Monday, January 28, 2013

Holy Stitchery Batman!!!

The new stitchery of the month sponsored  by Sew Many Quilts is a huge success with over 30 participants!!!  I checked with Sharon and Gayle and any Woolie readers who want to participate they will sign you up by mail!!! You are going to want to sign up to get the patterns as it is the only way to get the little fusibles provided with each one!

They are absolutely adorable and are made to hang either on a wire stand or on a wall hanger...but, I hear some people are thinking about putting them together into one quilt top!!!

Linda is our moderator and instructor and not only is she a sweetheart...she is a great instructor!

I really like this stitchery card and for $4.95 it was clear written and well worth it since it could stand up in front of me.

I couldn't believe it...I was coming to stitchery class and one of my friends, Carrie brought me a little cross stitch on linen kit!!!  with a wonderfully sweet note...I am so blessed!  Isn't it adorable!  

Today is Material Girls...which means for me...a big stitch quilting lesson.  I am trying to finish another UFO...Crow Gossip.  hope your Monday is Amazing!!!