Thursday, May 18, 2017

What Day Is It????

My sister and I grew up as Nomads...culturally and genetically we are a family on the move.  She flew in at midnight Tuesday from her youngest sons PhD graduation in Hawaii and on Wednesday we all were on the road wine tasting!  Our book groups are having a mutual gathering today.  So much is going on I forgot it was Thursday Blog Day!  So sorry!!!

Although wine and book club goes together...I am not sure wine and stitching is a great combination, LOL.  I did get some stitching down while the group sat around the campsites.  I am working on this cute Red Button pattern.  It really is adorable!

I can't help myself anymore but have to add a little bit of what I have learned from Sue Spargo...and so am adding a few bullion stitches to the top of my circle flowers.  I love the little bit of whimsy it adds.  The rest will be a whip stitch.  Hopefully I will finish the stitch  on this trip but if not then the next.  I really want to add this one to my wall of little quilts before Quilt Show!

Hope today is a stitching day for you...for us...
we are shopping Napa 
and meeting with my sister's book group to discuss 
The Other Einstein!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Marble Canyon & The Vermilion Cliffs

Life Blessings...

Mother's Day was such a surprise!  My dear DIL and younger son were supposed to come over and  whip up a Mother's Day breakfast...but, when they arrived they had a surprise for oldest son was with them !!!  I can't remember the last Mother's Day where both my boys were together with me!  This was the most EPIC Mother's Day ever!

Even though we were packing for another Quilt Roadie 2017 adventure I was able to finish binding #2!  Sew Spooky by The Quilt Company I love this quilt, especially with all the extra special things they provide to make this a fun project.

I am really pooped after the 10 hour drive yesterday but we now rested up and raring to go!  Hope your day is filled with love and stitching!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Little Bit Of This...A Little Bit Of That...

I finished tacking down the  binding on quilt number one...
One down...3 to go!

Now a days wedding and baby showers include 
the future spouse or dad. 
 My baby boy is having a baby boy :)

Robin made this adorable wall quilt for the baby's room

And, Cakers knitted an adorable apple hat...
the apple doesn't fall far from the tree :)

baby's room is coming together....

I don't think a baby can have too many quilts, LOL

Got a chance to catch up on some movie watching and 
I highly recommend Lion. 
 Based on a true story, it is a must see!

Happy Thursday and have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

RV Adventure Oasis

For those of you pondering an RV Adventure the number one challenge is missing your girlfriends.  I am not totally 100% sure but I don't think the guys even consider this for themselves...but, for women...well we are connected in a different way.  What was that book a few years ago...Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus?  I loved the sight seeing and was most happy when we were packing up camp and looking towards the next horizon.  But, for the few down moments (other than then Enzo being sick in the beginning, the RV breaking down and having to visit the dentist) was missing my girlfriends that tugged at my heart strings.  

I was so happy and highly recommend connecting along the way with new and old friends!  It was like a girlfriend oasis in the middle of our RV desert.  

As the wheels on the RV turned towards home our last stop included a dear friend to both G and I.  Twilene picked us up at the campground and as we shared a meal we caught up on each others children, quilting, and how she has embraced her new home town.  It was a beautiful evening and filled the soul!

I wanted to share with you the coolest part of her huge sewing and scrap booking room!  Her SIL inserted these shelves into the empty space under the eaves of the roof!!!  It is am amazing use of lost space and spans the entire length of her sewing room!

Lots of catching up for us before the next adventure!  Have a wonderful week!