Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hangin' at the Stitchin Post

I moved to Sisters not only for the slower pace of life but for the expansive views and the ability to walk everywhere...or in my case...ride my Rosie.  I have had my cruiser bike for over 15 years and she is still as beautiful as ever.  I had the day dream of being able to ride my Rosie over to the Stitchin' Post and stitch.  I checked the schedule out and it turned out there was a new Wednesday stitching group (which doesn't interfere with my MG's and Woolies) where you just drop in and bring your own project.  Score!!!  Although I am not able to make it every time they meet because of my own crazy schedule I wanted to check in with the group and see what was going on.  What a lovely group...everyone was working on something different...someone was even hemming some slacks.  There was a husband/wife stitching team and several other ladies...and I found out they break for lunch and head over to the Depot Deli!  What a great time...I am definitely adding this group to my calendar :)

Since I was in the shop I checked out the new samples...look at this adorable Contemporary Tote pattern made in wool by Tonye Belinda Phillips.

it's amazing what a little wool can do for a pattern! lol

I know I posted this photo on Facebook but I wanted to share it on the blog...isn't it beauitful...and if you click on the photo it will enlarge and you can see the quilting!  Fabulous!  Barb at the Stitchin' Post is going to add this to the winter schedule also due to overwhelming requests!

Just to show you some of what is going on in the Wednesday Stitching group...Tula Pink blocks!!!

The way I have it figured...if I fit a stitch group in here and there I might actually get something done!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop!

I was invited last week to join in the Around the World Blog Hop by Pam who shares her life on Mama Spark's World.  I was to answer 4 questions and link to an additional 3 bloggers that I thought you would enjoy!  Be sure to check out Pam's blog...she always is up to something, lol.

1.  What am I working on?

Well, this is a simple question with a complicated answer since I have 20+ Project boxes.  But my favorite project which is usually my current project is Home for the Holidays by Primitive Gatherings.

2.  How does my work differ from others of it's genre?

Since I don't consider myself an artist it is much like most quilters.  I buy a pattern I like and make it...kind of like cooking...I can cook but a chef I ain't, lol

3.  Why do I write/create what I do?  

I write a blog because I like to write.  I like the connection to other quilters around the world.  And for all our differences culture, religion, race and politics we are bound by the love of quilting.   I create because I am addicted and there isn't a 12 step program for quilters!

4.  How does my writing/creative process work?

My writing process I liken to a frog sitting very still and a fly buzzes by...with the flick of the tongue it's writing is like that...I get an idea and run with it.  As for quilting...well, it usually starts with a girlfriend saying, "hey, look at this!"  Then I get said pattern and all the fabric that goes with it because god forbid I should use my stash!!!  Then I put it in my sewing room to ferment the required amount of time before I rediscover the purchase and make it!

I decided to challenge myself by not just picking blogs on my blog roll but something a little different...But, of course I couldn't pass up one of my favorites.  Sweet P (Paulette) home base is north of the border although she does spend her winters cavorting around Southern in way south.  She basically loves all that I what is not to love???  She is prolific and hangs with a bunch of quilters who are as creative as she is!!  

On a whim I decided to include a blog that is different than a quilting blog.  Jennifer Lake is a neighbor of mine.  Her paintings are collected world wide and she has recently launched several stores which carry her work on a variety of products...and get can also print her work on fabric!!!  She is also launching a store that will sell quilt related art work :)  There are wonderful gift ideas on her blog!

I wanted to get myself out of my self contained project box and introduce a new blog...A Quilted Passion.  This blog is written by Zenia who is living in Arizona.  She is refreshing and inspiring...since I am older and set in my ways I am hoping that her blog will inspire me to new height!

Enjoy the blog hopping and I hope you are inspired by all that you discover!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Hard to Believe...

This week flew by!!!  Did it for you?  It went so fast that I can't quite remember what I did and what I got done, lol...maybe I didn't get so much accomplished.  But, what the is too short to worry about a few lost moments.  I did finish The Heist.  I liked this book but it may not be for everyone...lots and lots of detail.  It is a spy type book with the main character being an Israeli operative who is also an art restorer.  I love reading books where the author has spent some time researching historical facts and weaves them into a story.  This is a detail book so if you want a read that allows you to breeze through this is not the book for you.

I was able to visit the Gallery Show at QuiltWorks featuring quilts by Tammy MacArthur and the group exhibit had the Modern Quilt Guild Quilts.  They are all amazing and inspiring!  Enjoy and we'll see you back here on Monday.  Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Alleluhia Sister! I am cured...

NOT!!!  Well I was feeling kinda least for a day.  Some of the Stalkers headed to BJ's and I walked out with a total purchase of $1.43!!!  I do not remember that ever happening in my quilting history!  This photo is proof positive!!!

Then the next day we went to Sew Many Quilts and QuiltWorks and I had fallen off the wagon...but, my justification was that I would have made a bigger dent in the 'ol pocket book if we had gone to the beach with the intention of shopping along the way.  So, ya see this was only a small transgression :)

 A short slide show of the little shop hop that we did in Bend.  It was a beautiful weekend and now out here in Sisters we can feel the Fall moving on in...our days are temperate but the nights are cool and in freezing the tomato plants cool.  How about you?  The weather changing in your next of the world?  Doesn't it make you want to stitch?!!!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fabric Stalkers ~ Girlfriends

This isn't all of us...3 were in and out over the weekend and 2 were out of state at the time.  What can I say that you haven't heard a million times. But, for the new Woolie readers we are a group of Nurses, Doctor and 1 brave non medical soul who have for the most part been quilting together since the mid 90's.  We have supported each other through child rearing, marriages, divorces, illness, death and now we are entering that time of life where some of us are retired and some of us are getting close to retirement.  If you do not belong to a quilt group there is something very nurturing about this type of girlfriend time.  It does take commitment, empathy, forgiveness and love...but, the reward can be such a blessing.  Going on retreat does not mean you have to go far...just far enough away from your day to day life that you can land in a space of support, love and quilting.  Some of the Fabric Stalkers were only 5 miles from home!  Everyone brings food we share and we also take turns with preparing dinners.  When a break is needed 2, 3 or 4 will pick up and go for a walk.  Flexibility is key. 

I am finding as I get older that girlfriend time is a requirement...much like a required prescription for well being.  That as we need a doctors check up,  mammogram, colonoscopy...we need girlfriend time, ROFLOL...I guess I shouldn't put girlfriends after colonscopies, LOL

The interesting part of retreat is that I can get 10 times the quilting done there as at home.  And so, i like to take at least one project that has been languishing in my sewing room.  You do have to be careful because with all the laughter and snorting you can be ripping out as much as stitching...Robin found this out.

Enjoy the slide show of what went on at the Fabric Stalkers Fall Quilt Retreat and take a hint...get some girlfriends together and plan some time together!!!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I know it is hard for some of you to believe that I am a closet introvert...I have said it before, that I am an introvert that was raised by 2 extroverts and they were not having an introvert as a child...thus began my life of learning to converse.  By the 1st grade I sat in the back of the classroom with tape over my mouth.  I am sharing this part of my life so that you can understand that I can remember only one other time that I was speechless ~ until this past weekend.  My first experience with speechlessness was when HH first asked me out.  I had told someone moments before..."that guy over there is going to ask me out in the next 30 days."  And so, when he asked me out 30 minutes later I was speechless and said, "What?!"

The second and most recent episode of speechlessness was this past weekend at the Fabric Stalker Retreat.  I was struggling through completing my 2012 BJ's BOM (which was more like 24 blocks of the month :) when out of NO WHERE, Cakers announces that several months ago she hid 2 kits in MY sewing room and wondered if I had ever found them???!!!  These kits weren't ones from Primitive Gathering with luscious wool...but, from the 90's and were ones she wanted out of her sewing room!  Well...let me tell you...the quilt war has begun and no one will feel safe again.  It was apparent when we sat down to plan out our 2014-2015 year of quilting and suddenly no one wanted to host the group for fear of quilt kits being hidden in each others sewing rooms.  

BE AFRAID...very afraid!

I spent 3 days of the retreat on one project!  But, as painful as that was I now have an empty project box!!!  I put it back in my sewing room closet empty because I want to enjoy the emptiness of it for a little while, lol

This is the finished quilt.  Pattern by Doug Leko of Antler Quilt Design it is beautiful and BIG so I decided to leave off the plain last border but will use the dark main fabric as the binding to hold it all in.  If you click on the photo to enlarge it you can see the dark fabric has writing all over it reflecting Fall, family, love....I am going to put flannel on the back and use it as my cozy quilting in the great room.

...and so, the final day and a half of retreat was spent prepping wool blocks.  I have been wanting to start on my Christmas Gathering quilt for a couple of years.  I thought these blocks would be the perfect ones to take with me on our Fall camping trip.  I prepped all 12 of them and my goal is to have these done by the time we get back home.  Then I will tackle al the setting blocks.

I'll have a couple of slide shows this week starting tommorw so stay tuned!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Stalking the Fabric Stalkers

A weekend of retreating with the Fabric Stalkers is so good for the soul.  It is physically exhausting, lol...because UFO's are falling left and right!

We landed at Quiet River and staked out our piece of real estate.

We did have a few visitors but for the most part the weekend was filled with stitching, eating...and ocaasional walk and more stitching.

I'll have some slideshows startig tomorrow...but, for now...I need to catch up on my sleep...Oh, and that scrub jay has a piece of Pirate Booty...yummy!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Belly Button Fuzz

Who would have thought that my sewing machine would have so much fuzz in her belly!!!  I have a ritual of cleaning my sweet machine from top to bottom before retreat.  I am always amazed at the fuzz!  I fill several bobbins and change the needle.  Now she is ready for what ever paces I put her through!

Well, I picked my retreat projects...oye vey, was that a painful  process! I have been thinking about it since a month ago...changing my mind every few days...back and forth and up and down and old is this project!!!  Do you have as much trouble as I do with picking out what you want to work on... for an entire weekend!!

oh yeah...this one is definitely coming...the 2012 BJ's is a Fall theme and I have most of the blocks made. But, I know I have at least 24 setting blocks to make and the last 2 months worth of blocks.  I have seen the finished quilt because Fabric Stalker, Lori got hers done!

This is the Primitive Gathering Christmas Gathering Quilt.  I is from 2011...Yikes!  I want to prep all the wool setting blocks because they are small and it will be the perfect projects to take on our camping trip.  There will be significant travel time as we make our way to Bryce Canyon, Zion and Arches National Park.  Of course it will be interesting to see how much I really get done because I know my face will be pressed against the window :)

...I would love to get my Autumn pillow done before the first snow flies around here.  And, there is the October Berties... 

And there she blows...a full Fabric Stalker Retreat worth of projects...lets see what it looks like on Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend and take "time" to enjoy the changing season.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

50 Shades of Quilting.... is shocking I know...but the last 3 days I have not taken 1 stitch!!!  Why you ask...well, we went to Portland to celebrate our oldest sons birthday and on the way over the mountain HH started getting sick.  Prone to sinus infections he ended up with a doozy.  Which meant I had to be on my game 24/7...nana duty, Enzo duty, HH duty and family dinner duty.  It makes you appreciate when there are 4 hands to take care of things.  And so, my stitchery remained in a bag by my chair.  I do think it might have had a fairly decent time, after all it got to ride over the mountain and back...I am sure though it would have felt better had I at least...(get ready for it) fondled it a bit.  This is what is called 50 Shade of Quilting.

Flexibility is required to be a quilter and thus the Fabric Stalker Beach Retreat has been changed to the Quiet River Fall Retreat.  What this means is we are saving a whole lot of money as we were intending to stop at some new places on the way over.  On the flip side...we will have a whole lot more stitching time because it is 30 mintues to Quiet River as opposed to the 4+ hour driving time to the coast.

I still can't make my mind up on what projects I want to take...we'll talk more tomorrow...I know I will have a whole bunch of rational reasons on why I chose what I did...but for now I need to go up and pick some projects!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my oldest son!  How times flies!  I was an inexperienced mother. And so, we in some ways grew up together.  He was so adorable that people would stop me all the time to tell me how cute he was.  He was a spirit that was always full tilt ahead, lol

Here he is at 17,  8 and 12 years of age.

...and, with his friends on his wedding day...friend Al, brother Connor, friend Curtis and Marc...this motley crew hung at the house in their high school years...great memories.

Time cannot be held, saved and used in the future...time moves forward no matter how careful we are...and now, it seems I count time by the quilts I make, lol.  This week I said goodbye to a friend that is leaving us...who time is stopping...and the gift she leaves me and all those she touched is TIME cannot be ignored, wasted...that it is a gift to have time. Be thankful for the moments we are given.  Take time to be kind.

So, I say to all of you...thank you for reading