Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Cat In The Hat

For some reason beyond my comprehension I was lucky enough in this life to be born the oldest cousin!  Which means that I have cousins who are still having babies...I know, I have bragged about this before!  I don't just seems so great to be a quilters and be able to have a reason to make fun quilts.  One of my cousins has 3 daughters and I have been working on making a quilt for each of them for their birthday.  Due to the unforseen issues with mom I was not able to finish the youngest ones quilt in time for her birthday...but guess what...I now only have the binding to finish. 

McKenna walks to her own story and so I want to make her a Dr. Seuss Quilt!  It is so fun and maybe it is because I am still a big kid...I just LOVE the fabric, I collect the books and if I have a problem I know that Dr. Seuss will have the answer!


I made a fun quilt featuring all the Dr Seuss fabrics!

It is bright and funny just like McKenna!
and if you have some time and want to have a great time, check out this site!
Dr. Seuss