Friday, January 18, 2013

This Girl Is On Fire!!! & The Give Away Winner

First, the winner of the give away on the "In Your Words" blog hop....Joyce!!! who said, "What a beautiful job, Anna.  Love the fabric!"  Email me your address and I'll get the package out to you!

The last two days this girl has been on fire...and I have to admit I think it is because of the Flicker UFO 2013 group.  I realize that I post what I am up to but never really see what you all are up too and with the photos that are being posted on the site I get all excited about my own stuff.  I really want to finish up projects.  Not, because I just want them out of my hair but I really love them and want to make them!  Even if you don't join us on the Flicker site at least check out the is so invigorating to see those projects!

Several of the Woolies decided to do the Buttermilk Basin mini quilts this year.  It is a small project with a monthly theme.  The little theme quilts hang on a crazy patch background.  First step is to get the base quilt done.  Here is a photo of my crazy patch base.  I decided to make it a little monochromatic, gray, black and dark blue.  I am stitching the crazy patch embroidery stitches with black Valdani. The mini quilts will hang over the center square by little hooks. (yes this is the piece I threw the tantrum over the other day)

I was looking at the calender and realized that January is on the downhill side...which means February!!!  How in the world does that happen so fast????  February is big in our house.  HH is a ground hog baby and there is Valentines Day.  Every year in June I tell myself I need to make a Valentine table runner or quilt...but do I? NO!  As it turned out I did complete a Valentine table runner top last year in a fun little class in Sisters...but, I never quilted it.  I have a love hate relationship with quilting.  I used to have a long arm  but sold it in our last move...let me tell you, it is hard to go back to quilting on a small machine after a long arm.  I am not whining here.  I mean it is really difficult because when you long arm your brain, eye and hand coordination are completely different than quilting on a sewing machine.  The outcome of this is I usually send my large quilts out and TRY to quilt the small stuff.  I have been trying to practice on these table runner...with moderate success.

The feather heart turned out ok in the photo but close up hummm wonder how much a long arm quilter charges to do table runners...and would I have to sneak in so no other quilter would see me...weenie.

I do have a variety of templates and this chalk pen is my favorite.  It is refillable and you actually can get different color chalk to use.  I think this year I may have a Valentine table runner ready for February!!!  So tell you decorate for Valentines Day?