Thursday, August 15, 2019

A Sweet Respite...

A Sweet back to reality!

It is easy to remain unaware of the realities of the world when you wake up and go to sleep in such a peaceful spot... add a bit of stitching, happy hour with G and you feel a touch of heaven.

I did a lot of stitching, some reading and had some very sweet girlfriend time.  The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates is a very good read and I highly recommend it to everyone!

The girlfriends and I met in Portland and saw The Lion King at the Living Room Theater.  The theater was full and not one kid in sight!  This is a must see are not going to believe that this is not live action!  Technology at it most amazing!

Today it will be back to reality.  I am dreaming about projects and looking forward to another adventure! I hope I see you along the way :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A Learning Experience

This camping adventure has been such a learning experience on so many levels.  G and I have come to realize how little we need to bring peace and contentment in our lives. All I need is a needle and thread and all he needs is some sunshine and an instrument to play.  And it seems...we have created a life where there are friends just around the corner...old friends...

...and new friends, LOL

I stepped on the streetcar this week and a woman said...I know you :) I said really?!...from where?... and she said from Quilt Roadies...I had an immediate sense of how blessed my life is and how wonderful it is to make these connections solely based on a needle and thread.

I am especially grateful to have reconnected with Marion who I meet a couple of years ago in Denver, Colorado and who is now a part of the quilting and cross stitch community in Oregon.  She has been so gracious in introducing me to her friends who I feel an immediate connection too.  And although I have been cross stitching a bit here and there for years it is now an exciting part of my life!  I am toying with the idea of creating a Floss Tube channel so I can keep the stitching momentum going!!  I'll let you know if it comes to pass.

As this camping trip is starting to wind down 
I am already excited about the next one!!
Take care and embrace your blessings!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Thursday This & That

These past few weeks have been relaxing and peaceful.  We have been camping in the perfect spot to feel peace and quiet.  With limited WiFi the outside world has entered our life in spits and spurts.  But this past week I have been struggling as many of you must be about what it means to be American as the world looks on to see what are we going to do or not do...again?  And so, all  I am going to say about it is my vote is a powerful tool and I will be using it with the precision  of a strong America woman in future elections...

Well??? Are you ready???  I have my pattern and have just about got the I see it the Sew A Long will start in September for those of you that are interested :)  This is a 46 x 64 inch wallhanging so shouldn't be to hard right???  Anyhoo...I am all in and hope some of you will come along with me.  I am hoping to get a section a week done but I know with a wedding in Sept. that might be a little ambitious but I ALWAYS think on the grand scale!!  Here's to hoping I have company on this journey!

Have a wonderful weekend and may it be a peaceful one....

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


It is hard to believe that we are into the month of August!  The downhill slide to Christmas...OMG!  And on the way there are still Anniversaries, Birthdays, a Wedding!  It doesn't look like my year is going to get any quieter.  Which means these moments with G camping are so precious.  

I have to say when we made this plan a year ago I was excited but as the time grew closer I started having anxiety.  Over 3 weeks in one place with limited WiFi and on an island...what was I thinking!!!

What I have come to realize is that this camping interlude provided my brain with a much needed rest and my stitching has been invigorated!  I have made more progress on the WIPs than I have all year!  I am looking forward to making even more progress.  It made me realize that sometimes taking a break from the schedules in our lives actually make us more productive.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Penny, Our New Van

A Bit of This and That...

One of the survival tools that I have developed while traveling is to check out quilt shops in the area we are camping to find out if they have open sew days scheduled.  There is something comforting in finding out that quilters scattered all over this country are not only there to stitch but to provide friendship and comfort to each other.  Fiber and Stitches in St. Helen's Oregon provided that sweet spot this week.  I love the laughter, opinions and support these groups the inspiration.  One of my new stitching pals, Karen did a show and tell of her latest quilt and I loved how she added the grey in the mix of Christmas fabrics!  I encourage you to stop along the way and fill your quilting well when you are on the road :)

Right off our camp site was a nest of Osprey's...and it seems we are having a failure to launch going on, lol.  There are 3 babies who have been squawking...more food, more food...poor mom and dad keep trying to encourage them to take flight.  Sometimes there is no place like home! 

Even with all the noise I have been enjoying my stitch time.  I am approaching this project totally different!  I am actually following the exact stitching directions!  Yes, you heard me...I am following the rules on this one.  I wanted to relax, make no choices or decisions and it is refreshing.

Today, I am heading to Acorn & Threads with a friend...
I feel a cross stitch attack coming on!!!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Flexibility is the Goal

G and I are always trying to tweak our lifestyle and travel plans.  We decided to make the next leap in this life we are creating and travel smaller.  Wanting more flexibility and spontaneity we moved into a travel van.  We'll do more of a review on Quilt Roadies but, let me say...I think we made the right decision!

It fits into a standard parking space and with it's subdued paint job there isn't a problem parking in front of your house when we visit you, LOL  Our mascots, Woody and Jesse are comfortable with their new ride...although, Woody isn't so keen with his job of Valdani thread ball holder!

Yes, we seek the road less traveled that includes stitching along the way!