act how women helped during World War 2.  It was not a dry read but entertaining and thought provoking.

The second book was an entirely different genre.  A mystery woven with twist and turns.  This first novel by Angie Kim has me hooked and I can't wait till she releases a new one!  It was not a great book to listen to while quilting because I found myself mesmerized by what was going on and many things I had no clue about...I always say the best fiction is that which incorporates fact.

I have been loving all of you who are playing along with the Give Away post...especially those who have noticed that my friend Dale took a bite out of the donut I made, LOL  Here is a bit of show 'n tell from that day!  At previous retreats Dale had been piecing these itty bitty stars and finally put them all together!  You can click on the photos to enlarge :)

Cakers also finished a quilt!  
Even while finishing her post graduate studies!!

And, this project by Nancy was amazing!!!  A stunningly beautiful artistic accomplishment and she had decided to face the quilt rather than bind it which I thought was a perfect choice.

Today, I am learning to finish off a cross stitch project rather than frame it...should be a good learning experience...and hopefully the weather will cooperate and the Painters will be able to finish the house!!!  Hope you are having a wonderful Spring day...that you are safe and stitching!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Get a Cuppa Something...+ A Give Away!!

Yes, get a cuppa something...this blog post is a bit of a long one :).  I realized after have several spam posts I needed to change the settings on my social media and so I have become somewhat controlling.  Now only members or subscribers of this blog can leave a comment...which is somewhat sad for me because I know some of you don't want to subscribe but still like to read and comment...sorry.  Also, when it comes to Instagram and Facebook and a requests to share...I look at "each" request (time consuming) and if I am unable to see photos of quilting or cross stitch... I decline because I am not sure why someone would want to be friends with me if they aren't, lol...sorry for having to be this way but the world we live in requires a bit of due diligence:)  And truly, if I didn't love to write and share I would stop.

This past weeks Curiosity Experiment kinda stumped me...what does that soften?  Soften: to make or become less hard or severe... And, so as the days went by anytime I found myself in a fused state about something...I softened.  And you know was a very enjoyable week...even with all the rain, LOL

You remember that game in the Highlights kids magazine where they would have 2 pictures and you would list the differences?  Well, to enter the Give away I'd like you to play, don't have to be right, you just have to be a subscriber, take a moment and leave a comment here with what differences you see...relax into the day and have some fun!  

...and for playing along one of you will be the new owner of this wonderful wool Pattern by Sewing The Good Life  Winner to be announce next Tuesday!

Hard to believe we are in the last week of May!  Let's keep stitching away and get some of those projects going!!!