Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Party is Over...

We are a bit worse for the wear but it is a happy tired!  I enjoyed every second, met fabulous quilters from all over the world...new friends and old friends.  I realized that this disorder Sewciopath which was shared by a fellow quilter is one that most of us quilters are infected with...but..we don't want a vaccination for, LOL...we embraced this condition!!!

The week wrapped up with the Save It For Sunday event at 5 Pines and it was a beautiful day!!!  I will be sharing more of that day on future posts...Be sure to keep checking in with Quilt Roadies where we are posting the weeks adventures :)

I love my Twisted Sisters and at Sunday's Happy Hour we relaxed and reminisced...reliving the weeks and catching up on our life events.  As Mary Englebriet has said, "Life is a Chair of Bowlies" and good friends are a necessity for our journey.  Have a wonderful week and send loving thoughts to my ex-DIL and her family as they help a dear family member leave this life for the next.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

In The Bee Hive with Joe Cunningham

Quilter's Affair 2018

What an incredible first day of teaching for me at the 2018 Quilters Affair!  I had a class filled with quilters who just wanted to have fun and that is all an instructor can ask for!!!  Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin designed this truck mat exclusively for the Quilter's Affair but, now it is available at the Stitchin' Post So you can call them up and order your kit or pattern :) 

It was a day filled with stories and laughter and 
a wonderful surprise! 
 One of my students, Donna brought me the sweetest gift!

She sewed the sweetest Bee themed bag and inside the bag was an adorable pin cushion!  Donna, you are a sweetheart and thank you from the bottom of my thread box!!!

Off to another day at Quilter's Affair and today and tomorrow I get to give support and opinions at the Sit 'n Stitch...sounds like a great day to me!!  Hope you also have a fun day stitching :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The British Are Here!!! + Winners!!!

Yesterday was a fun filled day!  A tour group of British Quilters who are spending the week in Sisters, Oregon stopped by to visit The Bee Hive!!!  I swear it is the cleanest it has been in months, LOL!!!

The group numbered 40 plus and so we divided them into 2 groups with half the group starting at Jean Wells and June Jaegers house and the other half at my house.  After an hour the groups switched homes.  I asked my neighbor Suzanne to help me with "Vanna White" duties while Dale (a Fabric Stalker) did a little quilt show of her fabulous quilts!  It was so fun to watch these quilters from across the pond have the same reactions to Dale's quilts that I have!!!  Once we were all done the group made their way to the clubhouse for a delicious coffee/pastries by Fika Coffee and more quilts to enjoy by neighbors  Deni & Hal and friends.

Yes, it was the perfect way to start the best week of the quilting life!

And now...the moment you have been waiting for...be sure if you are a winner to contact me with a mailing address :)  The winners of the charm pack is Elizabeth Mears...how funny, she is from the UK!!!  I wonder if any of these visiting quilters knows her?  The winner of the Men Behind The Quilt Calendar is Deb Anderson!!!  And, the final winner of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Poster is Sandi H.!!!  Congratulations and stay tuned for more giveaways and all the fun on the Quilt Roadies!

And, this sweet gift from one of the British Quilters
 has a great message for us all!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thursday Muses

I have been totally immersed in the Bee Hive, prepping and organizing.  Our local weather has been a bit cooler than I would like...but, it has helped me focus!  It is nice to still see some snow on the mountains.  Sometimes this time of year it is hard to stitch when the outside is calling.


I received this orchid on Mother's Day and am so happy how it has continued to bloom.  Not knowing a thing about how to take care of orchids, Laura said she was told to put 3-4 ice cubes in the pot every week and it has worked!  Aren't they beautiful!

One of the projects I am working on if from Bonnie Sullivan's QuiltMania book.  We are attending a wedding in September...the bride's mother is a dear friend and I was the nurse at the birth of her 3rd child who is the bride :)...hard to believe how much time has passed.  She and her future husband just finished building their first home and I wanted to make a special wedding gift.  It was really hard to pick a project because this book is packed with wonderful things to make.

Have a wonderful weekend and 
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