Sunday, February 10, 2013

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

It is what the doctor ordered to chase away the blues...a retreat where you are laughing so much and so hard that your ribs hurt and you need an inhaler. Karen from The Yellow Farmhouse blog said it earlier retreats it was all about productivity...these later ones, more about the time being together.

Tomorrow I will have a nice slide show of the projects in various stages of production. Today, just a peek. Poor quilters on the east side of the country were experiencing horrible weather (hope all is well) while we were having chilly clear skies. The river outside had ducks, a river otter and these beautiful swans. I took the photo from the living room.

Lori and Nancy provided us with an In-depth education on Addie-Turbo knitting needles...

As, for me I wore my head lamp and made a little headway on some of my hand projects. I do hire out as a stash miner and will hunt through your stash for a specific piece you are looking for!

Thursday and Friday Enzo assisted the Fabric Stalkers with quilting tasks since HH was at work. He gave the paw of approval to Irene's baby quilt which is 100% done!

He chose the border for Robin's penguin quilt.

And he helped Irene chose a quilting pattern out of her book.

Yes, the retreat is winding down and we are already discussing...what's next? But there is a contentedness with the time together.

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