Thursday, February 7, 2013

Stitchin' Day

yesterday I headed to Sew Many Quilts to spend some time working on one of my MANY embroidery projects.  Enzo had a spa morning before the group meeting which meant he showed up all handsome and ready for some girlfriend time...he does love his girlfriends! lol

I am somewhat in a frenzy because today begins the Fabric Stalkers Quiet River Retreat...which means a lot of sewing and being together.  I have packed and repacked what I want to work on...but first I am going to my water exercise class...then I plan on staying in my PJ's for days!  But first, a few photos of the stitchery that was shown at group.

This is the project I take to group twice a month.  I only work on it there so figure it may not get done until...I Halloween.  Once I get the stitchery done then I will be piecing the blocks that go around the outside.

Am I the only one drowning in hand projects?  Or do you also have other addictions besides quilting and Wool???  I need to know what you love to do???  I will be posting some progress photos from retreat onto the Flicker 2013 UFO site...seems like Feb. is off to a slower start in the UFO I'll post progress rather than all the Woolie Flicker is all about your own rules!