Thursday, July 31, 2014

Planning & Preparation

This past weekend a friend gave me a piece of information that has changed my quilting life!  I was sharing that I had given up on all my list was stressing me out and taking the joy out of quilting.  She said that she doesn't have a list of projects that need to be done...but, a list of projects she has completed!  It is so simple and yet, so powerful.  Each time you complete something you write it positive, so encouraging!  

Then I rearranged my sewing room.  There really is something to the Feng Shui of furniture placement.  Just a little tweaking and my whole perspective is different.  Now when I am ironing I can see Black Butte which makes me happy.  And, my cutting table is a few inches closer to my sewing table.  Just a little bit of movement and the whole room feel energized.  I would encourage you to take a look at your space whether it is small of large...a little adjustment can make a huge difference.

I have been prepping projects because I love the feeling of having something to do at a moments notice.  I am unable to sit and watch TV without stitching...I can not ride in a car without stitching...and, in Portland we don't have TV... so, it is music and stitching.  Which means I need to be prepared!  I can become quite ugly if I don't have something to do, lol.

Harvest Moon is ready for stitching!

...and I need to get Augusts Bertie's done!

do you like to be prepared...or are you a fly by the seat of your pants stitcher??? LOL

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Miracle!!!!

Yes, there has been a miracle in the sewing room!  I am not sure what caused it...but, for the first time ever!!!!  As in EVER!  I finished a quilt class project in the same month I took the class!  Sure I still have to quilt it but...the top is done!

I think it might have something to do with seeing all the quilt tops that the Twisted Sisters finished during their stay across the creek.  What ever the reason I feel powerful! LOL  

I highly recommend Log Jammin' with Jackie during the Quilter's Affair.  It is a class which releases the inner OCD quilter in us all. You are given 2 bags of irregularly cut strips of fabric.  She has bundled them with complementary colors and prints...mine were solids.  But,  there was bags of get the idea.  And then, you just start stitching...a totally relaxing class, filled with conversation and laughter because you didn't have to concentrate on matching points.

I have a electrical panel in Portland that is in the middle of the wall and I am going to hang this quilt over the top of it.  As soon as I laid my blocks out I realized they reminded me of  the traditional Korean dress fabric with the bright colors and, I have my own childhood Korean dress framed in the same hallway.  So these log homes with their red centers represent my family which are scattered all over the world.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Quilted Blessings

All it takes is a snapshot...and life seems so sweet. A new set of twins have moved into the neighborhood.  They are about as tall as Enzo.  

And I was able to go into Bend and stitch with the 
Material Girls!  
Although life has been "Quiltus Interruptus" and I have been missing my stitch time with these special ladies, I knew I could not go another week.  It was a small group since it seems others are having the same issue with quilting in the summer months.  My quilting well was filled...being able to stitch with friends...but mostly, it was about the conversations... and the laughter.  It is such a necessary part of our emotional why is it, that we push it to the back burner because of all the "shoulds?"

Enjoy the short slide show of what the Material Girls were up too!
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Monday, July 28, 2014


 What a glorious weekend.  The weather was fabulous...I was able to fit some quilting time cousin and his family stopped by...and the neighborhood was rockin' and rollin'.  There is construction going on all around us and change is happening.

Do you ever feel like you want to dig in your heels and not accept the change?  Over the last year I have heard not only myself but others lamenting the changes going on in life.  If you are a "senior" like me you have entered that period of life where your plate is full of choices.  Friends are moving, quilt groups are evolving and choices are available.  And, even though the choices are great they still bring a change...which one has to pause...and think about.  

I am finding that it is taking me a little time to adjust to the changes in my quilt groups.  Life is all about change...and, like the new bolts of fabric that arrive in the shops...there are new friends to be made...but you still miss you old friends that you don't see the special pieces of fabric that you don't see anymore and wish they would reprint! LOL

Several years in over 10 years ago Jean Wells & The Stitchin Post used to plan one day bus trips over the mountains to different quilt shops and gardens.  What a wonderful time we had!  On one such trip we went to a garden shop and I bought a Money Tree root and it looked exactly like this photo.  A braided root which I brought home and stuck in a pot of dirt.

Many years later my Money Tree looks like this and continues to grow...I miss those trips but I have this great plant to remember them by...likewise...when I look at some of my quilts I remember the friends I quilted with and know that there are new memories to be made.

I finished another quilt and I do believe Enzo looks quite dapper on this one!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Thank You

The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show wouldn't happen with out an army of volunteers...led by fearless...take no prisoners Quilt Show staff (Jamie, Tammy, Kathy + many others) and their leader Jeanette!  Year One, is under her belt and with the challenges that come with year one including Mother Nature turning on the heat....well she survived with grace!

The Volunteers Thank You Event is a wonderful wrap up to the Quilt Show.  Like the theme for this years show, "It Takes A Village"  the quilt show would not happen without the dedication from not only volunteers who live locally but the 100's who travel from around the world to help.  And, if you are not able to help out on Quilt Show day there is a need for volunteers year round...make your mark and call the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Office and we'll see you at next years party!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Houston We Have A Problem

It seems that computer issues have followed me home...I have a love/hate relationship with my laptop...I need a new one but this one is like an old friend...except when it stops talking to me :(  I attended the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Volunteer Appreciation Event  (sorry no slide show until she decides to talk to me again)  It was so wonderful to be with so many wonderful people who help the quilt show happen.  Another year completed and another year to look forward too.

The last couple of days has brought huge storms to the area...big winds, buckets of rain, hail and spectacular lightening.  A huge buck was running around the front of the house trying to decide where to hide.  I was sure a lightening bolt was going to hit one of his racks!  Finally he bedded down next to a house under construction...riding out the storm. I am kinda PO'd  that Enzo just lays around while there is thunder and lightening going on...yet, if I walk into the kitchen he is terrified!  Sheesh! 

Yesterday I cleaned my sewing room, reorganizing and actually doing some sewing!  I opened all the blinds in my sewing room, threw open the windows to let the rain fresh air in....put on a fabulous book on CD and started sewing!  What a wonderful feeling.  I made the binding and finished up the 2nd camper quilt.  Enzo liked it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Yesterday I pondered the moments that are missed with all the rushing around and pseudo deadlines we place on ourselves.  Gotta get this done, gotta get that done...gotta make a list of things I need to get done...need to make a UFO list...What the beegeebeezzzz is all this stress...when all a quilter wants to do is have fun!  So, I relaxed and spent the afternoon with the Woolies.  I have so missed them!  I am giving up my lists...I am giving up my rules...and, I am going to just relax in my sewing room.  After all, it is supposed to be a place to retreat from the worlds woes.  Like a secret garden but with fabric, lol.

I decided to take my needle case wool project.  It seems if you don't practice was you learned in class you forget?!  So having these little projects available in a pick up and go case is perfect!  I am almost satisfied with this one and will be putting it all together.

Enjoy the short slide show of what the Woolies are working on...the group was so joyful and busy.  I am always inspired and there is nothing like a 
good belly laugh 
to heal 
the soul!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


It happened this past week...a moment.  I wasn't sure how I felt about it at first.  When did it happen?  HH and I went to see the Book of Mormon (more about that later).  Anyhoo, it was at the Keller Theater which is about 3 city blocks over and 7 city blocks down from where we nest in Portland.  We were going to the theater after, I made an effort to dress up a little with some cute open toed shoes.  The walk down was fine...but...the walk back up hill was so challenging that I decided before I went out for happy hour I would change my clothes and put on my Nikes...OMG...when did I tip over to that age where sensible shoes made more sense than cute shoes?!  It happened in a moment...just like that, sigh...HH was so sweet...he said, the shoes are cute but we need to be able to walk uphill to happy hour, lol.  Practical guy.

I also realized that life's moments cannot be ignored...that it had only been a month since we made our trip to my nephew's wedding...and, in that one month this little guy had made a leap in growth, not only in stature but language.  

...and when did my baby grow up???

There weren't many stitching moments this passed weekend...all I got done was a little mermaid tail on my Quilters Affair project...But, I figure it is more important to enjoy the journey than to rush to reach a destination.  That it is the sweet quiet moments that carry you through the challenges in, why rush them?

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Twisted Sisters

One of the blessing that occurs during the Stitchin' Post Quilters Affair is the people you meet!  Thousands of quilters come together to share their love of this arts and craft form.  If you take the time, you will make life long friends.  For the last 2 years the Twisted Sisters have rented the house behind us and oooohhh baby are they an amazing group of quilters.  In the 10 days they come they'll average 25 quilt tops!!!  yes, I said 25...or maybe it is 28.  Anyhooooo it is a bucket load of quilt tops.  

I live in the most wonderful neighborhood where my neighbors (quilters and non-quilters) come together to share food, drink and conversation on a regular basis.  And so, we hosted an impromptu "Post Quilt Show Recovery" happy hour and the Twisted Sisters were welcomed into the fold!  

As you can see in the photo below...they actually finished the tops started at their Quilters Affair class in the same week!

Mary, Gabby, Robin and ROCK!

Enjoy the slideshow, save your coins...
come to the 40th Anniversary of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in 2015 
you too will meet the most incredible people!

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Quilters Affair!

The Quilters Affair is an amazing many classes, so many choices and so many new friends to be found!  It is an event that supports the community and the community supports you will find lots of local school teams willing to haul your sewing machine to your class room, serve you a cup of coffee and assist you in anyway they can.  Lunch time resembles the school year lunch hour with quilters yelling across to friends, showing off what they made or having quiet supportive conversations.  The Stitchin' Post sets up a satellite store so your class needs are at hand and many of the post cards for auction are on display!  The lunch hour is a nice time to walk around the hallways peeking in the various classes to decide what you might want to sign up for next year!

I have some decorative stitching to do on this piece and I can't wait for you to see the before and after!  

Today's slideshow is just a peek at a small handful of classes...just a tease...cause remember next year is the 40th Anniversary and I know that the offerings are going to be amazing!

Enjoy your weekend and get to meet the Twisted Sisters! LOL
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