Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Blessings

Today we here in America are celebrating Thanksgiving...
but in reality every day should be a day of thanksgiving.  
Waking up and taking a moment to realize the blessing in one's life and to share those blessings is what 
being human is all about.

We woke up yesterday morning to a lot of snow which needed to be moved because it was our garbage day and we had to move our cans out to the curb :) Enzo hates the snowblower but both HH and I love it, LOL

By the evening a beautiful moom was on the rise....

 ...and a herd of deer were making their way through the neighborhood.

Enjoy today, relax...maybe take a stitch or two and we'll see you tomorrow with some more stitching photos :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Let It Snow!!

Well, there is nothing that can slow down life 
like a good snow!  Boy did it snow!  
HH and I strung new lights on our tree and 
Enzo is protecting it from the deer, LOL.

I ended up staying home yesterday...a rare day.  I finished stitching 2 more of Buttermilk Basins Free Mystery BOM blocks...2 more to go and I am caught up!  Made our cranberry sauce and baked some Thanksgiving cookies.  After I run some errands in Bend I am going to come home and bake some bread...nothing like the smell of fresh bread baking.

It has been frustrating around here on the quilting front.  I have been waiting for a couple of months for a new sewing table  that I ordered.  Knowing that there was going to be a small window when it would be delivered and set up by the company and only given a vague date of delivery I decided to prepare and have HH remove the old table which was so big that it had to be cut up to remove. Because of long term damage in my right shoulder I can't sew at a dining table. Well...I have been waiting and waiting...which means there has been no machine sewing going on here!...and I have a ton of machine sewing waiting to be done!...and so, today I am thankful that I love handwork.

I took this photo at my local grocery store...the butcher has a real sense of humor, LOL.  Have a warm safe Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thankful Tuesday

Today, I am thankful for choices.  It is a blessing to live a life that is full of choices because there are so many who do not have this blessing.  

I spent yesterday morning doing household things...including stringing another set of lights on my Blue Spruce.  We had strung some clear lights all around our Spruce only to wake up yesterday morning and found that a deer had not only chewed on our tree but crunched the lights and severed the string!!!  Not to be labeled the house that the deer can trash we strung a new set of "colored" lights which we will leave on all night and also put a container of ammonia at the, lets see who the loser is!

In making a circuit of the sewing room I discovered that  I needed to catch up on the Free BOM by Buttermilk Basin.  I had 7 of them done.  
So I spent the afternoon prepping the last 4 blocks.  
I can't wait to see how we are going to set these blocks.

I am enjoying the EOTC (East of the Cascade) Quilt Guild.  Our meeting consist of fun, fun and more fun!  The most recent meeting included a member showcase...but, also Show 'n Tell by a couple of sisters.  Before the meeting ended we had the parade of Holiday table member. Yep...nothing but a great time!  Enjoy the slide show!

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Good Morning Quilt World

life was beautiful in Sisters Country this weekend.  The mountains continue to add layers of snow and Mt. Bachelor opened a few lifts!!! Our neighborhood started putting out their Christmas decorations because the weather was good...word on the street is we will be dropping into the teens by Thanksgiving!!!  No complaining about the weather around here...bring it on!

I finished some Christmas ornaments for an, I am feeling a little smug and today I am going to prep the remaining blocks ( I have 4 left) for the Free Buttermilk Basin mystery BOM.  That will keep my fingers busy this week while watching TV.

The November QuiltWorks Gallery show requested small quilts for display...and it seeing them makes me again grateful that I live here with so many other quilters.

This one is mine, "Duk Soon II" which is the name of my parents many fond memories on that boat.  click on the photo and you can see my mom and dad sailing the boat away :)

Enjoy the rest of the submissions...they are all wonderful.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

UFO Friday

Today I am thankful for all the quilters in the world who are working on their UFO's...because, I know I am not alone.  Have you peeked in on your UFO's...just to let them know you haven't forgotten them???  This week I continued to work on my Crabapple Hill Witch's Boot...and...

...Block 3 of my Sashiko Wall I am almost ready to start Block 4!!

On Tuesday I took a class at QuiltWorks with this crazy quilt instructor! LOL  Marilyn had to show off her Fasinator...very stylish quilt instructor!  We learned how to construct the Absolute Bag which Marilyn designed (just click the link to contact the shop if you want to make your own Absolute Bag)

It is an excellent carry-all bag that can also be used like a backpack!

Here are a few renditions in various stages of completion by my fellow students.  I LOVE this bag and the class was so much fun!  I am not great at reading patterns so this was a perfect class for me :)

Lori finished hers and it is adorable...I know that Tula would love it!

Have a wonderful weekend and if you are already starting 
your holiday travels be safe.  Next week I will have some wonderful slide shows for those of you that will be checking here :)

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Stitchin' Post PJ Party

Seems this week has been one of those fast and furious quilt weeks that this blogger has had a hard time catching up with, back to last Saturday when I woke up to a beautiful sunrise...

The Sisters were spectacular!

And, the annual Stitchin' Post PJ Sale...starting with 30% off between 0630-0830 plus an additional 5% if you wear your PJ's!  A small mountain town crawling with quilter shopping in their Jammie's :)

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Loved running into Lori who is the blogger behind Humble Quilts  

The place was hopping with quilters from all over 
Central Oregon and the great beyond!

Vicki was ringing up my tally...I did have fun getting 35% off! LOL

2 Val's and a couple of young shoppers!

The day was made perfect because a couple of Fabric Stalkers came out to shop and have breakfast which is a tradition that is dear to my heart!
 See you tomorrow for UFO Friday!!!  

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Wind Began to Switch...the House to Pitch...

Yesterday we had a storm blow through where the winds topped 70 miles and hour!!!  Our BBQ is toast...totally distroyed after if flew off our back patio and this morning I will be on the hunt for one of my patio chair cushions that is probably in Munchin Land!!!  In the meantime I am catching up on my quilting life to share with you :)

It isn't lost on me how blessed I am to be living in Sisters and having a sister who lives in Napa...I am not going to question how this happened...instead I am enjoying every moment.  My sis lives right near a vineyard area where the balloons take off and land and I love the different designs quilts in flight!

My sis also is a fabulous cook and must be a requirement if you live in Napa...much like quilting is almost a religion in Sisters, LOL.  She is a wonderful bread maker and during my last visit I learned a little bit about the art of bread baking...hers looks spectacular...mine...not so much but it tasted good!

While in Napa the library had a wonderful quilting display of small quilts and I have to say...I was really drawn to the idea of making a series of small quilts using different techniques...just to get a taste of them without committing to a huge project!  Enjoy the slide show!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Broadway Quilts Sonoma, California

It looks like by the time I got to Broadway Quilts I had run out of money and had to work for my fabric!!!  Not really...what I realized was that I was going to be giving a lesson on pillow case and napkin construction to my sister  & BIL and neither are quilters...which means there would be no rotary cutter, cutting mat or rulers at her house.  Lucky for us the gals at Broadway Quilts allowed me to cut up our fabric at the shop!!!

My BIL was game to learn French seams...and the mantra of pillow case construction..."right sides together..."

...and looks at my sister!!!  this is her 3rd pillow case!

At Broadway Quilts they had a display of no sew pumpkins using only a 
fat quarter of fabric :)

Yep, that's right...a fat quarter of Fall fabric, a roll of toilet paper and a brown paper bag twisted and stuffed in the paper roll as the stem!!  Clever and you can use the fabric in a project when Fall has passed!

Enjoy the slideshow of the shop and they can send 
you anything you wish to purchase :)

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Je Suis Paris

Such saddness around the world as we fully witness the tragedy in France.  I hold so many fond memories of my travels throughout France and will not let them be tainted by evil.  I currently have a handful of projects in various stages of developement that feature my love of this country and now they even feel more precious.

I remember on one of my travels through Europe I faced challenges in trying to figure out how to leave Croatia and a Canadian Muslim woman aproached me because she realized I spoke English.  I asked her about the challenges of traveling in a post 911 world. She said if she wore her Burka she was always pulled out of the TSA line for searching.  I shared with her that with all the challenges in the world we must keep being kind travelers...the good must suffocate the bad.  I have reprinted an open letter by Rick Steves to he says it so well.  

Tomorrow I'll be back with some great quilt photos :)

After Friday's horrifying events in Paris, as we keep the victims and their families in our prayers and marvel at how violent hatred can express itself, it’s natural for those of us with travels coming up to wonder what is the correct response. Let me share my thoughts:

I have two fundamental concerns: what is safe, and what is the appropriate response to terrorism.
About safety, I believe this is an isolated incident. Tomorrow Paris will be no more dangerous than it was the day before that terrible Friday the 13th. I also believe that security in Paris and throughout Europe will be heightened in response to this attack. Remember: There's an important difference between fear and risk.
About the right response to terrorism, I believe we owe it to the victims of this act not to let the terrorist win by being terrorized. That’s exactly the response they are hoping for. Sure, it’s natural for our emotions to get the best of us. But, especially given the impact of sensational media coverage, we need to respond intelligently and rationally.
In 2004, Madrid suffered a terrorist bombing in its Metro, which killed 191 and injured 1,800. In 2005, London suffered a similar terrorist bombing in its Tube system, killing 52 and injuring 700. These societies tightened their security, got the bad guys, and carried on. Paris will, too.
I'm sure that many Americans will cancel their trips to Paris (a city of 2 million people) or the rest of Europe (a continent of 500 million people), because of an event that killed about 150. As a result, ironically, they’ll be staying home in a country of 320 million people that loses over 30,000 people a year (close to 100 people a day) to gun violence.
Again, our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Paris, the victims, and their loved ones. And it remains my firmly held belief that the best way for Americans to fight terrorism is to keep on traveling.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Parlez-Vous Francais...Bienvenue a la Maison

This last week I wrapped up my ongoing campaign to celebrate my birthday for 2 months!!!  I think this years campaign was successful, LOL.  Each year my high school bestie and I spend a weekend together to celebrate.  My birthday is in October and hers is in November.  This year I flew down to her neck of the woods.  Thank goodness the flight was under 2 hours...cause flying is not fun anymore...totally packed!

Since I was traveling to Colleen neighborhood she found us a hotel near Union Square San Francisco...OMG, did she knock it out of the park!  The Cornell Hotel de France was straight out France...I swear I stayed in this hotel while traveling with Robin and Lori in France!!!  This place was charming with a capital "C"!!!  And, it had a wonderful restaurant where we had a 4 course dinner. 

Although Colleen is not a quilter she made sure I had time in a fabric that is true friendship, LOL

...of course, we also had to enjoy all that San Francisco 
had to offer on a glorious day.

walking around Chinatown reminded so much of when I was a kid and my parents used to bring 
my sister and I there.

On our last full day in the city 
we decided to treat ourselves 
to High Tea at the Palace Hotel...the Palace is beautiful!

Enjoying our tea and a variety of petite sandwiches.

...followed by several choices of desserts, cookies and scones...yum!

I made a little slide show of the Cornell Hotel de France in case you ever want to make a trip to San Francisco and need a place to stay.  Monday I will have a quilting slide show :)  Have a wonderful weekend!  I continue to be grateful each, I am grateful for friendships.

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