Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday!!! And the Winner is....

...The winner of the Buttermilk Give Away is Nancie Anne Quilts!!! Congratulations!!!  send me your mailing address and I will forward it to Stacy West and she will be sending it to you directly!!!

I somehow have developed a broken right shoulder is screaming!!!  But, I didn't let it stop me from doing a little stitching.  Remember this Sashiko project?  I stitched it on Maui in February...then I made the butterfly applique in Sylvia Pippin's class at Empty Spools.  Combining the 2 and a lesson from Robin on piping and I have a finished pillow for my sister's birthday :)

Mr. Chillingsworh arrived home just in time for October decorating!  Doesn't he look perfect in my entry way with the Halloween banner?!

I was blessed to spend a few hours of my birthday with my Berries stitching away.  Like the Woolies, the Berries are talking about making UFO's a priority.  We brought a project that we identified as the UFO we are going to work on whenever we stitch together...starting next month.  Cathy brought this beautiful basket quilt that just need quilting and binding...lucky girl!

Nola has a beautiful Kathy Deggendorfer fabric that needs a few more blocks, quilting and binding.

Ginn brought some blocks that need hand stitching, setting, 
layering and quilting.

Cathy found a second quilt she really wants to get off the ol' design wall...wonder what border she will decide on???

My UFO will be Stars and Sprigs...a 2015 pieced and appliqued quilt...
maybe I will finally get it done!

Karen gave us a little show in is her first quilt!!

 I love this 2 color quilt she made...has a real Scandinavian feel!

 Nola shared a table topper exchange she was doing with 
quilters on the sweet!

I am already thinking about my word for 2016...whoa...did I say 2016.  I know,  I know...I should take each holiday and month as it comes...but, I can't help but plot the disappearance of some UFO's in 2016!!!

Have a great weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Lots of This and That

Don't forget the Give Away!!! Ends on Friday!!  Just leave a comment on the Give Away link that you went to the Martha Stewart American Made contest and voted for our very own Stacy West/Buttermilk Basin!!!

As you can see...this is the reason I have a hard time growing anything!!!

...And this little guy isn't afraid of Enzo at all!!!

...then I find out that the family has moved in across the creek!!!  Squatters!!!  Sheesh...this neighborhood is going to the deer!

I had a nice birthday yesterday.  I had a massage, then stitched with my Berries (photos tomorrow), saw a movie and had dinner at Latigo's.  The movie was might have been because I needed a feel good might have been because the stars were of my may be because I have reached that time in my life where I am really contemplating what I want to do with my final 2-3 decades...whatever the reason...this movie is worth seeing!

Finally I put together a slide show of the shop in Port Orford.  Definitely worth stopping for.  Enjoy and we'll see you tomorrow :)

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fabric Stalkers 2015 Beach Retreat

The Fabric Stalker Retreat to the Southern Oregon Coast was, as always a wonderful weekend of friendship celebration.  We needed two vehicles to get us and all our stuff from Central Oregon and Julie drove up from California.  Our transportation was a king cab pick up and as you can see the 3 of us filled the entire back up with our machines,  projects, luggage and food! LOL

Here we are...sans Julie who was taking the photo.  The place we rented for our retreat was roomy and was conveniently located.  We loved quilting together and had a much laughter!  Everyone felt satisfied with how much they completed  but the list of why we would not go back there is long and has solely to do with the condition of the facility. It is hard to fathom that a place would be rented in such a state.  

We did not lack for food, LOL...and only a block away... the most awesome seafood restaurants.

Here is a short slide show of some of the projects the Fabric Stalkers worked on!  Don't forget to cast your ballot today for Stacy West/Buttermilk Basin!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Buttermilk Basin Give Away!!!

Stacy West...Miss Buttermilk Basin herself is neck and neck with another American designer to win Martha Stewart's American Made Contest!!!  Although Martha and I have talked on the phone...(if you remember a few Thanksgivings ago I needed help with a cranberry recipe and called her up and she was so gracious)...but, in this case Stacy will need more than my help in meeting Martha in person.  We love all of Stacy's designs and want to help her win!!!  So click on the sign in and can vote up to 6 times...please, cast all 6 votes.  Anyone who has left a comment on this post that they have voted will be entered in a Give away for one of these awesome patterns!!!  Winner to be announced on Friday!!!

I am back from retreat and have lots to share...but, first I am heading to a table runner class at the Stitchin' Post!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Celebrating & Cannon Beach

On our break from life we left the coast and headed to Portland where we celebrated our 38th Anniversary.  It is such a shock to both of us that we have been together for 38 years.  Our story is unusual in that we engaged 3 weeks later (2 of those weeks HH was in Oregon and I was in California) and then we married about 3 months later...when it's's right and I am blessed to be married to my best friend.

Portland was having some of those beautiful Fall days and we relaxed while visiting family, the music store and of course Fabric Depot.  

This photo I took of HH is one of my really captures the mood of the week...quiet and relaxing...with some beautiful music.

We celebrated our anniversary at one of our favorite local spots.

HH was trying out some resonator guitars and I had to laugh when I walked into the sound room because it looked like he had a whole crowd listening to him play! LOL

I still have a couple more slide show to share...not wanting to overwhelm you with a really loooong slide show.  This one is of a wonderful shop in Cannon Beach...the Center Diamond  I never leave this shop without a bag of something wonderful!

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Learning the Ropes & Creative Fabrics

It is so fun watching Em learn the ropes of the quilting and sewing world.  We took a trip to Cynthia's Sewing Center where Sue gave Em a sewing machine class.  I have passed on my Janome 6600 to Em.  It has been a spectacular machine!  I thought it would be best to get it serviced and cleaned...

OMG, look at what Bill found in my machine!!!  I told as I say (service your machine once a year)...not as I do (never had it serviced...yikes)

Creative Fabrics in the little coastal town of Wheeler is one of my favorites!!!  I had to buy some of the Frida Kahlo fabrics!!!  I think I am going to make a bag with it!!!...that is if I ever learn to make a bag!!!

Enjoy the slide show...this really is one of my favorite spots to stop...her fabric selection is eclectic and wonderful.  If you see something you just have to have be sure to give them a call and let her know you saw it on the Woolie!!!

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Florence, Oregon

Oh is my birthday month...and I am going to celebrate all month!!!  I am finding it hard to believe that it is already October!!!

When I got back home I had to hit the door running and wore a groove in the road between Sisters and Bend.  I took a break from the work to teach my DIL how to tack a binding down.  When I walked into their home I saw this quilt on the wall...I had totally forgot about making this quilt!  I believe I made this one for my son when he left for college...and the fabrics were purchased on a previous Fabric Stalker retreat!  Jane also purchased all the fabrics for this quilt!  I love our retreats :) And am excited to be heading on another one!

Now back to our coast trip.  I was sad to hear that a quilt shop in Florence had closed.  It reinforces the reason I write this blog...we are soooo blessed in Central Oregon.  With 9 shops within 45 miles I do not want any of them to close!!! Nor do I want any quilt shop to close!!!  Florence is a sweet spot on the Oregon Coast and the Old Town area is a nice place to walk.

There is still a shop in Florence and provides a place to meet for a lot of the coastal quilters.  There is a variety of fabric and the group that meet at the other shop are still meeting at Wenz-Daze.

I love the quilt on the cover of this slide show :)  I am heading to a Fabric Stalker Retreat in a coastal town this weekend.  So, next week I will have some great slide shows!!!  We are staying in the retreat space that is located above the quilt shop!!!  Is that amazing!!!  I will continue to finish up the week with more peeks of the Oregon Coast Road trip with HH...see you tomorrow!

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ahhh, The Coast Life

Before I get started  I wanted to encourage you to help Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin to win the Martha Stewart American Made Contest!!!  Just click on this link, sign in and VOTE for Buttermilk Basin!!!  Stacy is going to send a Give Away for the Woolie blog!!!  So stay tuned!!!  Now...on to the blog post :)

HH and I enjoyed a much needed break at the coast.  We stayed at a friends place with a view of the bridge.  It was soooo relaxing...and,  filled with memories.  The Fabric Stalkers have had many retreats here...quilting our hearts out...supporting each other through all the ups and downs that life can bring.

The house is 3 stories and so Lori has hung her 2 Fabric Stalker Challenge quilts in the stairwell.  I loved see them again and remember how fun these quilts were to make.  The first one is a row quilt challenge with a Fabric Stalker theme...

The second one was a Fabric Stalker block exchange and Lori chose a beach theme.  When I look at these 2 quilts I can't help was give thanks for the friendships built while quilting!

This slide show doesn't feature a quilt shop...but, the fabulous Oregon Coast :)  Enjoy!  I still have a more quilt shop slide shows to stay tuned!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Quilter's Life

As I experience quilting through my DIL's eyes I am again reminded that the quilting life is all about sharing!  Sharing of time, experience and fabric.  I don't know how many times I have seen quilters share with a friend a piece of much needed fabric to finish a project...or make a quilt for a new baby, wedding, illness...The Quilting Life is about sharing and giving and that is what makes it such a beautiful existence.

Here is Em quilting her first quilt!!!...on my new machine!  I invested in a new Janome and so far our relationship (me and the machine) is filled with love, lol.

...and she has already pieced her second quilt!  A warm flannel Christmas quilt!  

JanniLou Creations  was my second stop on the way to the coast.    Jan and Lou teach at the Quilter's Affair every summer and have been running the quilt shop in Philomath.  The shop occupies a former movie theater!  Enjoy the slide show and keep your eyes opened for what classes they will be teaching at the Sisters Quilters Affair 2016.  Enjoy the slideshow! 

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