Friday, February 27, 2015

Dilly Dalling

No book or movie to review this week...I have been slacking on that front.  It is shocking to me that we have reached the end of February...and, that when we log on come Monday it will be March!!! OMG...the clock is ticking towards the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and with projects to get done I am concentrating on quilts.  Enzo has been helping me but his tail does a wagging job on my design wall.

I took a break and went with HH to the pawn shop where he was looking for some truck jacks...and look what I found.  Made of iron the barn is really heavy.  I love it and have added it to my front porch decor :)

Tamra and I have been working on our wool projects and we both are pleased with our progress.  I do believe we will make the deadline for Quilt Show. Left to my own devise the hysterical quilter in my brain is running around...either in a state of denial or OMG the "fabric sky" is falling in!!!  But, talking out loud to another quilter who is a "cup half full" kinda gal about what your deadline dates are and what you need to get done is calming.  After showing Tamra my projects I woke up this morning and layered my Material Girl Basket challenge which is due in April and needs quilting. 

We have been steadly stitching away at our Sisters Quilt Show quilts
I love Tamra's tree!

She is making a series of collage blocks that will all go together 
...and they are wonderful!

This is the center of my quilt which is a Pat Sloan design.  I am really enjoying the challenges this quilt is bringing, to figure out the outside border.

Enjoy the short slideshow of the Woolies projects and QuiltWorks.  I am working on a couple of great slide shows for Monday and Tuesday 
so we'll  see you back next week.  
Have a wonderful weekend, make time for some stitching 
and give someone a hug :)

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wrapping up the Retreat News

I do a lot of hand work and when I use the specialty stitches sometimes it is tough to pull the needle through with the thicker thread and so I use a little silicone pad. Which works but you have to keep picking it up and putting it down. While the Fabric Stalkers were shopping at JoAnn's I found these cute fitted needle pullers and boy do they work great and also look cute on you finger...especially when you have to point at something, LOL!

One of the projects on my list that I completed was the
 January and February FREE Mystery BOM 
Stacy is an amazing designer!

I decided to add a bit of fancy stitching to my Feburary Block.

I so love my stitched bees and enjoy adding them to my projects.

The Fabric Stalkers stopped by Sew Many Quilts for a look see and I know you will enjoy the slide show.  If you see something you have to have they do ship and their link is on the left side of the blog!  See ya tomorrow!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cakers & Arne & Carlos

Meet Irene aka Cakers...she is a "good for the soul" kind of person.  Generous of spirit, filled with laughter and a really good listener.  She is the person who keeps the Fabric Stalkers calendar organized and we not only love her but depend on her.   Although quilting is a big part of our world...knitting is also big part of her world.  In the persuit of knitting she discovered Arne & Carlos and although I am a VERY beginning knitter I could so appreciate what they bring to the knitting world!  We both fell in love with the Arne & Carlos's  Christmas balls.  At the Fabric Stalker retreat Cakers presented me with my very own Arne & Carlos Christmas ball!!!!!  I love it!!!  Can you believe that it is knitted!  I am going to keep it out all year!

I hope you enjoy this video from Arne & Carlos

...and now a video from the Fabric Stalkers shopping break with a trip to BJ's Quilt Basket.  Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Quiet River Retreat

The 2015 Quiet River Retreat had 5 Fabric Stalkers in attendance...but, that doesn't mean it was any less rowdy!  We come together on these retreats not only for the quilting but for the connection and support.  Laughter is the best medicine and we leave overdosed and contented.  I have pondered what has been the number one reason for this groups longevity.  We have weathered childrearing, marriages, divorces, job changes, health challenges and aging but  if I could pinpoint the "number one" would be forgiveness.  We are human beings who carry our stresses, joys, fears, anger and hopes...and we bring those with us to group.  But, it is in the safety of this space that we are matter how cranky, scared, angry or PO'd we act...and then, we laugh. 

Last year's Quiet River Retreat we were buried in snow...I mean buried!

Remember this photo! We had to call for help in order to get out of there.

This year...not a snowflake in sight...the sun was out with kyakers on the river!

I love this photo! One of the Fabric Stalkers bought a LOT of yardage 
so we could have a fabric hug...can you guess which one?  They all look like they could have done this! LOL

The machine's were humming, the fabric was flying and all of us agreed that we accomplished exactly what we needed too.  I took some small monthly projects so I could catch up, worked on Sisters Quilt Show projects and wool handwork and by Sunday felt like my quilting well was filled.  We took a break from the sweat shop and went shopping which slide shows this week.  Today I am off to play with the Woolies.  See ya tomorrow if you are around :)
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Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday sweet it is...

I am playing catch up and since it is Monday I am going to share what the Material Girls were up to last Monday :)  The days and weeks are going faster than my little brain can keep up!  How was your weekend?  This past weekend was the Fabric Stalkers Quiet River retreat and so life was filled with love, support and stitching.  I'll be posting our retreat activities tomorrow.

I saw this on Pinterest and just had to share because I admit...
it is a perfect dream!

Another UFO bites the dust!!! This was a least a queen size and  that's after I left off the final plain border because it was massive.  It is a Doug Leko designed quilt and as is with his patterns it went together perfectly!  The darker themed fabric has words of thanksgiving printed all over it...I just love it!

I had been away from the Material Girls for a month and something happened...they were infected by a knitting virus as you will see in the slide show!  Have a wonderful Monday!

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Friday, February 20, 2015


You would think after a couple of year being off work I wouldn't get excited about Fridays...but I still do!  It still feels like Friday is the end of the week and the beginning of fun!  I got us organized so that we could arrive home last Friday because Garth Stein was going to be in town!!!  He is one of my favorite authors...because I loved "The Art of Racing in the Rain"  When I finished that book I knew if I got another dog he would be named Enzo...a year later Enzo came to live with us.  So you see, Garth is like a relative...he is like Enzo's uncle.  I told him that 5 years ago Enzo came to live with us :)  He is a great speaker and has an interesting history...and I do enjoy this writer!  When I got home I called my neighbor Kathleen and we headed off to The Belfry...the crowd was too large to hold the event in the bookstore.

His latest book is the one I took to Maui with was funny but there were only a few of us die hards who were actually reading a "book"...the rest were on their phones, Ipads or e-readers.  No judgement here...I also use all those devices but there was something pleasurable about reading an actual book on the beach :)

His latest book is engaging, mystical, filled with drama, pain, love...all set in Seattle and narrated by a boy.  It will not be every one's cup of tea but I found it an enjoyable read.

I had no choice! I had to buy this children's book he also wrote...
after all Enzo is a star!

Although I am born and bred to be a traveler I am finding lately home is calling my name.  There is a comfort in the cadence...and familiarity of home, friends and one's dog that no amount of adventure can compare.

This past week we spent some time in the woods just enjoying 
home and each others company.

Today I am working away on my retreat projects with the Fabric Stalkers...a little of this and a little of that.  Girlfriends are good for the soul and I continue to be inspired by the endless projects that seem to be appearing.  Have a wonderful weekend and I'll show you what I got done :)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Full Disclosure...

Full disclosure here...before going to Maui I just happened to look on line at fabric and somehow in a fugue state I must have ordered some????  because when I got home there it was...have you ever had this medical condition???  I know I must have had an out of body event because when I look at this  package there is no rhyme or reason too it!

Now this package I totally cop too...yes, I did order this 
because I decided to participate in the 
Snap Shot Quilt Along 
that Fat Quarter shop is having this year...

And...I have a vague memory of Fabric Depot having a sale before I boarded the plane....

Today I head over to the yearly Fabric Stalker retreat at Quiet River in Bend.  I have loaded my projects in my laundry basket and I hope to accomplish a lot...unless one of those quilting fugue states occur than who knows what will happen!!!

A few more photos from Maui...I swear tomorrow will be the last ones that I will force you to look at, lol.  We did have a great time although I will never stay at the Westin Spa and Resort.  It is a beautiful place but the way it is run is a joke.  Everything else about the trip was one of the art galleries in Lahaina there were 2 out of pottery and the other was knitted!!!

This pool was inside the hotel area and had beautiful Flamingos...along with black swans and Koi.  They are amazing how they balance on one leg to sleep!

It was whale watching time on Maui and it was truly amazing.  The Humpbacks make a 3,000 mile trip each year to have their babies.

We lucked out one day that the palm trees were being trimmed in front of our balcony...I asked the guy if his mother knew what he was doing and he said, thank goodness she lived 12 hours away!

finally...I couldn't help but take a photo of a truck full of pit on it to enlarge and you can see the guy in the back was not liking the ride, lol

See ya tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Christmas in February!

Having neglected my mailbox for a couple of weeks I came home to box which was stuffed to the max...the postal service does not deliver mail to my home and which means we have to go pick it know you are in trouble when the mail guy bring a dolly out to truck your mail out to your car, lol.  In that pile was some fun stuff! 

I am a big fan of Linda from the The Talking Crow and couldn't resist getting this little pillow for Valentines Day.  I love punch needle but am never going to add that skill to my can only do so much...unlike my friend Debbie from Woolnsails who seems to be able to do it ALL.

I also needed this Spring Raddedy Anne from 
Wendy of Ravenweed Whimzies for my church pew in our entry way...
and, for obvious reasons I am partial to all Annies :)

As I headed to Maui I intended to take this 6 week course on Mindfulness...the joke was that I was using a library book that only had a life span of 3 weeks...hummm...I went to Powell's and  ordered it delivered to Sisters.  I am definitely planning on learning how to be present and sitting on the beach without a list of things to accomplish was a good way to kick this book off!  Check it out and we could become Mindful buddies!

Another mailbox surprise was a sweet Valentines tea towel from dear quilter Jenny a Woolie reader and a regular visitor to our side of the mountain.  I can't tell you how excited I was...before unpacking I pulled out all my Valentine decorations.  This towel is just for looks I hung another one for HH to wipe his hands on, lol...and see how great it looks with my red tea kettle!

...and she made her own gift tag...some people are just so clever!

I was the lucky winner of a Timeless Traditions pillow pattern and can't wait to make it!  Wouldn't it be a wonderful wedding gift with the bride and grooms name in the heart!!!  So many possiblities...I have always been a fan of Norma's!

Here are a few more photos from Maui...yes, we did really relax!

everyone was enjoying the food and drinks LOL

oh yeah...someone had to order it!

a lovely place to take a break...

Enjoy hump day...we are heading towards another weekend...