Thursday, March 15, 2018

Blank Slate...

Life is about change and flexibility and so we are "all in" for whatever the future holds.  I have to admit I am bummed we are not making our trip I had so many fun times lined up.  But, that doesn't mean we won't get there, just not this Spring.  As we readjust our schedule we are stitching a new blank slate!

A blank slate, much like one of Sue Spargo's layered back grounds.  It is wide open with potential and I know will be filled with excitement!  A layer upon layer until a new adventure starts showing up!  I have been in prep mode and G has been working on the trailer because no matter what the possibility...we will be ready!

...And really...home is not a place where we suffer...
we are blessed in so many ways.  So stay tuned...
we are dreaming!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Material Girl Quilt Shop

Freak Out!!!

I woke up this morning at 5 AM!  And started to freak out!!!  Is it possible that next week is St. Paddy's day...soon to be followed by a visit from the Easter Bunny?!  Is it even possible???  G and I have been so busy that I haven't paid much attention to the time flying!

The last few days I have had some serious Bee Hive time and so the piles are stacking up around here and I wish I had a few Minions to keep me organized.  I have been on a serious Sashiko prepping binge and now am ready to move on to another prep binge...namely Crimson Tweed.  The original color did not call my name but the design of the quilt I when Monica from Olde World Quilt Shop decided to organize a BOM using warmer colors...well I was all in!

I love this color scheme and it will fit my home perfectly!  All the blocks I have received thus far are nicely tucked away in a project box...but, today I start prepping!!!

With the panic of time flying I had a moment where it became so clear to me...if I want to have a 4th of July project done by July...I had better start working on it NOW!  And so, I chose a Geoff's Mom least by starting it in March I could conceivably have it done by July...right???? you can see I have my week cut out for me...
hope yours is productive also!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Postcards & Tonye Belinda Phillips

One of the special blessings of living in Central Oregon is the availability of Quilt Artists.  Last week when I was checking out The Stitchin Post I stumbled into a class being taught by Tonye Belinda Phillips.  An amazing designer and stitcher...she is also a wonderful teacher.  The class she was teaching was the construction of the fabric postcard.  And, yes you can send these cards through the mail they just have to be hand stamped by the post office.

One of the fundraisers for the arts in Sisters is the auctioning of postcards that are made by quilters around the world!  The Wish Upon A Card Fundraiser would love all donated cards for the juried and silent auction.  Each of the Quilter's Affair teachers also donate a card which is then framed by Myrna of High Desert Frameworks...who donates the labor and frames!

This is the card I made last year...I am stitching away on the card for this years donation because the deadline to turn in postcards is April 15!!

Here are some postcard samples that Tonye
 brought to inspire her students!

They are so much fun to make and 
also are a wonderful gift!  
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sweet Sisters + An Exciting Plan!

Living in Sisters is a is just a bit slower than the big city down the road, lol.  We have a herd of town deer who hang out in the winter but, last week as I passed the Village Green a flock of turkeys cause a traffic jam (the traffic jam was my car).  They were heading to the edge of least 15 of them!!!  

I met a couple of besties for shopping at the The Stitchin' Post and coffee at the The Sisters Coffee.  The Barista made me an almond milk latte...and I know the love was being passed on...but, I don't looks more like a beet :)  What do you think??? 

I decided yesterday that I wanted to know a bit more about the quilters hanging out with me here, on The Quilt Roadies and Anna & G On The Road and so, I am excited about my new idea!  I am going to contact someone (a quilter) with a series of questions and post the answers and pictures I obtain once a month here.  That way we can get to know a bit more about each other!!! Stay tuned!!  

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

I don't know about you but I am floored that today is March 1st!!!  We are still dreaming of taking the Quilt Roadies on the road but as with so many things these days...everything seems to take much longer, including getting all of the doctor visits done...grrrr.  G is hanging in there and surprisingly patient these days when it comes to visiting the doctor, LOL  So, we are taking advantage of being home...more time in the Bee Hive and more grandson time!!!!

I am still on track for making at least one Christmas present a month for the #BeeHiveChristmasChallenge and I decided to give a zipper a try...OMG...I'll keep you posted, LOL.  I maybe have to do a Bee Hive video of this attempt.  Found this cute fabric at Material Girl Fabrics in Redmond, Oregon

I fired up the Sweet 16 and quilted the baby quilt I made for my nephew and his wife.  They are expecting the first girl in our immediate family. So, both my sister and I are over the moon!  It was so fun to quilt and I did some writing with the quilting!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Quilt Cruise: A Tour of Mexico

2018 Fabric Stalker Retreat

It has been more like Spring this Winter...and, just when we thought we wouldn't see a snowflake...we got a dump.  Which was so appropriate considering that every time we have a Fabric Stalker Retreat it snows bucket loads, LOL.  No one is complaining because we need the snow!  It provided irrigation and helps the fire season.

The view out the window on Quiet River just reinforced how wonderful it is to stitch when it is snowing.  Snow helps slow down the world and being with friends...stitching...well, there isn't a more wonderful way to spend  sewing time.

This retreat was different for me.  I decided not to bring a sewing machine and to dive into my hand stitching.  I wanted to get a jump start on the pile of prepping and make some headway on my UFO, WIP and PIG pileBeing only 20 miles from home actually made it more relaxing.  I made a little slide show of what the girlfriends were working on and hope you get inspired.  Now, I need to keep up the momentum and keep on stitching!!!  Hope your week has moments of stitching :)

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Thursday, February 22, 2018


No I am not in a battle yelling retreat...well,  maybe I am.  Today begins the Fabric Stalkers Winter Retreat and I am going to make headway on some languishing projects!  This Winter retreat is just down the road from home so if I need to head home I can...or, if I forgot some important piece of fabric.

My priority is to get my Sylvia Pippen BOM started and on the path to completion!!  I love Sashiko and I love the combination of the 2 was a no brainer for me!

There is something so relaxing about Sashiko...maybe it is the single thread or the softness of Egyptian cotton thread...whatever it is I love it!  And since I have a pile of things to prep and stitch I had better get cracking!  Send me good stitching vibes for a successful retreat!

And, have a great weekend!