Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mile by Mile

Short but sweet today...Mile by Mile I got closer to home...First stop was Portlandia where it was raining...duh...LOL... I couldn't wait to get home and just sit in my Bee Hive but it was fun to hang out with G and Enzo in Portland.  I was excited to see they were putting up the Pioneer Square Christmas Tree...I love it when downtown Portland is all decked out for the holidays.  When I am back here in December it will be beautiful :)

Enzo was as happy as G to see me...
it is a warm fuzzy to be missed :) 
and I missed them!!!

It feels so awesome to be stitchin'  I can't wait to to make headway on some UFO's and WiPs and have some girlfriend time.  I love traveling but coming home is a blessing!

Have a wonderful Thursday...filled with peace and stitching!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Glorious Days

The Monterey Bay fills my soul.  I grew up breathing ocean air and so, when I return there is a peace that settles into all the nooks and crannies of my heart.  I visited the cemetery where the parental units are together and I reflect on how blessed I am to have had such adventuresome parents.  Those who have been reading the blog for a while know that mom passed away while sailing in a 81 years of age!  I come by all that I am from the gene pool, LOL

If in Pacific Grove I have to visit my dear friend Jeanne of Jeanne Mills Tours  I have such fond memories of traveling with her to France and still dream about another trip :)  She lives is one of those beautiful painted ladies in Pacific Grove.

She is a fabulous quilter/stitcher but is also a Quilt Art collector and so I was excited to see a new piece by Gwen Marston hanging! 

I always have to head up to the sewing room to check out her latest projects and I wasn't disappointed.  I love this Sashiko pattern by Sylvia Pippen and I think I actually have this one on my to do list???

Her latest project was a guild challenge and is inspired by Jane Sassaman...although Jeanne completed her project with needle turn applique techniques.

My visit with Jeanne was just what I needed
 to jump start my stitching I can't wait to get home and 
head into the Bee Hive!!!
Wishing you a great Tuesday!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Hit The Door Running...

Well this last 24 hours I have hit the door running and so apologize for a little late posting of the blog.  Flying the friendly skies of Alaskan was comfortable and quick but the rain followed me :)  Of course Napa is OK with the rain...they needed it!

First thing on the agenda was a Korean lunch...
this is a photo of all the side dishes 
that come with you lunch order...OMG!!!

The Napa Film Festival was off to a great start...right after lunch we headed to our first movie which was Documentary Shorts...enjoyed them all.  We could spend all day and evening watching movies that are shown all over Napa Valley.  We have our choices circled and will be hitting the road from venue to venue.  

I did wake up early and got a little stitching peaceful at the sister's house.  Hope you have a nice Thursday filled with friendship, stitching and good food.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Quiet Time

I have been enjoying my special time in is an entirely different pace of life and even though I am in the middle of a big city,  life is slower because I don't drive anywhere...I use public transportation.  This one difference in my pattern creates a litany of life changes.  My view of the world is so different.

I had a wonderful birthday weekend with my dear friend Colleen who I have known since I was 14 yrs old.  And, we did all the required Portland experiences except the Living Room theater which we chose not to because we would rather have more time to talk!.

I was also able to enjoy some cousin time at the Portland Art Museum followed by some yummy  cappuccino at Case Study.

The highlight was some grandson little guy is growing up and it is hard to believe in a couple of months he will be 6! 


I have been embroidering every evening and am making progress on my project.  I do believe it may be done by the time I get back home.  I took a few photographs at the Portland Art Museum so I could share them with you.  I have gone every day for the last 4 days!!! This only scratches the surface of what is displayed there and they have a wonderful coffee shop and gift store!!!  

Hope you have an enjoyable Tuesday. By the time we hang out together again I shall be in Napa, CA.enjoying some sister time!

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Quilt Crossing Boise, Idaho


I cannot believe it is November!!!  How did that happen??? Pretty soon I will have to start thinking about my 2018 Word to live by!  Do you remember the word you chose for 2017?  I chose let go of those people, thought processes, and things that I don't want in my life.  I did a pretty good job...and it is one of those words that may have to be a life word :)

Even though it's been a little crazy around here I just had to take a break and hang with some stitching friends.  I have been attaching and tacking down binding with the help of my new girlfriend Mi na who was a birthday gift.  She looks like one of my cousins :) and was so helpful in making my binding behave!

I had to show you this adorable baby quilt that Pat is making for her newest grandchild.  She is hand appliqueing the leaves in the border and swears that it is so much better appliqueing after the quilting is all done!!!  Click on the photo to enlarge :)

Will be playing with a bestie and my sister for the next few days so plan on concentrating on my cross stitch and a embroidery project!  Hope you have cozy stitching days ahead!