Thursday, April 28, 2016

Moving on....

Today we pack up and move on to Newport Beach where we will be attending my cousin's wedding on Friday.  I am the oldest cousin and she is the youngest...although it may be a toss up who is cuter, ROFLOL!  I'll share a photo in a future blog and you can kind...she is sensitive.

We are juggling 3 different publications so I hope that if you follow all 3 you will give us some grace.  The Quilt Show blog is only once a week so things get put on the back burner for that and the Quilt Roadies is more labor intensive for HH and so he is trying his hardest to push those out. But, it is all dependent on the WiFi...we are having so much fun with the videos.  Between that and the Woolie blog it seems like a whole lot of work but it isn't...we are having a fun time sharing :)

I love traveling by RV...having a rolling outhouse is a blessing!!!  One of the things I wanted to do is eat similarly to how we ate at home.  Neither HH or I can handle fast food.  Our aging digestive systems just don't want to deal with fast foods.  We have been figuring out what is easy to fix and enjoy.  Last nights meal was grilled chicken with salt, pepper and balsamic/olive oil followed by cauliflower rice, which is cauliflower which has been finely riced.  I stirred fired it with onions and garlic.  Yummy dinner!

One of my quilt shop visits was to the Temecula Quilt Co. and I nearly swooned when I entered.  It was like the Quilt Whisperer was speaking to me.  If you are a traditional quilter who loves reproduction fabrics this is the Holy Grail of Quilt Shops!!!  My purchases will be declared on the Quilt Roadies You Tube Channel at a future date.

Enjoy the slide show! And, if you see anything you must have you can contact Sheryl at Temecula Quilt Co. ...I know I left with a bag of loveliness :)

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hump Day on the Road

Before hitting the road I ordered the Yazzii Bag from Sue Spargo with a cute wool Cuppa for the front...of course it will be a while before I get the wool piece stitched but I decided this bag would be the best way for my stitching threads to travel.

It came stuffed with a newspaper from Mumbai...interesting to look at the ads.

There are so many useful pockets...lots and lots of space for thread.... least I thought it would fit all my thread but I was wrong!  
But, it did fit the most important ones!  Of course this did not include my Valdani threads that I use for all my other stitching!!!

I am slowly getting adjust to the RV life...there isn't much to micro-manage in a 24 ft. RV...I did manage to text my son that garbage day is today so to put the can out...I can see him rolling his eyes right now.  Anyhoo it seems Enzo and HH don't need my instructions and so I can really kick back and relax!

I brought a little bit of home with me!  My cup and mug rug from the Berries Christmas Gift exchange 2015.  It is perfect, the cup is printed with one of Kathy Deggendorfer's wonderful images.  I hope you have a wonderful Hump Day...I know I will since I am off to infuse the quilting industry with some money :) Check out the new Quilt Roadies video.  

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Light Bulb Moment

It came to me in a light bulb moment...Enzo has been taking a little longer than I thought he would to adjust to life in the RV....and hit me.  At home whenever either of us uses the restroom he accompanies us to make sure we get there safely and that everything goes ok.  In the RV there isn't room for both of us at the same time and I can't leave the door open so he can see me because it is a direct view out the front windshield for anyone walking by!  In the evening we put a cover over the windshield for privacy but on the can do.  Poor guy...I think he feels he is not needed :(  

We had a wild day yesterday which you will hear all about over the next couple of videos on Quilt Roadies  WiFi has been iffy so gives us some time to figure it out and get it loaded.  I am writing this up in the laundry room of the RV park...seems the best place to get a signal, LOL.  My Buttermilk Basin 2015 Free BOM has been my passenger stitching project and I am making some progress.  I hope in the next couple of days to get some serious quilt shopping in...but in the meantime I am happy to be in one spot for a few days...Yesterday, I thought my 9 quilting lives was being used up!

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Muses + Winners

Winners for the Buttermilk Basin give away are Bonnie58 and Julie in California!  Email me your mailing addresses...I brought the patterns with me on the road trip so will send them along the way :)

I found this sign funny because in our next of the woods the signs have deer, elk and cows on them...I have never seen horses.  But in fact wild horses range here and there were piles along the road lets us know they had been by...

Enzo has started to settle in...he was a little nervous about all the rattling that goes on in an RV.  He is like Harry Potter in that he sleep in a place that is safe and underneath the table instead of the stairs, LOL.  I know he is thinking those darn muggles are taking him outside of his comfort zone!

I have got to share this latest book I finished...recommended by a high school classmate of I am not still in high school, LOL.  Anyhoo...I could not put this book down.  It reminded me of a Pat Conroy book rich with characters, emotions, moral decisions...such a great book!

Since this is our first extended trip in an RV we are making adjustments as we go along.  One of the things that I have come to am not going to get as much stitching done as I thought I was because my nose is pressed to the window looking at the stunning scenery going by!  I get a lot done on my trips to Portland because I know every curve in the road but this road is brand new!!!  We've post more videos to the Quilt Roadies so check us out an get updates of our next postings.  We are having so much fun with these videos, LOL

Friday, April 22, 2016

Transfer Eze Tutorial

I am a die hard supporter of Transfer-Eze.  I love all kinds of hand work as you least 80% of my projects have some sort of handwork involved.  Embroidery is one of my favorites and this project by Buttermilk Basin rose to the top of my list. 

One of the shortcuts I use for embroidery is Transfer Eze.  Each pack comes with several sheets that can be run through your printer.  I place a sheet in my printer with the textured side down and then copy my design.  The design is transferred to the sheet.  You then peel is off the backing sheet  and stick the woven design to your fabric.  Intricate embroidery designs can be ready to stitch in less than 5 minutes.

I made a short step by step video about the process.  I know you will love how easy it is.   

Today, I am going to have one of those days that quilters dream about...a whole quilt shop to myself!!!  G, Enzo and I are heading to the The Tater Patch to video a feature for Quilt Roadies and we'll have the whole place to ourselves!!!.  It is closed today because they are getting ready for a giant sale on Saturday and they are allowing us in to check it out!  

Don't forget Monday is the Give Away and we'll see who the dog dish coughs up! You still have time to leave a comment that you are interested by clicking on this Link.  Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

This & That Thursday

I think one of the wonderful things about being a quilter is that our gift giving may include handmade items.  I really love making something rather than buying something when time allows.  When I was on the cruise Lisa of Primitive Gatherings guided us through the making of this needle book and scissor holder.  I knew right away I would be making these for my friend Lori's birthday and so I stitched her initials onto the backs.

I also crafted some birthday pincushions for stitch friends.

Anne never fails to WOW.  
She decreased the size of this quilt and I think it is perfect!!!

here is a peek at a few of the Birch Street Stitch Day projects.  It is count down to hitting the road...lots of stitching ahead for me!!!  I have been struggling with what to take...I thought I had it all figured out and then I totally changed my mind!  This is worse than packing for quilt retreat because that was only 5 days and this trip is going to be a whole lot longer....I do know that if this turns out like quilt retreat I won't finish everything I take, LOL.

Don't forget to leave a comment for the Give Away by clicking on this link.  Be sure you are a registered follower of the blog.  Also I was informed that you can go on The Quilt Show and sign up for the newsletter for free and it will let you know when my Wednesday blog post is up :)  Have a great is packing day for us and Gwen Marston is the featured guest at Guild Night!!!!  

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Tale of Mr. Winkie + A Give Away

The tray I ordered from Buttermilk Basin arrived while I was at retreat!  It is especially made for the Vintage Truck Series.  I am going to take it to the local glass shop and get a tempered glass oval cut to lay on top of stitchery to protect it and then I can actually use it as a serving tray :)

As I promised...a Give Away sponsored by Buttermilk Basin!!!  
I have 2 patterns, the Snowman truck...

...and the Pumpkin Truck
leave a comment on this blog post if you are interested.  
Be sure you are a registered follower of the blog.  
We'll see who the dog dish coughs up on Monday!

I have made reference since retreat about Mr. Winkie...I made up a little slide show to introduce you to our roommate at Quilt Retreat!  I have a lots of last minute things to do before we hit the road and I will be blogging from the road...if I need a day off I'll let you know :)  Have a great Wednesday and I'll see you tomorrow!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Part 2 of the Fabric Stalker Retreat & The You Tube Channel

Well, we did it...we put our 2 "AARP" brains together and figured out how to load a video to our very own You Tube channel!  We will be posting videos of our traveling adventures which will include sightseeing, scenery, reviews on roads, RV/camping spots and QUILT SHOPS!!! I hope I will get to meet some of you along the way and possibly share a little of your show 'n tell on the blog. I also plan on sewing and stitching while traveling...after all I would miss my sewing room too much!!  Check us out at Quilt Roadies and if you want to subscribe you'll get alerts of our future postings.

On to Part 2 of the Fabric Stalker Retreat.  I can't stress enough with the right combination of personalities a quilt retreat can be just what the doctor ordered.  Inspiration, emotional support and laughter...SO MUCH laughter :)

So...what did I accomplish?  I have to say it was a low key retreat for all of us.  When you watch the video you will think...what??? Low key??? look at all they accomplished but in reality what we finished this retreat was so much less than previous retreats.  I think we are just getting more relaxed and don't feel we have to sew 24/7.  My planned agenda really didn't pan out like I thought it would.  With that said, I am very happy with what I worked on.  I finished all my Great Granny Squares, made 2 pillow cases, learned to use triangle paper, made a soup bowl kozy, gave instructions for stitching pillows, tacked down 2 Cuppa BOM blocks,  stitched on a Christmas table topper and, cut out 3 BOM blocks. 

Great Granny block

Enjoy the slide show of what the Fabric Stalkers worked on :)  Also, I apologize for not getting the Give Away was so labor intensive getting the video posted that I was too pooped to figure out what to  include in the Give as The Woolie is my witness...tomorrow we'll have a give away posted.

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I think caffeine through a big straw was step #1 
to completing some stitching projects!
Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Honey, I'm Home!!!

I was was an EPIC weekend because I got to spend it with the Fabric of them.  This hasn't happened for years.  The Castle...that is what we call a house above the Prineville Reservoir all by it's lonesome.  I do have to admit that I did not stick to my "pre-declared retreat agenda."  If you remember I said I was going to hand stitch the first and last day while machine quilting the middle 3 days.  Well, that lasted a total of 1 hour! Hearing the hum of every one's machine made me throw in the towel and bring out my machine!!!!  oh sweetness the hum of my featherweight was music to my ears!  I suspect that I am not the only one who doesn't stick to a list.

These 2 Photos are views from the deck of the house

 Just a little history of the Fabric Stalkers...we have been friends and co-works since the early 90's and there have been FS's who have moved away...we miss them.  We go on a quilting retreat at least twice a year if not more. This photo is from 2002...boy were we young looking.  I am not in the photo because I was taking the photo :) we are 2016. I'm in the photo because 
now we have timers! LOL  Love these gals!  
All I can say is a quilt group can add richness to your life.

We were greeted by Mr. Winkie when we arrived and as I post photos of the retreat over the next day or so you will get to know him more and more.  At times, he was helpful but other times he complained...I think he loved Cakers the most.

Enjoy the slide show and I promise I'll post some Give Away photos tomorrow:)

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Friday, April 15, 2016


Last Tuesday was Woolies at QuiltWorks and the shop was hoppin'!  I noticed that our local shops are really ramping up for a quilt explosion this summer.  Their shelves are stocked, new fabrics, new patterns, lots of samples and just an energy level that is palpable.

I am on Day 2 of always think you are going to get more done than you are able, LOL.  I can't wait to share next week :)  Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the slide show of the new stuff at QuiltWorks!

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