Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sorry :)

Sorry for the late blog post...been having too much fun!

I have put away the feather weight for the remainder of the adventure and am now going to focus on more handwork.  I have decided to work on another block of the Thanksgiving Wallhanging by Buttermilk Basin . 

The list of accomplishments thus far is...

1.  pieced the last 3 blocks of the 2015 Designer Mystery
2.  pieced all the flannel blocks for the grey bunny baby quilt
3.  pieced all the blocks for the Thicket Quilt
4.  pieced all the steps except the last one for the Roll Call quilt
5.  hand stitched a block for the Yoko Saito BOm
6.  hand stitched a block for the Fresh Trees BOM
7.  hand stitched a block for the Thanksgiving BOM
8.  hand stitched the Buttermilk Basin Fall Mat

Not bad considering all the outdoor activity that was going on!

As we count down to our final week + my goal is to finish the Kathy Schmitz blackwork embroidery and to start stitching on another of the Thanksgiving BOM blocks...wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Note To Self

I decided I needed to write a Note To we are winding down with less than 12 days till we are home again...granted for only a short while...but, still our feet will hit the soil of Sisters.  A Note To Self is not only a reminder about what worked, didn't work...what I should have brought...what I didn't really need to bring...a kind of check list about quilting on the road.

Next time...I need a better iron.
                 a 6 inch square ruler
                 a seam ripper

What I don't need to bring is cross stitch...seems at least on this trip to be on the back burner...which then means I didn't need my magnifying lamp.  I am really glad I brought my box of stitching thread.

I am working on this quilt and have all the blocks stitched but the pattern calls for them all to be cut down to a 4 1/2 square...dang...I wish I had brought that  6 inch square ruler.  Oh well,  it'll get done and I am learning patience.

The number one Note To Self...don't be hard on yourself about not meeting the is about savoring the journey and sometimes that means being flexible.  Keep your heart open...there are some awesome people you will meet along the way.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Quiltworx At Arizona Quilts

Judy Niemeyer is synonyms with fantastically complicated patterns which are supposedly foolproof is you use her techniques for construction.  A few of the Fabric Stalkers are die hard Judy fans and so I have seen a few of these beauties at retreat.  But, I have never succumbed...maybe...I could be tempted....

When I visited Arizona Quilts there was a Judy Niemeyer class being taught by Kelly who is a certified Quiltworx instructor.  Striving for student success Judy has developed a curriculum so that instructors of the Quiltworx patterns would  teach her specific techniques and thus a student could come away with a spectacular quilt!

This list was taken directly from the Quiltworx site and lists what the certified instructors are trained for...

  • To Teach Patterns that they have completed and Can Provide Samples of
  • To Conduct Lectures and Trunk Shows with your Quilt Shops and Guilds
  • To Teach at your Quilt Shows and Conferences and Provide a Vendor Booth,
  • To Provide you with Assistance in doing Demonstrations and Kitting for Judy's Products
  • To offer Samples, as they have available, to Advertise your Classes with them
  • To Bring your Judy's Technique of the Month Program

This is a peek at the pattern which Kelly was teaching...

I might have to think about this....

Have a great rest of the week and weekend!!  
Fabric Stalkers on rock!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Arizona Quilts & Boondocking

Enzo aka Sheldon

The Quilt Roadie Adventure has been eye opening in so many way.  I have not even made a dent in the projects that I have brought but I do love the belief in delusional but, good.  I did finish stitching one block of Thanksgiving, one block of Bring Home The Trees, my Buttermilk Basin Fall table mat, one block of the Yoko Saito BOM, the blocks for the flannel baby quilt, part of the French General Quilt, most of the Bee Hive embroidery....hummm....actually I have finished quite a bit!  I dream big...always...LOL

Being in a 24ft RV with the other 2 members of my tribe for 5 weeks...and still 2 more weeks to travel has been an education.  G and I get along pretty darn well to a times we both want to be the wagon master...and neither of us wants to be the tail end of the wagon train, LOL.  We travel well together and work out the challenges of being together 24/7.  He insists I take a few sew days, LOL...wonder why?

The real interesting member of our tribe is Enzo.  Enzo is without a doubt a peculiar soul.  When I would visit the puppies trying to decide which one I wanted...Enzo was the only one that ran to the fence and would watch me drive away.  He is beyond smart...has a touch of OCD and sometimes we wonder who trained who???

This trip has brought out all his peculiarities.  When ever I watch The Big Bang which is one of our favorite shows...I see Enzo in Sheldon.  So much so that I think I should have named him Sheldon.  Order, is the requirement of the day and he has a special spot...just like Sheldon.  I have even seen the same expressions on Enzo's face that I have seen on Sheldon's

Traveling with Enzo requires patience and flexibility.  He will not eat or matter how hungry or hot it is outside if the slide on the RV is in...which means an 8 hours drive he won't...I mean refuses to drink a drop of water.  I gave up worrying about it and he seems to have survived the journey.  He wants to sit right behind G's seat...back to back while traveling.  If we turn on the fan because we are going to cook...he goes under the table and hides (we know why)  He will not eat or drink unless we say "eat" or "drink" and both G and I have to be sitting down and eating before he'll eat.  In this photograph we have told him to eat but he is sitting and me that backward evil eye because the cutting board should not be next to his bowl...I tell you...we do love this guy and he is a hoot and a half...but, definitely his name should have been Sheldon.

Hope you are having warm weather where ever you are...
we sure are enjoying it here!
Happy Stitching!