Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mr. Aurifil Thread + Heading Home....

Before I get started I want to say this has been an amazing adventure!!  I have so much to still share about our trip...the highs...the lows...the freezing and the fun.  Stacy Gross West of Buttermilk Basin has WOW'd the quilt world again with her latest designs!  And you will see it all on The Quilt Show next Wednesday.  I have soooo much more material to share about wonderful quilt shops from St. George to Springville...and then, there is My Girlfriends Quit Shop and the fabulous program they organized.  I want to reveal some of what I accomplished on this trip...but, we are just about done...pooped...tired and ready to be back home :)  We will be off line to concentrate on the last leg of our journey home.  Be sure to check in to The Quilt Show today and we will see you back here on Monday

I tell ya the gals at My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe both the Logan and Midway locations really put on a wonderful event, Sew A Needle Pulling Thread!  Not only is Midway a beautiful location but the variety of activities was wonderful.  Yesterday morning we were entertained by Alex Veronelli who heads up Aurifil Threads.  He is second generation thread manufacturer.  After his presentation on how the thread is made I will never balk at the price...what an amazing process!!!

The most exciting news is that Aurifil is now entering the hand embroidery thread arena!  Their hand embroidery thread is wound on wooden more more need to rewind your thread on card stock!!!  I can't wait for the quilt shops to start stocking this thread!!!

...also they now have a whole line of wool thread!

Enjoy the slide show...Alex brought quilts made by a variety of designers using Aurifil thread...maybe there is something that will spark your imagination!  Have a great rest of the week...I hope it includes some stitching and we'll see you back here on Monday :)

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sew A Needle Pulling Thread...

It was a full day of wonderful stitching sponsored by My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe in Logan and Midway Utah.  The force behind the workshop is Kris and Jen...along with all their peeps.  Both Pat Sloan and Stacy West taught an all day classes...all you had to do was chose...For me it was a Buttermilk Basin Day!

Remember this quilt I made for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2015???   Well, it was a Pat Sloan pattern which I had to add an extra border to so I could meet the parameters of the display.  And...of course I changed it to wool!  It was fun to share with Pat how her design inspired my quilt.  

After a full day of stitching the evening presentation was given by Pat Sloan...and she is an engaging and funny speaker.

These are some of her quilts that were on display.

We are enjoying ourselves at the Homestead Resort but it is so funny for us to realize that we are more comfortable in our RV!!!  And in a couple of days we will hit the road again for the trek home!  But in the meantime today we get a trunk show of Stacy's quilt and a talk by Mr. Aurafil himself!!!  Alex Veronelli.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Muses

How blessed am I get to go to a 2 day event put on by My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe in Midway, Utah.  I am looking forward to this diversion.  In the 5 weeks we have been on the road a good 4 weeks of it was marginal to lousy weather and I needed a pick me up!  Midway is an adorable town...if you haven't be sure to check out our YouTube Channel  Quilt Roadies which includes a video of this area and the adorable second shop location of My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe.  

We had to spend a good portion of Saturday in the RV because of the weather so I set up mom's Featherweight and stitched together the mini Tumbler Blocks I bought at Primitive Gatherings in California.  It turned out so adorable.  I can't wait till I am home so I can quilt it and hang on my mini quilt wall!!

I am catching up and sharing all the photos I have taken over the last few of the newest shops in Las Vegas has 15,000 bolts of fabric.  This shop just opened in March and is still in the growing process.  It is a spectacular space and still has that open, new house...don't have enough furniture feel but once they settle on a comfortable decor and fill her up...this shop is going to be amazing.  There were so many fabrics that I had never seen before and is worth the look because if you are looking for a certain fabric...I bet they have it!!!

Enjoy the slide show and if you see something you would like to add to your collection just contact them at Sew Yeah Quilting.  Have a great Monday!

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Muses???

I can hardly keep up with the life we lead....but, Fridays is the day I look back and go...oh yeah...I forgot to share that, LOL.  When we left Las Vegas we had to stop in St. George and return a screen we bought for the RV...didn't fit and we didn't find enough sun to use it...the weather patterns for the last year have been interesting.  Anyhoo...while HH went into Camping world I saw this "new" kind of RV sitting on the street.  OMG, I want one!!!  They are built in Wisconsin  and unfortunately for the driver his truck broke down in St. George...but, lucky for me because I got to peek inside!  300 sq. feet of luxury.  Stainless Steel stove, oven, fridge and washer/dryer combo.  A queen bed, table for 2 and a sofa.  Did I say I want one!!!  I asked him how it handled on the drive and he said this baby has 17,000 miles on it and was custom order for someone in Washington?

I know I mentioned that I was hoping we weren't going back through Cedar City...not because they have the cutest shop ever....Stitching It Up but because the owner is married to Jeff.  And, if you click on his name you will see on his Instagram page that he refurbishes and paints Featherweights....Danger Will Robinson...Danger....

I saw this one on his Instagram page and I swooned...Candy Apple Red....with all the trimmings...sigh.  If you have a Featherweight that you want painted he will do it for $350...but, if you don't have a Featherweight and he has to get one for is $650.  Totally serviced and ready to sew!!!  What can I's...CANDY APPLE RED!!!!

It is not hard to believe but the Great Harvest Bakery 
in Cedar City had a beautiful quilt hanging inside :)

I now have 6 blocks quilted...4 to go and the border!  
And yes, I always color coordinate
 my quilting, rug and sofa with my dog, LOL!

Have a great weekend!  I hope we get some sun!!!  But then I still have 4 more blocks and the border to quilt so rain would be ok....Don't forget to check in with the Quilt Roadies I hope you subscribe...there is no just lets you know about our updates!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Christmas Goose

Las Vegas was a nice diversion to the road trip.  We got a couple of days of wonderful weather and enjoyed our pool time and friend time.

One of my favorite Las Vegas Shops is the The Christmas could you not love a shop named The Christmas Goose!  Like other successful shops it provides something for everyone...but it does have so much of what I love...and so nicely displayed that you just want to keep walking around and around!

I so loved this stitchery because it speaks the truth for HH, Enzo and I get closer to our home base this has been the best journey.  I have met so many wonderful people...Quilters really are the best!

And the best quilters in Las Vegas were stitching together at The Christmas Goose making pillowcases for Ryan's Case for Smiles.  That is the heart of quilting...the sharing and creating for others.

Enjoy the slide show...I know you will...
and, if you see something you love be sure to contact

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Viva Las Vegas....

Las Vegas was a last minute add on to pass some time while we waited to head up to Midway, Utah for a Quilting Experience :)  But this little diversion was one filled with memories to savor.  We enjoyed our stay at the Oasis Las Vegas RV resort, spent one evening walking Las Vegas Blvd...and...

even Enzo made a friend...Carl, the pigeon.

But our most amazing time was spent with our new friend Rox and Sue who we met at the Sedona RV park.  Las Vegas is their home base and when they found out we were heading their way they invited us over for a home cooked breakfast....or should I say a chef prepared breakfast!!!  Although they are not quilters...they know quilters, LOL  and have received quilts as gifts.  When I think of the work that goes into one of these rag quilts I know that the quilter really loved them.

Although you can't see the full quilt below it was a gift of love and the entire quilt is hand quilted!!!

Their house was filled with art work...and their style is so much like our own...they display what they love...not what looks good in a magazine photo, when you walk in you must stop at each piece and have a conversation about it...there is beauty and humor throughout the home.

Loved this woven fiber pillow!

and, this Hawaiian shirt quilt is reminiscent of one I made my sister!

The most amazing piece was this Dutch Baby that Sue made for breakfast!!!  Can you believe someone could make one of these in their own kitchen!!??  I know that Enzo doesn't even want me to get excited at the thought of it...but...Sue did give us the recipe!

You never know when you might meet someone wonderful if you keep your heart open.  Greg and I had a wonderful morning because we did just that :)  Enjoy some of the beautiful art work in their home.  You can enlarge the photo by clicking on them.  Today is a new segment of Anna & G on the Road with  The Quilt Show and we hope you subscribe to our Quilt Roadies's FREE.   Today we start making our way to the Heber Valley...I hope you have a wonderful day.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I'm A Jetson!!! + Scrap Apple Quilts

We finally gave in...with the shared knowledge by some of you and then the Temple RV resort lending us one to use while there we bought a Jetpack!  And we love it!!!  Who knew it would be that easy to have a mobile Internet connection.  It works off your phone and creates a hotspot.  Now we have Internet service where ever we have phone service.  

On our last full day in St. George Joyce Weeks took me to visit Scrap Apple Quilts...thank goodness I didn't have to ride my bike again!!!

Shirley (owner) and Joyce Weeks (designer)

I love this shop...the name is as cute as everything in it...and if you remember 2 years ago I was looking for the border fabric that went with Mr. Chillingsworth and couldn't find it anywhere until I arrived at Scrap Apple Quilts...I bought the last 3 yards and made this quilt....

Enjoy the slideshow and if you see something 
you must have 
contact the gals at Scrap Apple Quilts

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Mother Superior Fab Fabrics

I can't believe my lack of luck in 2014 when I visited Superior Threads the downstairs where all the thread magic happens was closed...and this time they were doing inventory :(  Oh well,  I had to be satisfied with hanging out upstairs...Poor me, LOL. The view outside the shop windows are amazing.  The real surprise is that we biked from the Temple View RV Park to Mother Superior's Fab Fabrics as the shop is called on beautiful bike paths...over streams and bridges.  By the time we got there I was sweating buckets but they had a cold water cooler for that is a prepared quilt shop!

The fabric is arranged like a color wheel and I would be surprised if you couldn't find something!  So many kits...

We made our way from St. George, Utah...passing through a corner of Arizona and ended up in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I am still catching up on all the photos I have taken and I can't wait to share Scrap Apple Quilting a favorite!!!

Enjoy the slide show and if you see something or need some thread to match some fabric...they are your go to shop!

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