Friday, July 29, 2016

Giveaway in Sisters Country

Oh heard right!!!  Stacy West aka Buttermilk Basin is sponsoring a GIVEAWAY!!!  Farm Fresh Trees is a new pattern released at the most recent Quilt Market!  All you have to do is leave your name in a comment on this post that you are interested in this adorable pattern and we'll see who the dog dish coughs up next Friday!!!

oh, it was hot yesterday in Sisters Country and today is going to be hotter. I think my delicate skin might need to be out of the sun and stitching in the air conditioned sewing room sounds like a perfect day :)

Yesterday I was stitching for a bit at my friend Linda's house.  She hosts the So 'n Sews once a month.  One of the fun activities is to dig through her a library, LOL.  Look what I found!!!  Just shows you how long and hard some of these designers have been working.  This patterns was originally released by Lisa Bongean  under the name Backyard Quilts...before Primitive Gatherings...wonder how the change came about?

I am going to love this when it is done but, 
now that I have photographed it...
I think I need to add something to that star...way too bold!

Here is a little vignette of the stitching going on at Linda's house!  Have a great Friday and I hope your weekend is spectacular!!!  My sister is coming to town and so I know I am going to enjoy some sibling time!

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Visit with Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hil Studios

Sorry the blog is a little late today...took longer to upload this video.  Meg is a charming, funny and talented designer and I know when you watch this you will want to head to Benton City Washington to spend some time stitching with her.  Crabapple Hill Studio is an amazing accomplishment by an amazing woman!  Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Quilt Shopping in the Tri Cities of Washington

I am not sure why it is called the Tri Cities...there are 3 cities but they aren't any closer than other cities in Washington...anyhoo...while enjoying our adventure at Crabapple Hill Studios we checked out 3 of the local quilt shops.  Our first stop was Amelia's in Kennewick, WA.  It's interesting to see new shops because each shop has it's own culture and this shop although small had stuff in it I had never seen.  They do not have a web presence and no online shopping.  The second shop was Quiltmania in Richland, WA.  they also do not have a web presence.  Quiltmania had a nice amount of fabric to chose from and there was a lot I had not seen before.  Both of these shops have Facebook pages.

Now, the third shop was a mind blowing experience. The word on the street is The Sewing Basket has 11,000 bolts of fabric and plans on adding more.  It is in an old house with another building out back and there are hallways, nooks and crannies stuffed with bolts both current and from a bygone era.  So, if you are finally getting around to that 10 year old UFO and ran out of fabric...she might have it tucked up on a shelf somewhere...but, where...only she will know.  Right next door is the Quilted Country Inn which she rents out for retreats.  I think a few of the gals from the Crabapple Hill Workshop stayed there.

I thought I was share a few of the items I purchased from these shops.  This sweet pile will become a table runner.

I bought this pile came from The Sewing Basket.  It is an older line of Lisa Bongean from Primitive Gatherings and it is hard to find but she had it tucked away on a shelf :)

I picked up a couple of license plates, a threader and stensil to round out my purchases.  Tomorrow I'll show you the Crabapple Hill patterns I needed, LOL

It's a long get a cup of coffee or tea...
the slide show is the inside of all 3 quilt shops...

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Crabapple Hill Studio

Enjoy this peek into the wonderful Crabapple Hill Studio!  We have already put ourselves on the waiting list for Oct. 2017!!!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Crabby. Crabby...NOT...Crabapple Hill :)

If there is one thing we quilters's patient....we have learned to work away on projects that may take us years to complete!!! Which means signing up for a retreat/workshop a year ahead of time is no problemo....And so, the musketeers signed up back in January of 2015 for a workshop in July 2016 :)  My philosophy is to live my life full steam ahead...I don't know what tomorrow will bring and so I embrace all that makes me and my friends happy!!!  

Visiting Crabapple Hill Studio was a very special is satisfying to see how one person's dream became a reality...if Meg could dream the vision that is Crabapple...then maybe one day I can dream of finishing all my UFO's!!!

The grounds of the Crabapple Hill Barn has wonderful vignettes of flowers...I love the framed bed spring for climbing flowers.

Meg was a wonderful hostess who moved from table to table spending girlfriend time with each of us.  Laughter, stitching, coloring...could there be a better day???

Our table included from left to right Tina, owner of Bittersweet Quilt Shop in Michigan, myself, Meg designer/owner of Crabapple Hill Studio, Robin, Lori and Sharon (quilt teacher at the Bittersweet Quilt Shop) Barb who also sat at our table was incognito.

Today I plan to hide out in my sewing room and regroup...enjoy some sewing time....sigh...I have been inspired.  Be sure to check out The Quilt Show on Wednesday and this week there will also be a video conversation with Meg on Quilt Roadies...stay tuned!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Quilters Affair 3: Teacher intro & show and tell + Laura Wasilowski

Christmas in July!

This past week it was Christmas in July at my house :) It started out with a wonderful surprise from Sweden!  I wore my new earrings all week and the Sunny Days pillow greeted visitors.  The feel of the butter spreader in your hand is so smooth...and who doesn't like butter! Louise you are an angel!

I have been accumulating more license plates for my travel quilt...

...and I love the goodie folder from Sandi...
I already have projects organized...
I feel in control, LOL

The color is a little off on this is actually a navy blue Sashiko panel and I can't wait to get started on this one!  Mary, one of the Twisted Sisters works at Shibori Dragon and this panel just came in...Boy, am I ever blessed to have a Twisted Sister :)

Stacy, the designer behind Buttermilk Basin brought a wonderful goodie bag of new designs and wool...I can't wait to get started!

I  enjoyed some See's Candy and Jam from friends...Thank you, Chris and Michelle!  I also received a jar of Apricot/Raspberry jam and for the life of me I can't remember who gave it too me...I chalk it up to was delicious!!  Things are starting to settle down around here, just in time for the arrival of a couple of high school classmates!  July is one exciting month!

Have a wonderful weekend...I hope it includes some stitching for both you and me!  The Woolie Blog will be taking a vacation next week so I can hang out with my girlfriends and head up to the Crabapple Hill stitching workshop.  I will be posting Quilt Roadie videos to the blog as they are edited and on Wednesday you will find a post on  Anna & G On The Road plus a Give Away!!!