Friday, February 1, 2013

BRUCHGEFAHR=Fracture Risk!

Have I got a story for you!  I had a small stack of certified mail certificates...we get them regularly from the sub-contractors letting us know that they can put the heebie jeebies on us if we don't pay for the work being done on the construction.  I took the small pile of cards to the Post Office and was surprised when the post mistress brought this box out!!!  What the hey???

Well...Lord willing and the creek don't rise I thought I would never see this package!!!  You see, while I was in France last fall attending the L'Europa Quilt Show I visited a shop in a small village in Germany at Lake Titesee and bought a cuckoo clock for HH.  This was back in September, mind you...and the clock expert (yes, he wore a white lab coat) told me to expect it at the end of November...give or take a couple of weeks.  Because, it would be coming by ship and then plane.   By the beginning of January I thought the clock was history since it probably had to sit awhile in the flood waters of Hurricane Sandy!  Not one to dwell to long on the down side of life I chalked it up to the "oh well gods."

Life works in interesting ways...because here the clock is, 2 months overdue...but, arriving just in time for HH's birthday on Saturday.

I got another UFO done!!!  Rockin' and Rollin' on the Flicker site!!!  I bought this quilt kit over 5 years ago and then made the top about 3 years ago for someone special...not knowing who that was.  Last week I thought it would be perfect for my little grandson Wyatt.  Nice and bright!  We are celebrating his first birthday on Saturday!

Isn't it FUN!

There is going to be a great slide show coming up!  Tonight the First Friday Gallery Event at QuiltWorks has the Woolies as the featured group!!!  See ya soon!