Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Sweet Life in Sisters...

If you build it they will least that is what the iconic line in Field of Dreams tells us...and so, we derive great pleasure when the people we love decide to stop by and stay a spell :) My cousin Kathy and her 3 girls stop by Sisters and stayed over night...guess who suddenly had a harem of humans stroking his brow, LOL.  

Last week when I stopped in the Stitchin' Post it was piled high with boxes...but, yesterday it was beeeeutiful!!!

Every nook and crannie was filled with wonderful colors!

There was even a skulk of Foxes!!!

Oh boy,  is Halloween fabric ever a trigger fabric for me!!!  So tell me...what is your trigger fabric???

So many wonderful items...and Sue Spargo's calendar is front and center!!!  Better get yours before they are gone!

Life is pretty darn busy and I apologize for not answering all my email...I read every one but answering...well...the dog ate my homework!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

And The Winner Is....+ Sew Many Quilts!!!

...the winner of the Commenorative Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show!!!  Send me your mailing address and I will be sending it your way!  So Sorry to the rest of you...but, if you want one they can be ordered from Stitchin' Post.  And, just to keep you excited there will be more Give Aways sponsered by the other shops in the stay tuned!

Although things are heating up here in more ways than one...I wanted to check out what was going on in the local shops and share it with you!  Lots of new merchandise is showing up from Quilt Market.  Restraint is not my middle name!!!  and when I stopped by Sew Many Quilts I swear I heard angels sing, LOL...a little off key but still there was music!  Enjoy the slide show and check out their website!

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I am Living in the Zone...Don't forget the Give Away!

I think I am finally becoming that person my mother always wanted me to be...focused and organized!  It only took until I quaified for AARP!  I am totally ready for the Quilt Show and the week of activities doesn't start until Sunday!  WoW...this is what someone must feel like that makes a grocery list and then actually has it when they reach the grocery store!!!  Are you that kind of person?

After I finished my last quilting project I decided to clean my machine...OMG...ya know you have to clean your machine when your needle going through your piecing and a chunk of fuzz comes back up with the needle, LOL

I needed a backing for a quilt and since I was on the Material Girls side of Bend I stopped at BJ's Quilt Basket and let me tell you...the fabric was arriving by the truck loads!  All kinds of new wonderful fabrics!  So, if you are local you need to head over before the thousands of quilt tourist arrive and leave you with the selvage!

Enjoy the slide show!  There is lots to love in this shop! And remember...this is the last 24 hours to leave a comment you are interested in the Give Away! Be sure you are a registered follower and if a "no reply" commenter you'll have to check the blog tomorrow to see if you are the winner!

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Give Away Count Down!

Give Away Count Down...just 2 more days till we see who the dog dish coughs up! This commemorative book will be signed by Jean Wells Keenan and is a wonderful pictorial of the last 40 years of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  Just click on the link and leave a comment that you are interested, be sure you are a registered follower of the Woolie blog by clicking on the Follow this blog button and signing up and if you are a no reply commenter it will be your responsibility to contact me within 24 hours.  At that time if I haven't heard from you we'll let the dog dish cough up another winner :)

I don't know about your neck of the woods but ours was hot hot hot!

My youngest son and DIL are in the process of moving into their new place...where the AC is not working!!! and poor Hank has decided that he needs a job as a bookend so he won't get any sun! Must be a really cool book he has chosen to lean against, LOL.

This last week started the influx of quilts for the 40th Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  As you can see by this photo being Director of the Quilt Show does not exempt you from the nits and grits of getting this show off the ground!

An amazing amount of quilt are in the show...over 1200!!! couldn't happen without the help of volunteers...they still need help so click on the Quilt Show link if you are available!  There are all kinds of jobs!!!

Sue and Tamra were accepting quilts the day I showed up!  
Definitely a Dynamic Duo!!

...and lucky me, I got to see Tamra's Tula Pink entry for the show!  
Absolutely Amazing!!! 

Then I had to check out this quilt...I think this gal said she drove from Arizona???  Anyhoo...can you  believe this Wizard of Oz Quilt!!!  
The backing is Ruby Red Slippers!!!  
Seeing these quilts has gotten me all excited about the upcoming show!

I am officially ready for the show!!  My plan is to slide on into Quilt Show Week stress you think I'll make it? LOL

Friday, June 26, 2015

TGIF...oh yeah & don't forget the Give Away!

I love this quote...I always say to myself...all you can count on is change.  But, I love the reminder to trust my feelings.  Life is filled with so many unpredictable moments and trusting yourself just gives you a boost.

I don't have any quilting to show you although I did get a lot done. But, it is all for a future show 'n tell.  I did finish the top for July's Huckleberry Stitches 101 Small Quilts Challenge but it will be a challenge to see if I get it quilted??? And I put together all my blocks for the Non-Woolie Woolie Challenge...3,000 little squares and am part way through finishing the border.  Loving the look of this quilt.  I have been busy with little volunteer jobs for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show...tick tock, tick tock :)

I have the most delightful book to share with you!  After finishing One Second After I really needed an uplifting, crazy funny...amazing character to make friends with and I found it in Alan.  This book is an international best seller by a Swedish author.  You not only are amazed by Alan's 100 years but the author takes you on a journey through some of history's momentous moments...say that fast 5 times, LOL.  They also have made it into a movie back in 2013...I am on the hunt for a copy!!!  This is definitely a 5 star recommendation...with that said, you do have to be the type of person who enjoys the quirky parts of life :)

We also are on the countdown for the Give Away just leave a comment on the link that you are interested in owning this book and it might just be yours!  Have a great weekend...supposed to hit the triple digits here!!! YIKES!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

No Sireeeee....

I am not complaining...just making an seems no matter how organized I think I am I still end up getting stressed about deadlines, LOL.  The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is only 16 days away!!!  Which means my quilts have to be turned in sometime in the next 5 days...and I still have to put labels on them.  It also means that I need to get ready for  my 2 days of class with Angela Walters and do a little prepping for the 2 Sit 'n Stitch classes I will be monitoring...oh yeah, I am feeling the heat!

Don't forget the Give Away!!  It is a wonderful pictorial book of the last 40 years of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  Just click on the link, leave a comment you are interested and please be a follower of the Woolie blog by clicking on the "Join This Site" button.  

Last night was the final meeting for the summer of the East of the Cascade Quilters Guild.  The June meeting is held outside because the Stitchin' Post is filled to the brim with boxes being unpacked for the Quilter's Affair and show week! The evening was was sad to hear the "Triple Quilt Force" is stepping down because the last year and a half have been so much fun.  Thank you Liz, Candy and Barbara for all your joyful leadership!

...come September we will be have a new force to be reckoned with...The Three Sally's...oh yeah, it is going to be an exciting Fall!

The meeting was so beautiful...because, 
the 40 x40 Challenge Quilts for the show were shared. In honor of the 40th Anniversary of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show each participant created a 40 x 40 inch quilt...some took it a step further by creating 40 blocks or using 40 fabrics...

Enjoy the slideshow...these challenge quilt will be in the show :)

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hanging with the Woolies

Yesterday was a Woolie Day at QuiltWorks!  A couple of new projects...this adorable wallhanging by Sandy.  She has the knack for finding just the right frame at second hand stores.  Then she  prims them up and voila...the perfect project :)

Marilyn finished her Love pillow...I just love the buttons!  
This is on my list of must makes!

The rest of us were stitching away at ongoing projects.  The shop is starting to fill up with new stuff in preparation for Quiltpalooza!!!  Yes, all the local shops are preparing for the 40th Anniversary of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and there are lots of classes  and events going on.

I love this bag which uses the Row by Row license plates!

QuiltWorks is offering the diecut Bend logo!

There are lots of potential projects going on here!

I hope you are getting some stitching in your schedule.  It is going to be really hot around here this weekend so I am thinking that stitching in an air cooled sewing room sounds perfect! :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Chit Chat

HH and I played a lot this week...
visiting several museums, gardens and restaurants :)

The Lan Su Chinese Garden is a wonderful jewel tucked away off of Burnside on the west side of the river.  A fully enclosed garden with hundreds of plants and tea house.  Definitely must see when visiting Portland!

Yesterday, I had to run errands in Bend which meant the Material Girls were at the top of my list!  Enjoy the short slide show showing you just a peek of the projects they were working on.  Don't forget the Give Away!!  Today I head off to Woolies!!!  Ahhhh, I do love my wool :) 

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Honey, I'm Home :) Give Away!!!

I have filled my soul and am rested up so I can move forward towards the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show!  The Quilt Show is sponsoring a Give Away on the Woolie Blog!!! A pictorial Book featuring photos from years past!  This copy is signed by Jean Wells Keenan and could be yours!  All you have to do is comment on this blog post that you are interested and if you are a "no reply" follower you will have to check back to see who the winner is because I will have no way to contact you :).  I will announce the winner on July 1st!!! If you don't want to risk not winning your own copy or want to give one as a gift... you can order the book by clicking HERE

This past week was about enjoying family time and Portland time.  My grandsons are growing so fast...I blink and they are another inch taller!

The little guy had his tonsils out and was so happy in this photo because he finally got to eat Mac 'n Cheese, is the simple things isn't it...

I did a little stitching but not much...what I did do was read read and read, LOL.  Here are my latest book reviews and they really are all over the board!

The First Wife was a light for a summer time read by the pool.

14th Deadly Sin was a typical James Patterson...police detective book...although I was frustrated at the end because it was an obvious lead in to the the next book which will probably be 15th...something.

I loved reading Robinson Crusoe USN...a true story about a navy man hiding out on Guam and evading the Japanese army for 2 and a half years!!!  you heard me 2 1/2 years!!!  They made it into a movie staring Jeffery Hunter.  It doesn't read like a current novel...not much editing done but it is in the voice of George Tweed as told to the ghost writer.  An interesting note...his daughter is in my book club.  This will be an interesting discussion next time we meet!

The last book I finished was in, I need to stock pile water, food, ammunition, fabric NOW! is a type of post apocalyptic book but not in the traditional sense of Mad Max.  This could actually happen.  It was fascinating to imagine what would happen to the our world if all electronics were non-functional.  There were likable characters and there were tears...this book was discussed in Congress...take a chance...then go shop at a Quilt Store!  As Cakers says, "Quilting is a post apocalyptic life skill!

As the sun shone I enjoyed many a cup of coffee in the courtyard of the Portland Art Museum while reading and talking with, the sewing machine has got to get crackin'!!!