Tuesday, July 22, 2014


It happened this past week...a moment.  I wasn't sure how I felt about it at first.  When did it happen?  HH and I went to see the Book of Mormon (more about that later).  Anyhoo, it was at the Keller Theater which is about 3 city blocks over and 7 city blocks down from where we nest in Portland.  We were going to the theater after, I made an effort to dress up a little with some cute open toed shoes.  The walk down was fine...but...the walk back up hill was so challenging that I decided before I went out for happy hour I would change my clothes and put on my Nikes...OMG...when did I tip over to that age where sensible shoes made more sense than cute shoes?!  It happened in a moment...just like that, sigh...HH was so sweet...he said, the shoes are cute but we need to be able to walk uphill to happy hour, lol.  Practical guy.

I also realized that life's moments cannot be ignored...that it had only been a month since we made our trip to my nephew's wedding...and, in that one month this little guy had made a leap in growth, not only in stature but language.  

...and when did my baby grow up???

There weren't many stitching moments this passed weekend...all I got done was a little mermaid tail on my Quilters Affair project...But, I figure it is more important to enjoy the journey than to rush to reach a destination.  That it is the sweet quiet moments that carry you through the challenges in, why rush them?

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Twisted Sisters

One of the blessing that occurs during the Stitchin' Post Quilters Affair is the people you meet!  Thousands of quilters come together to share their love of this arts and craft form.  If you take the time, you will make life long friends.  For the last 2 years the Twisted Sisters have rented the house behind us and oooohhh baby are they an amazing group of quilters.  In the 10 days they come they'll average 25 quilt tops!!!  yes, I said 25...or maybe it is 28.  Anyhooooo it is a bucket load of quilt tops.  

I live in the most wonderful neighborhood where my neighbors (quilters and non-quilters) come together to share food, drink and conversation on a regular basis.  And so, we hosted an impromptu "Post Quilt Show Recovery" happy hour and the Twisted Sisters were welcomed into the fold!  

As you can see in the photo below...they actually finished the tops started at their Quilters Affair class in the same week!

Mary, Gabby, Robin and ROCK!

Enjoy the slideshow, save your coins...
come to the 40th Anniversary of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in 2015 
you too will meet the most incredible people!

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Quilters Affair!

The Quilters Affair is an amazing many classes, so many choices and so many new friends to be found!  It is an event that supports the community and the community supports you will find lots of local school teams willing to haul your sewing machine to your class room, serve you a cup of coffee and assist you in anyway they can.  Lunch time resembles the school year lunch hour with quilters yelling across to friends, showing off what they made or having quiet supportive conversations.  The Stitchin' Post sets up a satellite store so your class needs are at hand and many of the post cards for auction are on display!  The lunch hour is a nice time to walk around the hallways peeking in the various classes to decide what you might want to sign up for next year!

I have some decorative stitching to do on this piece and I can't wait for you to see the before and after!  

Today's slideshow is just a peek at a small handful of classes...just a tease...cause remember next year is the 40th Anniversary and I know that the offerings are going to be amazing!

Enjoy your weekend and get to meet the Twisted Sisters! LOL
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Save It For Sunday

The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is always the second Saturday in July.  And, even though it is a one day fact there is a full week of activities planned by the Jean, Valori and the crew at the Stitchin' Post!  The Save it For Sunday Walking Tour and Lecture is a one of a kind event.  Each year a well known quilter is asked to give a walking tour at the 5 Pines Conference Center in Sisters follwed by a lecture.  The quilts are hung among the trees and wild flowers.  This year, Angela Walters long arm quilter and fabric designer extraordinaire gave us a taste of her world!  And, we also had the additional treat of Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts!

I hope you enjoy the slideshow and add this event to your calendar next year!
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"Wish Upon A Card" Reception for Wendy's Wish

Wendy's Wish was begun by a handful of Wendy's friends to keep her wish alive after she went to the Quilt Room in the sky following a struggle with cancer.  She wished that there would be a way to raise money for people who were dealing with the big "C." Not for research...but, to help with the financial day to day costs that weigh a family, utilities, mortgage...those worrisome items that interfere with the energy to battle cancer.  I have fond memories of going to Wendy's house for her yearly Christmas Craft hands filled with wonderful goodies created all year long for this event. And, I love knowing that her Joie de Vivre continues on with the "Wish Upon A Card" event.

This year the Lubbesmeyer sisters donated a postcard to be auctioned for Wendy's Wish and my friend Kathy (center) organizes this one of a kind event each year!  Anyone can make a card to start working on one now! or you can participate in the fabric challenge cards when they make the announcement.  Several (as in 80+) are chosen for framing.  And then, all are auctioned in a silent auction or sold to raise funds for this worthy cause.

Myrna of High Desert Frameworks in Bend, Oregon does all the framing and matting with the help of several people committed to the Wish Upon a Card Project.

This is the card I chose from so many beautiful choices...difficult to chose...but, this year I decided that I wanted to bid on a card that HH would like as much as I do!  HH spends most of his time outdoors and the card by Jean Wells had that wide open, outdoors feeling.  

Enjoy the slideshow of the "Wish Upon A Card" reception and maybe you will support this wonderful event for the 40th Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Anniversary!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Friday Night Picnic in the Park

I have decided that the Sisters Quilters Affair and the Outdoor Quilt Show is like Disneyland for Quilters!!!  There is sooooo much to do, so much to see that you can literally go from sunrise to sunset each and every day!  And then the party is least for us attendees...but for the minions who make the show happen every year...well, they have already started working on next years event.  I am giving you forewarning...start today, right now...saving those coins because next year is the 40th anniversary and 2015 is going to be a wonderful year for quilters in Sisters country!

Today's post is about the Picnic in the Park.  Friday of Quilt Show week always has an evening picnic which has wonderful music, food...
(take a look at these photos, Tate & Tate Catering)

...and, QUILTS!  Not only the sharing of the Stitchin' Post employee challenge but the featured speaker always brings quilts to share.  It is held in our sweet Village Green in the center of town.  This year Jennifer Keltner, a publication guru who is now with Martingale Press brought along suitcases filled with quilts made by their designers.  They all are doable and the quilting was fabulous!

enjoy the slideshow...hang in there through the first third...there really are quilts in this slide show. But, I wanted to share the flavor of the entice you to attend next year.  You can sign up and pay for your meal or if you choose to have your own picnic you can still see the show!
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Monday, July 14, 2014

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2014

Forewarning....I am posting my way backwards.  It fits my crazy life and I knew you all would be waiting for the slideshow about the actual Quilt Show!  I confess, I didn't take as many photos as in the past because after a full morning working the information booth I lost steam in walking the entire show :( But, I will have a slide show each day this week showing you a snippet of what was going on during the Quilters Affair, Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and the Save it For Sunday event.  I took 2 classes, one from Jackie Erickson and the second one from Laura Wasilowski.  I attended the Wendy's Wish Postcard Reception and the Reception for Jean Wells at the Open Door.  And  to wrap up the week my sister and I attended the Angela Walters walking tour and lecture...wrapping up the Quilt Show week with a wonderful lunch with Angela Walters and Julie Herman...who both wow'd us with their youth, energy and talent...quilting will continue to be embraced and cherished as a art form for year to come.

As a segueway into our quilting world here in Sisters, Oregon I share this photo of a couple of girlfriends...because after all quilting is cherished not just for the creativity...the fabric...but, mostly for the friendships that result...

Jeanne & Lori

Enjoy the slideshow...start saving those coins and join us next year for the 
40th Anniversary of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show!
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Friday, July 11, 2014

Quilt Show Week is About the Quilters!

The Dynamic Duo Jean and Valori checking out the happening at the Stitchin' Post!  All this wonderful craziness because of one woman's vision.

It is amazing what this mother/daughter team continue to plan each year...and next year being the 40th anniversary we are all in for an amazing time!

Reception at the Open Door & Clearwater Gallery 
for Jean Wells.

Jean Wells and June Jaeger

The Fabric Stalkers in Jacki Erikson's Log Jammin' class

The sista's showing off what can be done with the whonky log cabin blocks!  those squares wouldn't cover my essentials! LOL

One of Sisters LongArm Quilters, Hal soaking up all the Angela Walters has to teach!

Marsha, Woolie reader...all the way from Calgary for a Sherrill Kahn class! Printmaking...see the piece hanging behind her!  WOW! Love her shirt, LOL.

Remember the Unknown Comic...well, we have an Unknown Quilters.

Needless to say I will be talking about the quilt week, quilters, quilt show, classes and all around fun for the next stay tuned!  Today, I am heading off to my second class, then the program in the park this evening...soooo much fun!  I think everyone should add the Quilters Affair and the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show to their bucket list!  See ya back here on Monday and I will of course start with a Quilt Show slide show!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014


This week is craaaazy....the weather has been HOT...the sunsets stunning...the number of quilters in town is in the trillions lol...well, I do exaggerate but, not by much.  I was invited to dinner at a neighbors and thought it was going to be just her, her husband and me...but instead seated at the beautifully set table were like...8 or 9 quilters!!!  and then when I got home I saw across the creek that the Twisted Sisters were unpacking there car and I swear after the fabric and machines were taken inside the van must have risen 6 inches, lol.

Just imagine all the quilters in town what their brains might be thinking....

I missed the QuiltWorks Gallery exhibit but was able to stop by this week and make you a great slide show!  The local quilters are amazing!  
Enjoy and we see you tomorrow!
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Winners & QuiltWorks

First lets announce the winner of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Posters and Calendar!!!  
The winner of poster #1 is....Jenny Bonynge   
The winner of poster #2 is...Barbers of Lucky Lane
The winner of the Men Behind Quilts Calendar is...Danielle

Now you need to send me your mailing addresses!

I finished my Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine quilt.  It turned out adorable and was made totally out of my stash, Yahooooo!  Just in time for quilt show week.  I was beginning to feel guilty with the snowball heads still hanging but now we are living the season, lol.

QuiltWorks is all decked out for Quilt Show Week!  I know you will enjoy dreaming about all the projects you must have!  Today I am headed to Sisters High School for my first class and look forward to sharing all the activities with you!
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