Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Been thinking a lot about my approach to quilting.  In the past I have been like a kid in a candy shoppe, running this way and that way.  Sampling this fabric and that fabric.  Buying this kit or pattern or that kit and pattern.  Then I had a "come to Jesus" moment and reflected on what did I really want and need.  I became more excited but, in a different way.  I discovered handwork, applique, wool and embroidery. Being organized felt better and just because something is a "good" deal didn't mean I was going to like it or even finish it.  

This summer brought me more information about the quilter I am...Sam I am...green eggs and ham.  Yes, I went off the deep end.  The BOW's were all consuming and although I love them, they became more like a job.  I have been listening to little whispers of advice from readers and my quilt groups...and yesterday I did something I thought I wasn't capable of with my slightly compulsive nature.  I took down the Primitive Gathering BOW from my design wall.  I placed them carefully in their own project box and decided...to take a break.  When I went  to my BJ's Quilt Basket BOM last Saturday and suddenly realized that I am not behind but moving along with the satisfaction that comes from success...I decided I needed a little more of that feeling.

Looking around my sewing room at little piles, searching through drawers and projects boxes I came upon Henrietta!  Now that is one sweet project.  Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs generously posts a free BOM every year.  Once the year is over then the pattern is no longer free.  Her designs are wonderful and always make me smile.  When I pulled out my blocks it became apparent that this could conceivably be a last minute two point dunk!  I could finish this project before the end of summer!  Today is going to be a quiet Woolies at QuiltWorks because several are away on vacation but I will be taking my Henrietta blocks!

Anne Sutton just posed Block 8 and I am close to being done with Block 4, Block 5 is fused and prepped for stitching.  This morning I will prep Block 6 & 7.  Hey, anyone who is working on Henrietta send me a photo of the blocks you have done!