Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Ground Hog

Life with this Ground Hog has been nothings but a wild ride filled with the highs and lows that life can throw at you...but, in the end I get to celebrate every Ground Hogs Day with my best friend :)  I hope we get to spend many more birthdays together.  The best part was having my boys together :)

Well after a year of planning this Woolie is heading to warmer climates...leaving the snow behind!!  Robin and I will be heading to Ft. Lauderdale where we will board the Oasis of the Sea for 7 days with Lisa Bongean and Stacy West.  I will be blog incognito until about the 15th of February but will be posting on Instagram and Facebook if you are interested in seeing what a quilting cruise looks like :) When I get back I will give you the low down so you can decide if this is something you want on your bucket list. 

...and just in time for me to leave my Block one of the 
Sue Spargo Cuppa arrived!!!  I am drooling and 
will have something to look forward to when I get home :)

I am leaving you will a little slide show of the Stitchin' Post , so many yummy projects...there is a little for every kind of quilter :)  See you back here on the 15th of February and don't forget The Quilt Show on Valentine's Day!!!

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Monday, February 1, 2016

The Forrest Gump of Quilting

I don't feel bad in thinking I am the Forrest Gump of Quilting, it is the truth...For me Quilting is like a box of chocolates...you just don't know what you are getting into with each and every project, lol.  The Quilting life has opened so many doors to adventures and new friends...and on top of that in the end...I have a quilt!!!

You might remember that The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims came to my house to film last summer and I blogged about it right Here.  About 6 hours of film and planning is edited down to my 10 minutes of fame which will air on February 14th on The Quilt Show !!!  I asked the producer why my segment couldn't be paired with another Forrest Gump Quilter...but I guess that doesn't attract viewers.  And so,  the featured quilter is Jenny Bowker !  I met her last year at Empty Spools and she is no Forrest Gump!!!  So check it out on February 14th.  OK, that is enough about me.

I had to share the Best of Show quilt at the Road to California...it is so funny because the first couple of times I saw this photo on Facebook I thought it was a vendor booth picture, LOL...this is a QUILT!!!!  you must click on the photo to enlarge.

The 2016 Best of Show at the Road to California by Melissa Sobotka

I made it out to Black Butte for an afternoon of stitching with the Fabric Stalkers and was not disappointed by the amount that already had been completed in 24 hours!  Enjoy the slideshow and I encourage you to find a quilt group that you can share the ups and downs of life with...it has been a wonderful adventure with this group of women.  Wishing you a great start to the week!!!

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday??? No Way!!!

Some how every week there is a Friday!!!  Holy !@#$ Batman!  How does it happen?  As it turned out I didn't get out to Black Butte to visit the Fabric Stalkers yesterday.  Life happened and so today I am heading out there to see what the Stalkers are up too.  I'll share what they are up to on Monday :)

After errands I got home and fell asleep on the couch...sometimes the spirit needs a break, lol.  Once I woke up refreshed it was time to dig in the sewing room.  I had little piles of "to do's" on various surfaces in the sewing room but decided to prep block 3 of the Yoko Saito BOM.  I am trying to keep up on this one.  I use Soft Fuse with my wool projects.  With my "on the go" life style I always have a wool project to stitch in the car, plane, train or boat, LOL.  I do not want to lose any of the pieces which is why I fuse my pieces to the background.  Step one,  trace the motifs onto the Soft Fuse.

Then I iron the designs on the chosen wool colors using steam on both side.  Once cool I cut them all out saving the left over pieces of wool for future projects.  Once all the pieces are cut out I arrange them on the background.

When the pieces are all arranged on the background I steam it down from the front then flip it over and steam from the back.  With this method I have never lost a piece and then I can stitch on the go :)  But if something did start to lift up (which hasn't happened for me) Lisa from Primitive Gatherings say staple an errant piece is the perfect solution.

See you back here on Monday...have some fun news to share!

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Yesterday was a low key day and boy did I need it...I was pooped.  One of the really wonderful things about living in a town of about 2,000 people and no traffic lights is that you can get around pretty darn easy.  I had a PT appointment to work on my back at 8 am and so I left the house at 7:55...such a blessing :).  I love this statement because it is the truth for all of us...we need those times when there is no agenda...no guilt...no must do's...leave the guilt behind and just be!

I am sure you noticed something different about the Woolie Blog...I decided to freshin' it up.  Google is in the process of making some internal changes that is shaking the blogging world up and although in the long run it might be beneficial to both Google and bloggers the process is somewhat painful.  Part of the process is in how people follow a blog.  If you have discovered that you are no longer a follower or signed into the Woolie blog, you can sign up again by creating a Google Account, no cost, no fear it is like setting up a Yahoo or Hotmail account.  Or you can click on the link to follow by email.  Easy Peasy :)  I have gone back and for on the blogging life but the bottom line is right now it is a win - win.  I love to write, I am creating a personal journal of sorts and the best part is having connected my quilting world with so many of your quilting worlds.  The friendships that have been built and the adventures I have been on are in part because of the blogging life.  As in the past on some travels I will switch to Instagram and Facebook as a means of sharing but I will still come back to the Woolie Blog which has been a wonderful adventure!  Thank you for following :)

It was such a beautiful day in the neighborhood that HH, Enzo and I walked to the Sisters Coffee Company, sat outside, soaked up the sun while we enjoy our coffee.

I finished my first block of the Buttermilk Basin 2016 Free BOM  This little guy was adorable!  Click on the photo to enlarge and see my fun stitching!!!  I am looking forward to a fun year hanging out with Stacy!

Today the Fabric Stalkers head out to Black Butte Ranch for a few days of quilt retreat.  4 of us can't make the retreat but Robin and I are going out for a day of stitching today.  Just a little taste of what we will be missing :(  It is countdown to our Quilt Cruise and I have to be packed by Saturday although we don't leave until Wednesday because HH and I are going up to a Hot Springs to celebrate his birthday...this being organized and packed a week before the trip is soooo foreign to me.  I usually am taking some dirty clothes with the intent of doing laundry on the other end, lol.  All I care about is that I have enough stitching to keep me out of trouble on the flight :)

Have a great Thursday 
and, may the stitching angels be a part of your day!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Yesterday for a variety of reasons I was running around from one end of the county to the other during which I listened to a Podcast about Happiness.  The gist of what I came away with was... it is really challenging to embrace happiness when you are running from one end of the county to the other.  Our busyness  keeps us from really feeling happiness.  Maybe that is why I enjoy hand work so much...it forces me to slow down and be.

On the way back to Sisters I pulled off the road because I needed to to take this photo...this year I intend to really see what is around me and enjoy :)

It was a full Woolies group everyone working away on UFO's except for Leslie who is new to wool and so hasn't amassed a pile of UFO's.  
But, I see it in her eyes...it is only a matter of time!

I am still in the process of tacking down my flowers before I dive in with the embellishment stitches.  I am loving all my UFO's all over again!

Here are a few photos of some of the show 'n tell at Woolies.  You can click on the photo to enlarge. Hope your day is filled with kindnesses.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thoughts for Tuesday

Can't imagine a day which is not filled with thoughts...but sometimes I get to the end of the day, fall into bed and wonder...did I get a thing done...did I have one profound thought?! LOL  Anyhoo, Monday proved to be a non stop day and I didn't take a relaxing breath until the Bookie Babes met at my house.  Nothing like a wonderful group of women gathering in one spot to bring peace and laughter to your soul.

In my running around I came upon a reminder about Wish Upon A Card !!!  I already know that my card this year is going to be in wool.  I am teaching a total of 4 days this Quilter's Affair, 2 days of wool classes and 2 days of Sit 'n Stitch!  I hope I get to see some of you!!!

you can click on the card and get a synopsis of what it is about.  I hope some of you will donate a postcard for this wonderful fund raiser!

I decided to talk a little about my major UFO for 2016...I want this one done!!!  I love it and it needs to be hanging in my house during the 2016 holiday season!

I finished all the hand stitching blocks during our camping trip to Bryce Canyon and Mt. Zion...but then it languished in a project box because the half square triangles scared me...so many of them...

Just like Gremlins they kept multiplying in my brain...so many of them!!!  Then I read the instructions and found out that if you used Triangles on a Roll it would be faster and more accurate.  So, I ordered some and it arrived this week!  Now to figure out how to use it!...have any of you used it and do you like it???

Our Bookie Babes met last night to discuss The Sixth Extinction which is a book that I chose...not every one's cup of tea but I found this wonderful 9 minute video that gives a nice synopsis and thought I would share it with those that are interested.  Have a great Tuesday... I am off to Woolies!!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Muses

How was your weekend?  I know those of you back east were slammed with snow and I hope you are all safe and warm...as for us in Sisters country, we had a very mild weekend.  Last night the moon rising was so beautiful.

I had a busy weekend but I found some time to take a stitch or 2.  I realized that Groundhogs Day will be here before we know it and our family has 2 birthdays that day :)  My second cousin Erin is a Groundhog baby and a horse lover which meant a pillow needed to be made.  

Although, I admit to a large list of UFOs, WIPs and PIGs...I had a Labrador Retriever moment thanks to Sweet Pea and absolutely fell in love with her Snow Ball quilt.  Heart to Hand has a free pattern available!! And, I had the same fabrics as Sweet Pea because we are 2 peas in a pod! LOL.   Still have all the hand stitching to do and I changed it up a bit by adding the wool snowflakes...
but, isn't it stinkin' cute!!! 

What I think is,  although I am very focused on completing UFO's occasionally a new project helps 
invigorate the quilting soul.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Here is the Story....

 ...When you are a blog writer...you are not writing for a newspaper or magazine with a bazillion readers...nor is anyone paying you...all you are doing is fulfilling that need to connect and enjoy the process of writing.  It is a kinda of journal of one's life and everyone else's life in close orbit.  You never really know if anyone is really listening unless they leave a comment or write an email.  But then, a Sew 'n So sister arrives and says she brought you a present after reading a blog post!!!  Did I reveal anything about my underwear in a blog post??? Do I have a secret??? Is the other personality I consult before taking on Dear Jane projects named Victoria???

When I unpacked the bag there was a box called The Collection!  of Wool???

...and then when I started to pull the cover...it said The Underwear Collection and Kim said she read somewhere on the blog that I was laughing so hard I almost 
pee'd my pants...

...so she brought me a Depends for any future times that I might be laughing so hard I need them...or, if I am on a plane...when ever I might be in need!!!  What this has taught me is friends have your back, someone is really reading the blog...and, I may have to filter what I write...NOT! LOL

Linda was so sweet to have made one of those bags with the clear window so you can see what's inside for both Robin and I for our travels in February!  

The fabric is perfect for girls on the go! Thank you Linda!

A little vignette of our Yoko Saito Blocks and a peek at Linda's quilts!  Remember it is UFO Friday!!!  I am pressing the fabric for my Primitive Gathering holiday quilt and hope to start making those half square triangles!  Have a wonderful weekend and see ya back here on Monday!

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Crazy Quilter

I must be...certifiable...is there a special facility for Crazy Quilters...not quilters who do crazy quilting but Quilters who when offered a Dear Jane book say sure I might be interested in the spirit of sharing.  Or, was it a devious plan by another crazy quilter to hook me into this insanity???!!!  In fact this wonderful bed runner of 4 rows of Dear Jane blocks was as far as Sue wanted to go and then she offered the book to me.

After talking to myself for a split second without much arguing I heard myself say YES...I'll take the book...oh and I'll take the free block patterns by Temecula Quilt Company...because I really need another couple of UFO's...really...Please...I need this, @#$%^...thank you Sue :)

I swear every time I show up to stitchery at Sew Many Quilts the group gets bigger and bigger...and so I put a slide show together...but, I couldn't even get to the other side of the table so it only shows about half of what was going on!!!

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Enjoys your Thursday...I am starting up with a PT appt...
so fun...
but I know I'll end up stitching!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I have never thought of myself as a creative person.  I love patterns, kits and books that show me how to construct quilts. But, creative...? Have you considered yourself creative?  I was listening to a TED talk, a Podcast which is a non profit devoted to ideas worth spreading (Technology, Entertainment & Design)  I was struck by the message that was conveyed...We don't grow into creativity...we grow out of creativity.  All kids are born creative but we educate it out of them.  I realize that I may not be a Hollis Chantelain or a Jenny Bowker but in my own way I am recapturing the creativity that I left behind.

During the TED talk they told the story of a group of school children that were given an art assignment to draw.  When the teacher asked one little girl what she was drawing...she replied God.  The teacher said, "no one knows what God looks like!"  The little girl replied, "They will in a minute!"  We need to recapture the belief in ourselves.

I was relieved to hear that one of my mug rugs reached Sweden :)  I love the idea that we can connect to each other with fabric!

Today, I head to Sew Many Quilts to spend time with a whole group of creative people and maybe,
 I will be infected with some of that!
Have a wonderful Day!