Friday, August 26, 2016

Calico Creations Mt. Vernon Washington

On the recommendation of our friends in Gig Harbor we took the L'il Buffalo on the ferry.  While waiting in line to board a car drove up...must be a regular traveler because their dog knew that the person in the booth had treats!!!  We did not let Enzo know that there were dog treats being passed out...

When I Googled quilt shops along the way  I found Calico Creations in Mt. Vernon and I was so taken by the shops Row by Row.  It reminded me of Laura Heine and I knew I was going to make a stop!  When I checked out the sewing group in the space next door I met a Woolie reader :)  Such a treat for me!

Chris & her daughter Becky...and 
yes, that is Becky's quilt that she was working on!!!
Thanks for reading Chris!

Calico Creations is filled...and I mean filled with choices.  In fact it has about outgrown it space...and the space is large!!! LOL

Calico Creations doesn't have an online web shop but if you see anything in the slide show give them a call.  I had to make 2 slide shows today because the Calico Creations has the largest display of Laura Heine quilts.  I love these quilts!  Click on the individual photos and it will enlarge!

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This slideshow of the shop will really inspire you to start making quilting or buying new fabric, LOL!  Have a great weekend and we'll see you on Monday!

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Quilted Strait in Port Gamble

Port Gamble is on the Northwestern shore of the Kitsap Peninsula near the entrance of the Hood Canal.  It's close proximity to Seattle, Bremerton and Port Townsend make is a wonderful destination for a little time out.  And, of course there is the quilt shop!!! 

Quilted Strait was a wonderful surprise!  Providing something for everyone this shop is a must see and shop!  If there was a 10 point scale for "Must Shop" they would be a 10!  The building is beautiful and the setting is charming with a beautiful view.  This shop was featured in the 2012 Better Homes Quilt Sampler and I can see why.  They not only carry a variety of books, patterns, fabrics and cover the broad spectrum of the quilting world...but, they also have a huge variety of threads, Valdani, Weeks Dye Works...Sue Spargo specialty threads.  I can't say it will NOT walk out of here empty handed!

Enjoy the slide show and I know you will find something that will be calling to your quilting heart!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Quilt Shoppe

It takes little effort with the help of Google to find a quilt shop along the way...the challenge is finding one that has something different.  In Poulsbo, Washington there is such a shop!  Poulsbo is a community on the Liberty Bay in Kitsap County. The home of the Suquamish people it saw the first Scandinavian people in the 1800's.  The town is worth straying from the beaten path and offers a wonderful diversion to the day.  You will see more of both La Conner and Poulsbo on the Quilt Roadies 

Beatrice Marx is the owner, designer and fabric cutter of The Quilt Shoppe .  Relocated from France via Seattle she has found her muse and several of the designs you will find here are her own.  And the shop holds a wide array of laser cut motifs.  I bought a whale kit and plan to add a little Sashiko to the creation.  Although she does not have a web store you can call and order anything you see here and she will ship it to you :)

Exclusive to the shop is a line of batiks she designed with the Viking ship motifs...It comes in 3 color ways.  

Enjoy the trip through the shop and be sure
 if you call Beatrice tell her I said Hi!!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Living With Quilts

one of the challenges of writing on the road is keeping your data costs under control, finding WiFi access that is safe and that you can hook up too.  Most RV parks have free WiFi but with everyone using it there is a challenge to getting online.  We added a Hot Spot on our last trip but  you still have to be careful with your data plan!  This being said I may not be as timely with my email answering since I put everything on airplane mode to keep the roaming down.  On top of that I have to apologize to a whole bunch of people...all of you that I have answered your email using my Ipad...well, I found out the outgoing mail is not set up on my there were 80+ emails that I answered but never went out...Oye Vey...just when you are feeling smug about your techy slaps you back a few notches!!  I am sure this has never happened to any of you???

One of the many blessing of having a friendship with the Twisted Sisters is...there is no end to the inspiration!  They are so creative...not just with quilting but in living.  They don't make quilts just to fold them and store them in a closet but really embrace them into their lives and into the lives of family, friends and people who they don't even know.  They make many quilts to donate and be used my those who might need a hug.

Last week when we visited Gabby and Bob's boat I immediately got a warm fuzzy because there were quilts...even in their boat!  

Gabby in the galley

When I first descended the hatch there was the challenge quilt from 2015 on the table.  That is the thing about quilts...most often they elicit a warm memory and can be a chronological memory of one's life.

The quilt hanging in the master suite is reminiscent 
of Jean Wells.

Have a look at this collage of Gabby's home which is a lovely oasis in Gig Harbor.  You can click on each individual photo to enlarge.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

RV Park Review + Poulsbo, Port Gamble & La Conner

Viva La Differance

Just when you think you are living in the perfect place on earth you visit someone and find out they too live in a perfect place!  That is the wondrous life of travel.  You get to see that this world is filled with beautiful places and fabulous people.  The culture of difference adds spice to life and hopefully expands our capacity of love, tolerance, forgiveness and acceptance.  

Even though we are a few days down the road both HH and I are still feeling the glow of our time with the Twisted Sisters in Gig Harbor.  I wanted to share the home of Robin who was our dinner hostess with the mostess.  Her home reflects her many talents and I came away with a load of fun of which... that she should adopt me so I can come live with her, LOL.  Enjoy the slide show...take notes because there are a lot of home decor and quilting ideas reflected in the slides.  Have a great Monday!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Beach Tyme Quilts

I am feeling like a stitching ninja!!!  I am not sure if it is because I have taken a break from the routine or if because it is Olympic Time!  What ever the reason I am enjoying the feeling of productivity!!!  OMG...what is going to happen if I finish all my projects??? that would ever happen.  It is a great delusion.  I crack myself up.  Anyhoo...I have moved on to a block from the Yoko Saito BOM I am doing through Primitive Gatherings.  I really love this BOM and am looking forward to seeing this project finished.

We took a break from hanging out at the beach since it was cold and foggy.  I stumbled onto a quilt shop in Ocean Shores Washington.  Beach Tyme Quilts had a variety of products I had never seen before and I really loved their panel collection.  These are great to use in kids quilts.  They have a large classroom and have a customer base from far and wide because it is only one of 3 fabric stores in a huge area of the Washington Coast.

Although they do not have a huge wool presence they did have a wonderful bin of 5 inch squares already cleaned and felted for $1/square!  I had to pick up a few, along with their license plate :)

Enjoy the slide show and be sure to give them a look-see if you are in the Ocean Shores area of Washington...or you can order online or call :)  Tomorrow I head to Shibori Dragon  to meet up with the Twisted Sisters!!!  I will be taking a break from the Woolie Blog but you can check up with us on Quilt Roadies and The Quilt Show Daily Blog on Wednesday!

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