Thursday, September 29, 2016

Give Away + Quilt Plan

One of the highlights of the Northwest Quilt Expo was being able to visit with Rita...the amazing designer of Reets Rags to Stitches.  I love her designs and her latest Santa pillow is adorable.  Guess what?!  She has donated a kit for this pillow to a reader of the Woolie Blog!!!  All you have to do is leave a comment you are interested on this blog post and please be a follower of Reets Rag to Stitches Blog as a thank you for her generosity! Winner will be announced on Oct. 4.

After seeing all the wonderful quilts at the show I decided to get a bit more organized.  I love all my projects and I have a gazillion in progress.  At Powell's Bookstore I found this dry erase board to use in my quest for the truth.  I mounted it on the door to my stash and project closet.  I am not doing this to make myself barf...but, as a way to acknowledge what is going on in that closet.  I am not sure who is responsible but I'm shining a light on this quilting black hole.  It'll be fun to see if I can meet the goals each month.

Of course Block 3 of the Barn Girl Vintage BoM is my favorite!!!  These blocks are so stinkin' fun...I smile through each construction.  I still have to embroider the legs and move onto Block 4 when I get home.

Yesterday I had an absolutely wonderful time with Sally Frey at her home and shop, Stitch  which she co-owns with Jacque Becker   Will be sharing the good times soon! Check out Quilt Roadies for our visit Plus Stitch will be featured on Anna & G On The Road on October 12th.  In the meantime a look back at Portland :)

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Northwest Quilt Expo

The Northwest Quilt Expo is always an enjoyable event and this year I got to view it through the eyes of HH.  It was his first ever Quilt Show and I asked him along because I wanted a video for the Quilt Roadies...and truth be told, he is a much better videographer than I.  What I didn't realize is how it would affect my shopping, lol.  The vendor mall was exceptionally great this year with several booth touting wares that were right up my alley!  Running into 3 girlfriends totting their bags of purchases I realized that I had been reserved in my shopping.  HH has never seen me in a vendor mall...and well, I was not sure I wanted him to see the transformation...OMG, squealing, I have GOT to have this...  It is not like he would ever question my purchases. But, it is kinda like how you don't feel quite comfortable having your husband view you taking a poop.  They know you do it...but,  somethings are better left know what I mean!!!

What he did notice was the average age of the quilters at the show.  I told him because it was a weekday and most of the youngsters were at work or taking care of kids.  As I looked through the video on Quilt Roadies i did see what he was talking about.  

Due to time constraints I didn't take a photo of every quilt but a nice cross section to give you an idea about the caliber of quilters in the Northwest...definitely a rockin' group!!!  We're a cool group!!!

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Beach Time

I grew up on a coast line and the ocean air is a sedative...hearing the waves crash washes away my worries.  I NEED ocean time at least once a year and when you combine it with quilting time...well, that is just cake!

This was our home for 5 days.  The last time I came to the Fall retreat at this house was right after my mom had passed away while sailing on this very ocean 5 years ago.  How time flies...Each day when I need a break from quilting I walked down, put my feet in the water and remembered the good times with mom.

I wanted to show you the cutest little card purse that Julie made for me...girlfriends know just what will bring a smile to your life.

I posted this on Instagram and Facebook when I finished it because I was so tickled when I pieced the block.  It is the first block in a BOM I am participating in with another Fabric Stalker.  Lori sewed hers on retreat and it really inspired me to piece mine when I got home...isn't that what quilt friends are all about...we touch...we pull...we prod...and, we support each other in our quilting making.  I now have the barn bug...all I want to do is make barn blocks...but, poor me has to head to Portland for the Northwest Quilt Expo!!!!

Enjoy the slide show of the Center Diamond in Canon Beach... and be prepared for Quilt Expo Overload next week!!!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Honey I am Home...and announcements!

First a couple of announcements...I never heard from the winner of the Give Away and I have no way to contact that person as her email is not attached to her comment so I have let the dog dish cough up a new recipient to the Give Away by Tina and the Woolie blog...Tpotts, if you contact me in the next 48 hours with a mailing address I will send the pattern to  you.  Sorry Nanalynn :(

After a weekend spent with the Fabric Stalkers I realized I need more stitch time and am going to readjust my blogging schedule.  Currently you can find me on The Quilt Show on Wednesdays.  G and I plan on a semi regular Quilt Roadie schedule on You Tube that will not only be on You Tube but uploaded to the Woolie Blog and My Pinterest.  With that said, I will only be writing a official (as in newsie)  Woolie Blog on Tuesday and Thursdays.  I feel like what I write about will be a better quality and more interesting...mainly because i will be getting more stitching done, ulterior motive!!!  I hope you will continue on this journey with me and be sure to check out Anna and G on the Road on The Quilt Show Daily Blog tomorrow.

This past 5 day weekend...yes, it seems our retreat weekends are getting longer!  In the Fall we like our retreat to be at the beach.  Nothing like the smell of the ocean in the Fall.  We all can't make every retreat but we sure try to.  There are 10 of us and 9 made it...which meant that there was a LOT of sewing, a lot of new fabric and a lot of headway made on projects.  We were only about 2 miles from The Center Diamond!

The Center Diamond is featured in the Fall/Winter Quilt Sampler Magazine

Here are 4 of the Stalkers supporting the local economy :)

Enjoy the slide inspired to pick up those UFO' inspired to start something new...and wait for inspired to start those Homemade Christmas Presents!  Yes, lets make this a homemade Christmas!!!  See you tomorrow on The Quilt Show and back here on Thursday :)

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Give Away Winner are the winner!  
Send me your mailing address 
and when I get back from retreat I will send it on!  
Congratulations and have fun!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wonder Woman! GiveAway Count Down...

Tick Tock Tick Tock...tomorrow I leave on the Fall Fabric Stalker Beach Retreat and I am all ready!  I don't need another thing...and, I am thinking of creating a budget for the quilt shop in Cannon Beach...because the last 2 months I have partied on the road with the strength of Wonder Woman! It's time for a reality check, LOL.  The difficulty is the shop in Cannon Beach is featured in the most recent Quilt Sampler magazine. So, I know that they have added even more than when I was last there. Will I have the strength of Wonder Woman to resist...or will I be like a minion and follow the rest of the Fabric Stalkers to the cash register?

The highlight of the month is another finish!!!  This piece was one I designed and stitched in a workshop with Sue Spargo. Myrna from High Desert Frameworks wrapped the mat with beautiful.   I have always said that I excel as a quilt customer but this piece, makes me feel like a quilt artist :)  The workshop was to design a background for one of her peacock birds.  Those peacocks didn't talk to me so as a rebel I started from scratch and am so happy I did!  It is the perfect piece for our anniversary this month and I plan on hanging it on the wall in Portland.

Just a heads up...I for the most part will respond to all emails within a week? but usually I can't during a Give Away because there are too many but if you haven't heard from me otherwise it is because you return email isn't attached to your comment.  In the case of the Give Away it will be very important that you check back on the blog to see if you are a winner because I have no way of letting you know. :)

I will be taking a Woolie blog break until Tuesday Sept. 20th.  But, tomorrow you can check out the post on Anna & G On The Road which will feature Colleen Blackwood! And a video on Quilt Roadies. I will be posting on Facebook or Instagram.  The only post tomorrow will be the winner of the Give Away click on the give away link and leave a comment you are interested in the pattern.  Please be a follower of the Woolie Blog.  Have a great week!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Packing & Re-packing

It has been a busy weekend what with the Sisters Folk Festival and packing for the Fabric Stalker Retreat.  It is hard to believe the Folk Festival is done for another year.  Such a wonderful event that supports the arts in our community and bring people from all over!  But, I have moved on to more important decisions...what to take to retreat.  I can't believe it is almost Beach Retreat time  and it can not come soon enough.  I make the most progress on my projects during retreat time. 

I have packed and re-packed.  Do you do that when you are heading to a retreat?  Let me explain...this is not a class type retreat with one project and the supplies for that project.  This is a group of friends traveling to a rented beach house  bringing whatever we want to work on..OMG!  I have changed my mind at least 3 times.  Trying to decide which projects I want to finish, start or make some progress on and most important,  making sure I don't run out of stuff to do (LOL)  I have finally narrowed it down to one over stuffed laundry basket.  In this one basket I have a handful of Row by Rows,  my Barn BOM,  Home For The Holiday, a Buttermilk Basin Mat, Sue Spargo Cuppa blocks,  wool Bittersweet Vine, Sashiko block, Kathy Schmitz embroidery, Crabapple Hill embroidery, a baby quilt and a brand new project....what do you think...can I getter done???

On a high note...I stopped by my son's house and my DIL had hung up my wool quilt!  It looked so awesome having a place to hang!  Quilting is about creating and sharing and I love that I get to see this quilt once in a while!

Hope your Monday is filled with lots of hugs!  Don't forget to click Here and leave a comment if you are interested in the Give Away!!!  Winner to be announced on Wednesday!!!