Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Counting My Blessings

The absolute best part of quilting is the friendships the grow with each stitch.  And as with quilting...when traveling you have to be flexible!  G and I had every intention of heading home through Montana...and visiting a few more National and State Park.  But, last we heard there were in excess of 70 + fires burning in Montana which meant a change in direction.  Although disappointed I couldn't stay sad for long because the new route would take me through places where I could visit friends!  It was so lovely sharing a margarita with an 'ol stitch buddy Twilene who moved from Bend about 4 years ago!  We did a little shop hop which will be in a future Quilt Roadie video :)

...and as luck would have it I had an opportunity to spend some time with a long time social media friend.  The thing about social media is you share photos, jokes, stitching...the ups and downs of life and you may never physically meet.   So when I had a opportunity to spend some time with Sandie I jumped at it!  And she was so sweet to share time with  me while her daughter was visiting!  I have long admired the creativity that Sandie has...not only quilting, stitching but all kinds of crafts!  She runs craft workshops in Twin Falls, Idaho called Paisley Ink!

I was hoping to take a workshop with her while in town but it just didn't work out...but, she was so wonderful to gift me some of her creations which I immediately found a place for on my hearth!

3 little pumpkins all decked out in their Fall finery...and boy does it feel like Fall outside!  Thank you Sandie for you friendship and your wonderful creations!

As I sift through the mail so many wonderful things have been discovered...an early birthday present  from my friend Sandi in BC was such a surprise...and oh do I ever like it!!  Sandi was the one who turned me on to Quiltfolk magazine which is like the National Geographic of the Quilting World, lol...by the time I jumped in the first issue which featured Oregon was no where to be found.  But, thanks to Sandi I now own a copy!!!  And these license plate were spot on...I am going to start creating something with my favorite license plate this winter!!!  Thank you Sandi!!

yep, I count my blessings and am grateful for the 
wonderful stitching friends in my life!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Blessings Along the Road

I can't help but spend time reflecting on what a blessing it is to be living during this time.  Anytime I get homesick for family or stitching friends I am only a text message or email away.  When I think about how strong my mother was to have moved to a foreign country...not knowing a soul and sending letters that would take 3 months to reach family...I realize it is a waste of time to whine!

We took a little break on the road...and for us that means staying 2 days in one spot.  It allows G to work on editing and Enzo to make some friends.  Here they are greeting new arrivals to the campground, lol

I had the most enjoyable time visiting with the gals at Village Dry Goods and you are going to go GAGA over that Quilt Roadie Video but, it is still a few weeks down the line on the editing table.  We did get a recommendation to have lunch at Maddox Ranch House.  I have to say it is a challenge to maintain the vegetarian life style in the Midwest.  When you cross over into Wyoming there is a big sign that warns you...Wyoming, The Beef State!  But, for a variety of reasons I made the choice, #1 being that I finally acknowledged my family gene pool...maybe, it was about time I faced up to it.  The thing about being vegetarian is you still have to work hard at eating healthy or you could eat a dozen eggs and cheese and call yourself vegetarian.  I have been 100% Vegetarian on this Quilt Roadie Trip mostly because we cooked in the trailer.  But, occasionally we wanted to go out and for G who likes an occasional steak it was a nice break.  Maddox was amazing...claiming they raise and cook the best steak around the chef worked hard and developed a Vegetarian Steak consisting of shredded veggies and topped with grilled vegetables.  Awesome!!!  It was wonderful to have an option!

I am really tickled that I got the bottom half of my cross stitch done!  Now onto the top half!!  I am feeling good about getting this 25+ year old project off the "to do" list!  

Enjoy the beautiful Fall weather...the colors are changing along the road reminding us that another season is upon us :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Bit of This, A Bit of That...

What a challenging week...you can't help but worry and pray for all those who were in the path of the hurricanes...seems like one "oh no" moment after another.  Back home the fires still burn...I fear Mother Nature is giving us a hard learned lesson.  They have taken to wrapping the historic buildings to try and spare them from the fire.  Also remembering 9-11 :(  This week brought around another memory...6 years since we said good bye to mom...she would be amazed at our lives now!...we continue with her incredible spirit, bravery and love of the nomad life!  On a high note our oldest son had a birthday!  And it was a great time to reflect, not only on his life but ours...as we remembered being that age.  Yep, we are a strong, hardworking group...one foot in front of the other at whatever life throws you!

It was a good week to take a sewing break and bring out mom's Featherweight.  What a little workhorse especially for those 2 inch finished 9 patches!!

Although we are on the downhill side of this Quilt Roadie adventure and there is still more adventure ahead before we get home...I can't help but be excited because I already have a Silas day scheduled on the calendar next week!!!  Yes, I count my blessings each and every day!

Praying you will have a safe, dry, smoke free stitching day!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Behind the Scenes of The Quilt Show

What is the Center of Your Universe?

As we plot our way home and have been thwarted by fires on so many of our previously chosen routes I really long to be with those who are the center of my universe.  G and I decided to head to Belle Fourche where they have built a beautiful park in honor of the Geographical Center of the Nation.  The actual center is in a private field in the area but the monument was a wonderful stop.  We laughed at dinner last night how surprised we are that we have discovered so many wonderful things to see in South Dakota.  Somehow this state has never come up as a vacation destination in the media.  And, in fact we were told by a quilt shop owner that 90% of their vacationers are from inside the state or immediately surrounding the state.  After this adventure I would highly recommend South Dakota as a place to visit...plus their quilt shops rock!

In the monument park there is also a walk way bordered by all the state flags.

This road trip has not provided a whole lot of stitching time...sightseeing, quilt shopping...yes...but not making much headway on all those projects I prepped, LOL.  I have been cross stitching on this Prince of a guy for baby Silas.  Because of the fabric I have been using a hoop which is a little different for me.  He sure is cute!

It is so hard to believe that my oldest grandson is off to Kindergarten!!!!  How time flies!  The back pack almost looks as big as him, lol.  Yes...I feel a pull towards home and family but we still have a few more stops along the way.  We have a stack of video that still need editing and have met some wonderful people along the way.  The quilt shops have not disappointed and I know you will enjoy viewing those!

There has been so much loss in recent weeks...cherish your life, keep stitching away, pray for safety for those in harms way.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tourist Time

G and I have been packing it in the last few days and we have been enjoying every moment!  It is kind of funny because just like people assume Oregon is all wet...I thought S. Dakota was all plains.  So it was a surprise to be in pine forests that reminded me of back home!  I guess that is why travel is so important and if you can't travel then watch travel shows...because what we all thought about a place is probably not completely true!

I so enjoy new experiences and this adventure had certainly been that!!!  This time of year the National Parks are filled with people from other countries...and, if I had to pick where the number one visitor has come from...I would say...Germany! 

We could not pass up the Woolly Mammoth Dig Site in Hot Springs, South Dakota!  Even if they spelled Woolie wrong, LOL.  It is an actual dig site where piles of bones of not only the mammoth were found but their predators.  They believe because of the massive amount of bones that were found that it was a sink hole that swallowed them up because they also found fish bones.  An incredible place to visit and watch the work being done.

Since I have not been getting as much stitching done because of all the fun stuff we have been doing I thought I would punish myself by buying a new pattern to add to the pile of things I want to get done, LOL.  Isn't it adorable!!!  2 different ways to make a table runner!  I can't wait to get home and start this one :)

Hope our stitching friends in Texas are safe and sound, we have heard many stories on the road as some Texans traveled north...and, for those stashes that are starting to smell like smoke...I hope they are starting to  air out again.