Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Favorite Day...Tuesday!

I guess I could say every day is my favorite day...because there is something about each day that seems to make me smile.  Yesterday was an especially sweet day.  Enzo and I went out for a walk and we actually found 2 golf balls.  We used to find 7-12 golf balls on every walk but with the economic downturn the numbers have dwindled.  Golfers are more willing to climb down a hill or check in the rough for a lost ball.  I guess it has hit quilters also.  We are more discretionary in our spending and are creating items out of our stash.  But occasionally you just have to create something out of that new line of fabric!  I spent the morning prepping some Henrietta blocks and then jumped on my scooter named.....(???) and headed to Woolies group at Quiltworks. Due to vacation the attendance was less but still a nice group of 6 showed.  We talked, worked on our wool projects and even got a little show 'n tell!

MaryAnn loved this fabric purchased by a customer so decided she needed some also, just threw together a quick wall hanging!..She cooks, she sews, she probably even dances!

Mary was working on a border for a Primitive Gathering BOM, don't you just love that purple/lavendar!

Sue has be working on this cornicopia with a determination to get it done by Fall!

Here is Henrietta sharing her acorn!

I couldn't pass up taking a photo of this cute hat display.  Marilyn, owner of QuiltWorks swears they are easy to make!

The Wool at QuiltWorks is just "Top Shelf"

look at this show 'n tell brought in by the piecer!  Absolutely stunning!  Quilted by Julia at QuiltWorks!

Well, I am off to work...hope you are all going to be having a lovely day filled with beautiful quilts!