Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Command Center

Some people call their special room The Quilt Room, The Nest, My Sewing Room, Design Studio...HH calls my room, The Command Center!  With that much power I feel responsible for maintaining a Defcon 5!  Here are my guidelines as rewritten for the Quilting Defcon System.

DefCon 5 - Normal quilting operations.

DefCon 4 - Still considered "quilt time", but intelligence gathering is increased and spending is loosened. The Woolie was at DefCon 4 for most of last year.

DefCon 3 - All quilting assets are readied. "Quilt signs" for deployed assets change from publicly-known signals to classified ones. The Woolie has been at this level 3 times, most recently after announcing her retirement.

DefCon 2 - Further increase of quilting readiness. All credit cards not already in position are placed on "stand by" alert. DefCon 2 was used once, after HH announced his retirement.

DefCon 1 - Maximum Quilting readiness. All projects are active. Mailman is arriving daily and a new shelter is dug in the back yard to hold additional kits.  I have not been at Decon 1.

All is at peace in the Woolie World!

I decided what my next cross stitch on linen project will be.  It is a sewing box which I have to paint and then stitch the little inserts.  Each square should be fairly quick but I am not sure exactly when I will start.  I have Kathy Schmitz QOM (quilt of the month) starting in a week (they are hand embroidered and small).  I still am embracing the life of handwork! lol

The Fabric Stalkers retreat is only 2 weeks away and I will be out of town the weekend before so I decided to make some retreat decisions and start orgainizing.  Top on my list was the 2011 BOW from Primitive Gatherings.  I have had the blocks done for several months but they just sat in a nice neat little stack taking up I really need that project box!  Yesterday, I spent part of the day re-bonding with this project.  I think sometimes you have to do that because, due to time and  a disorganized Command Center tend to lose the love for some projects.  They get buried and pushed aside in my brain.  Nothing jump starts the process more than squaring up the blocks.  They are so beautiful!

The sashing and the border involved a major cutting operations!

Now, I have one retreat project ready for retreat!!!!

Remember last week I told you about a quilter who offered the Heart to Hand Christmas BOM patterns to me!  Well they arrived!!!!  Cathy you are the sweetest!  I cannot believe the card that arrived with it...I know it is handmade and so adorable!  Quilters are the most amazing people...always willing to share.

I know what is going on my 2013 list of projects!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday in your Command Center! And Don't is Shop Your Local Quilt Store Day!