Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Let's Talk Woolies!!!

I don't know why but I was so excited about Woolies might be...because, last time I fell asleep on the couch and missed it!  Burning candles at both ends results in naps in the morning!!!  It was great to see most everyone.  Summer means that there is sporadic attendance...but, we had a decent attendance and the best part is seeing what everyone is working on.

I am getting closer to finishing my Harvest Moon.  This Heart to Hand pattern is one of my favorites.  I am hand quilting and it has been fun.  I will actually have it done in time for Fall :)

I made a Smilebox of QuiltWorks and what the Woolies are up to these days...hoping that you will be inspired to pick up a needle~thread and start stitching some wool!!!
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dancin' with Mac

Well my dear PC laptop was hissing and cough like a 3 pack a day smoker and it was time to suck it up and invest in a new one...oh the learning curve :).  No tantrums as HH patiently loaded my requirements and gave me some beginning lessons.  It's like we taught our the best you can be and make yourself invaluable to where ever you end up employed...HH is an invaluable Woolie resource, LOL.  And so, this is my first Woolie post on the MacBook Air...I feel like I have postphoned senility at least another few years!

QuiltWorks sent out their Fall class list and I immediately sign up for this class.  I have wanted to take one of these classes forever and finally it fit into my schedule!  one afternoon in November and I will be making my Christmas gifts!!!  Besides the fact that I can use some of my ugly fabrics...although I am pretty sure I don't have any ugly fabrics!!!  If you're local sign up for this one and we'll have a party!!

a short slide show of QuiltWorks...I'll have a long one after Woolie's today!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Gallery Slide Show & Chit Chat

It was a scary weekend with family living down in Napa...but they were all fine...just a mess to clean up.  There are definitely blessings to be counted!

My brain is leaking...and, I feel like I am back at work and an announcement was made that we will be going to a new computer program...which will take months to learn. But, if you don't "get it" your mistakes will end up harming someone, being sued or losing you job...oh, I don't miss those days.  I have been a PC girl my entire work and play...I now have 15 days to figure out if I like MAC.  If not, it is going back and I am reverting to my comfort zone.

While going through my photo files I discovered an old friend.  DOOM squirrel!  This is what my son's named him because he was big, ornery and fearless.  He would knock on the door, taunt Enzo...with a "bring it" attitude.  I don't miss him one bit.... 

...because this is what my deck would look like every morning!  I would have to sweep up all the pine cone shavings before I could let Enzo out.  Yep, I can unequivocally say that I do NOT miss him at all!

Last Friday afternoon HH had to go into Bend to see if he could get his truck serviced.  I told him to drop me off at QuiltWorks because I needed to take photos of the Gallery exhibit and sign up for a class.  A few minutes after he dropped me off he called and said they could fit him in and it would take 40 minutes!!!  40 minutes to hang out in a quilt store!!!  I thought, "it was the best of was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness" just paraphrasing Charles Dickens :)  and I ended up buying this fabulous Windham Fabric called African Surf.  I had absolutely no control...a fat quarter...Pas de l'enfer!!!! Jamais!!! 3 yards please....(cussing in French is so much more lady like)

Enjoy the will be amazed by June Jaeger and the SAQA members!

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Handi Friday!!!

Yesterday was a BIG day!  My Handi Quilter was delivered and set up by Bill from Cynthia's Sewing Center.  I have been a customer of Cynthia's since the 90's...along with her husband Jerry a former Portland firefighter turned sewing machine repair and support person.  And now, I am a customer of their son Bill.  Cynthia and Jerry are now manning the Las Vegas stores while Bill runs the Bend shop which is currently located inside of BJ's Quilt Basket but will be moving to their own expanded space in Scandia Plaza in Bend.

The Handi Quilter is so popular that Bill has been assembling them left and right. Which means he can put them together while conversing, lol.

putting on some finishing fixtures...and you see all those tops hanging there waiting to be quilted!!! 

A proud owner and soon to be UFO-less, LOL you think that could really happen?

I have a ways to go but here are my very first doodles.

look at my kitty!

My brain was so full due to all the information from Bill and my practice pieces that I had to take a nap, lol...and then I just wanted to work on something small.  I layered, quilted and bound my sweet little Halloween candle mat from Buttermilk Basin

No book of the week...I am almost done with my lastest read but need another day.  But, HH and I watched a wonderful 2011 movie I got from the library called The Way.  A Woolie 5 star movie! Staring Martin Sheen and directed by his son.  Enjoy, have a great weekend and see you back here Monday!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Inspiration...wherever I can find it....

The first booth at the vendor mall that the Fabric Stalkers hit was the Kai Scissors where I found these wool scissors.  I haven't given them a try yet but plan on doing some more prepping next week.

The other find was these packs of 5 inch lights!  100 pieces in one and 60 in the other...a nice variety for the small quilts in my 101 Small Quilts book.

It seems that during the summer months the girls of the MG's are few...and I know I have missed my fair share of stitching with this wonderful group of women.  Last Monday I was so amazed at the stitching that had been going on.

  Adorable mini quilt by Linda....look at her hand in the lower right corner.

Exquisite Applique

Clever Pillow

Wonderful Crazy Patch Stitching

and some very fun stitchery!

Today is a big day for Handi Quilter arrives!!!  I am hoping for many days of creativity, fun and and ever diminishing stack of UFO's!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wrapping Up The Weekend

The weekend was not only Quilt Heaven but filled with wonderful times in Portland.  The Fabric Stalkers went out for Happy Hour to The City Grill.  30th floor of the US Bank Building with a view of the river and city.  The best part was that my youngest son was able to come out and hang out with this group of mom-quilters, lol.

The Farmer's Market was beautiful!  The colors were inspirational!

It was also National Bee Day and the bee supporters were swarming the market :)

...and at Quilt Knit Stitch...
Debbie Busby (Wooden Spool Designs), myself, Blogless Sandy, Barb, Lori, Nancy and in the front row Anne and Gail (Gail Pan Designs)
great bunch of gals!

Jill hamming it up while taking care of the 

And here is Cakers and Nancy...thinking about waiting in the switch back line for Voodoo Doughnuts...lucky for me Nancy decided she didn't need 
the maple bar with bacon :)

I am plan on fitting some quilting into this about you?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vendor Mall!!!

Although as you saw yesterday the quilts were fabulous...the vendor mall wasn't anything to sneeze about.  It is the first year and so it wasn't as big as I had dreamed about but it was filled with wool!!!  Normally you see one or two booths with wool. But, at this event there were several. seemed half of Central Oregon was in Portland for the show!  It was wonderful to run into several fellow quilters from not only Central Oregon but Blog Land.

Jill and Valori were manning the Stitchin' Post Booth!

Most of my Fabric Stalkers are also knitters...except for a couple of us.  It has been tempting in the past but I have always been able to resist...then, the Quilt Knit Stitch Show had so much beautiful yarn...and I thought it might help me avoid senility...if I learned to knit :).  Then, Cakers got a Blazing Needles tattoo!!!  Way cool!  With the help of Lori I picked out a pattern and yarn and she got me started on my first scarf!  Because, you know I need another hand project, LOL!

here are my bamboo needles and my eggplant colored yarn.

Enjoy the Vendor Mall slide is cake for a quilter!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Quilt Knit Stitch

It was a whirl wind extended weekend of fun!  Some of the Fabric Stalkers were able to make the trek to P Town, Bridgetown...or Portland as noted on the map...for Quilt Knit Stitch.  Not only were we able to see a wonderful quilt show but the vendor mall was wool heaven!  It was not as big as I thought it would  be, but this is year one.  Next year it is going to be even BETTER!!!  

I wanted to start Monday off with a long fabulous slide show!  So, get a cup of coffee...cause this is a long one :)   There were several sunning quilts. But, the show was called Quilt, Knit, Stitch...and so there was artwork using different mediums.  Stay tuned, tomorrow....the vendor mall!!!!

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Wrap Up!

I am going to save all the Quilt, Knit, Stitch talk for Monday but we have been having a blast!  In the meantime we are wrapping up the week on the woolie blog with a movie review.

I really enjoyed this movie!  And out of a 5 star system I would give it a 3.5 even though our local paper gave it 2 stars...2 STARS definitely wasn't a 2 star movie and I am glad I continue to ignore the papers rating system.  The only reason I didn't rate it higher is that towards the end of the movie it went a little mainstream Hollywood which I didn't think had to be done...but, overall I did enjoy it and at the end some people in the theater clapped :).

My garden is continuing to bloom and I love that the wild life is partaking of my plantings...except for the deer.  I have slowly been introducing flowering plants that for the most part the deer don't like...hehehe.  I am not a gardener so it is hit and miss for me.  I don't have a clue what this flower is but the deer haven't eaten it and the bees love it!

My name is Anna and I no longer suffers from PACs (Prepackaged and Cute Syndrome)  I used my stash for this entire table mat.  It really was fast and easy although without the stitching done...the leaves...well they remind me of something that made it hard to cut out and imagination just went crazy with this one and I almost changed the entire pattern.  But when I looked at the photo with the mat stitched I thought....well, it looks ok...but, it just me or does anyone else see...something...else???  This is going on my coffee table???

I forgot to show you that I got my August Bertie's up!!!  So cute!  And, I have started stitching Septembers.

Have a wonderful weekend!  
I hope there is some stitching time scheduled in there for you!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bull S**t is the story of HH and Enzo.  Last weekend was the weekend of the Super Moon.  All was quiet in the desert except for the howling and yipping of the coyotes. 

HH and Enzo hiked over a rise  only to run into about a 5,000 lb bull!  OK, we don't really know how much it weighed because he wouldn't stand on a scale.  Anyhoo, Enzo is oblivious but, the bull was zero'd in on Enzo and started trotting towards him.  Ground shaking, HH saw a small grove of tightly packed pines and thought he might be able to make it into the trees...but, luckily decided the bull might be faster...and, then there was the fact that he would have to turn his back and run.  Plus Enzo still was oblivious, lol.  Well this actually wasn't funny as HH said he'd rather face a cougar or bear than a bull!

HH didn't stop and take this photo but it is like the bull that was interested in Enzo.  Back to the story...quick thinking...HH took his walking stick and swung it above his head and the baffle made a whistling sound.  2 things happened...1st Enzo stopped and looked at him...wondering why the heck he was swinging his walking stick and still clueless...2nd the bull, stopped short...confused by the action he made a right turn and ran off.  As he ran off  HH realized there is no way he could have outrun the bull.

So, here is our clueless sweet Enzo who carried half the desert home with him about to get a bath...

...and here he is all cleaned up and still clueless :)

I far no quilting but here is a little tidbit...HH had to go into town for a hearing test and I went along in case they wanted to get my OPINION, lol.  When he came out of the restroom at the office he said there were a bunch of quilts in the men's room...and you know...there were!

Tomorrow I have a movie review to share!