Thursday, November 14, 2019

Thoughts on Thursday

Yesterday I had my routine mammogram.  I am lucky because they are not painful to have done...the pain comes in the visual and the conversation.  I can't look down or I will immediately run to the plastic surgeons office and ask for an A cup please.  And I especially hate hearing the very nice tech say things like we need to move this tissue...OMG please give me an A cup!  I know we all want what we don't have.  I want curly hair...blah blah blah...

Last weekend I enjoyed a stitch day with the Fabric Stalkers and not only did it fill the quilting soul but it was so wonderful to just hear their voices and embrace their stories.  It had been so long since we had a gathering where a good portion of us could attend.  When we all worked together in the medical field we only had to figure out how to get together around our work schedules and family functions...but, now we add retirement for over half of us which means schedule difference, travel...then grandkids (wow) that we must see cause we can't stand it if we haven't had a grandkid fix...soooo it was a blessing.

Here is a bit of the fun...

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Fleece Blanket Tutorial

Round and Round

Welcome to my crazy world where I love it all...yes I have my favorites...anything handwork.  But there is something invigorating about stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something new.  With quilting the options are endless.  It is good for this aging brain to process differently...and so I dug out my Octopus Garden which I loved from the moment I saw it!  

Laura Heine is a genius when it comes to collage!  I know many of you have a stash that would make a hundred of her designs...but, don't be fooled you will still be hunting the shops for that perfect piece, LOL  And as par for the course I am traveling my own journey to completion.  It is a labor of love for sure!

After class G and I were catching up on our respective days over a glass of wine..always somewhere in our conversations we talk about our kids.  After all they are our most amazing works of art!  As I looked out the window I saw another mom...and like all moms was focused on her kids....

Yep, being a parent is the same no matter what species you are...watching out, worrying and encouraging...she kept those 2 kids moving along...

The moon rise was a beautiful way to wrap up the evening...a bit of stitching along with some is good.

Wish me luck 
as I swim the waters with my Octopus again today!  
I hope your day is filled with something outside your box!

Thursday, November 7, 2019


When you use public transportation there is a lot more time to ponder the world around you and to see that which you might miss while driving.  Every time I ride the bus to the lil' man's house I see this big sign...Long Live The Wildcards, Misfits and Dabblers.  It always makes me smile!  Somehow I think the world is a more interesting place because of the wildcards, misfits and dabblers.

My favorite time of the day to stitch is right before the city wakes really see the beauty at this time of the morning.  The city is like a person who is slowly waking up...first you see the buses arrive...then the early morning workers...the streetcar comes by and the walkers are out.  It is a beautiful time of day.  So peaceful.

My list is full of "wanna do's" for the next week!  I  have Christmas to think about...OMG can you believe it...48 days!!!  How can that be???  Pedal to the Metal for the Roadies and we are loving every moment!  Hope your day is going to be filled with friendship and stitching!  Today is First Thursday Stitch at Acorn and Threads...parteeeee!!!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Fall Fling


Connection: Casual or logical relation or sequence.  It is easy to get comfortable in our own little world that is made up of the familiar.  But, if you are a newies person you understand that just because something is happening on the other side of the world doesn't mean you won't feel it in your comfort space.

G and I took a bit of time and met at the City Grill in Portland.  Our day was spent doing our own thing and I texted him and said lets meet for Happy Hour.  It so funny to be meeting for a not so blind date with someone you have been married to forever, LOL.  The difference was I didn't have on cute shoes...well I think they are cute but not date night shoes...just a pair of Keen tennies.  And, because I never travel without some stitching when he walked up I was at one of the tables in the US Bank Building stitching away!  The City Grill is located on the 30th floor of the US Bank building  and has a beautiful view of the city.  If you look closely at the photo you can see Mt. Hood on the horizon...and what is all that haze...smoke from the fires in California.  Yes, we may think we can live in a bubble but in fact we are connected.

When I was leaving in the morning to go play with the lil' man I stepped out the door and down the hallway was this beautiful framed artwork by Mother made me stop in my tracks and give a moment of thanks.

I am still riding the emotional high of Fall Fling 2019 by Acorn & Threads  not only for all the stitching inspiration but again for the connections that I made.  My day 2 table mates were wonderful, talented, funny and supportive and we are all going to try to make next years event!!  If I were you I would sign up for email alerts and most of all...don't be afraid to sit at a table where you don't know may come away with the most incredible connections!

Happy Stitching...Be Kind...And Be Strong...
hold your face into the wind :)