Thursday, May 25, 2017

Pioneer Quilts + Acorn & Threads Cross Stitch

May Flowers

Finally we begin to see the results of the winter we weathered!  The trees outside our window are huge and we can no longer see much of sidewalk across the street.  We do listen to the city noise but can't see who is making it, LOL.  I think Enzo sees far more than we do.  

I have been stitching away on my Red Button Quilt and was trying to decide if I was going to Spargo all the little flowers when it suddenly dawned on me...hey, this is a Red Button Design....where are the buttons?!!!  Then I remembered I didn't want to lose them and so didn't bring them along. Shoot!!! I hope I'll be able to find them when I get back to Sisters!!!

We weathered the blackout just fine and had a nice little campout inside with our grandson.  He has new glasses!  He very importantly told me that he is on a gluten/lactose free diet and that he misses eating the foods he likes.  As we walked around downtown we took a break at a coffee shop that had vegan/gluten free there is a sweet happy boy!

It seems that some of the intolerant challenges of the world in general have reached the quilting world in a very sad way.  I have not witnessed this so cannot speak directly but Stacy West posted  on Facebook an article that you can read here.  For me the core of quilting in my mind is generosity of time, spirit and quilts.  I hope we all can remember this and be kind.

Have a wonderful day and be safe this 
Memorial Day Weekend!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Power Outage & More Wine Than Stitching

 We were having a perfect day in Portland...beautiful weather, warm, hanging  out with our grandson...and then the power went out.  It is very weird when the power goes out in an entire high rise...but, it is even weirder when the power goes out to the core of downtown Portland.  You could see pockets of light off in the distance and right across the street from us the Safeway block had power...but, from us north to past Powell's Bookstore and then across the river!!! no electricity!!!  As day became evening and evening became only got see people walk pass and disappear into the complete darkness of downtown Portland.  Oh...if you were curious...than meant no A/C on a very hot day and night which meant we left the windows open and the night time activity of the city was our entertainment.  It is a curious thing to not have electricity...our phones are charging hair is blow drier.  I have what battery is left on my computer :) and my hotspot! but I will bid adieu to conserve power and share a little of what our travels included in Napa!  Supposedly we will go without power until tonight...I will light candles to the power gods!!! 

I did a bit of stitching but out of the 5 of us gals only 3 are quilters...but, all are wine drinkers, LOL.  We did take a field trip to Broadway Quilts in Sonoma which I will share with you on Quilt Roadies in a few days.

We and our guys spent a week in a lovely campground...and the office thought it would be nice to put us all together in our own little area...poor us...we camped on a knoll overlooking a vineyard.

The days were filled with activities, tasting wine and good food.  Enjoying the sunshine being hosted by my sister the hostess with the mostess!

Robin and Kim decided to take a break from the walk and have a seat...
I thought they were taller?!

 Wine and gift shops are just like quilt shops...filled with ideas you want to go home and recreate.  I have been saving wine corks for years and need to start using them in crafts...this was adorable!

Talent abounds in this world if you make time to enjoy it...these bow ties were incredible!  Made out of a variety of feathers!  I left these in photo form rather than slideshows so you could click on them to enlarge.

Whoever created these bow ties could become a quilter! 
 The color and design placement was beautiful.

Don't you know someone who "Sleeps with Dogs"  I can see an embroidery project...with little wool foot prints :)

Not a lot of stitching but a whole lot of time hanging out with friends which is just as sweet.  I hope your week is filled with one or both!!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

What Day Is It????

My sister and I grew up as Nomads...culturally and genetically we are a family on the move.  She flew in at midnight Tuesday from her youngest sons PhD graduation in Hawaii and on Wednesday we all were on the road wine tasting!  Our book groups are having a mutual gathering today.  So much is going on I forgot it was Thursday Blog Day!  So sorry!!!

Although wine and book club goes together...I am not sure wine and stitching is a great combination, LOL.  I did get some stitching down while the group sat around the campsites.  I am working on this cute Red Button pattern.  It really is adorable!

I can't help myself anymore but have to add a little bit of what I have learned from Sue Spargo...and so am adding a few bullion stitches to the top of my circle flowers.  I love the little bit of whimsy it adds.  The rest will be a whip stitch.  Hopefully I will finish the stitch  on this trip but if not then the next.  I really want to add this one to my wall of little quilts before Quilt Show!

Hope today is a stitching day for you...for us...
we are shopping Napa 
and meeting with my sister's book group to discuss 
The Other Einstein!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Marble Canyon & The Vermilion Cliffs

Life Blessings...

Mother's Day was such a surprise!  My dear DIL and younger son were supposed to come over and  whip up a Mother's Day breakfast...but, when they arrived they had a surprise for oldest son was with them !!!  I can't remember the last Mother's Day where both my boys were together with me!  This was the most EPIC Mother's Day ever!

Even though we were packing for another Quilt Roadie 2017 adventure I was able to finish binding #2!  Sew Spooky by The Quilt Company I love this quilt, especially with all the extra special things they provide to make this a fun project.

I am really pooped after the 10 hour drive yesterday but we now rested up and raring to go!  Hope your day is filled with love and stitching!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Little Bit Of This...A Little Bit Of That...

I finished tacking down the  binding on quilt number one...
One down...3 to go!

Now a days wedding and baby showers include 
the future spouse or dad. 
 My baby boy is having a baby boy :)

Robin made this adorable wall quilt for the baby's room

And, Cakers knitted an adorable apple hat...
the apple doesn't fall far from the tree :)

baby's room is coming together....

I don't think a baby can have too many quilts, LOL

Got a chance to catch up on some movie watching and 
I highly recommend Lion. 
 Based on a true story, it is a must see!

Happy Thursday and have a wonderful weekend!