Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pioneer Quilts Booty

I do so love Pioneer Quilts!  It is only about 5 miles down the freeway from Holly Hills.  Whereas Holly Hills is predominately a Moda shop, Pioneer Quilts carries a variety of designers and fabrics.  I told myself I wasn't going to buy any more patterns but sheesh...they are so many cute patterns...and I have been getting more done lately due to the Flicker 2013 UFO site!!! Thank you girls!!!  I couldn't  find any Transfer Eze in town but was lucky enough that Pioneer just got a shipment in!  A bag of walnut shells with lavender...yes I am all set!...for a moment.  I have fallen off the spending wagon a "bit" but am back on...with a commitment not to purchase anything else until Spring Market...of course I have a few more packages coming in the mail...but, I swear...nothing after that!!!

you are going to enjoy this slideshow...and...if anything peeks your interest you can contact Pioneer Quilt Shop in Happy Valley, Oregon.  Don't you think it is appropriate that there is a quilt store in a place called Happy Valley!!!  Tomorrow begins the Fabric Stalkers Quiet River Retreat!!!  4 days of blissful sewing...all day in our jammies!  I should be able to knock out a couple of projects at least!!!

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