Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Let's Get Going!!!

A little tip to share...I finished this project in 2016 but didn't really pay attention to the size of the project in relation to ready made frames.  The project itself is adorable by Norma Whaley but when I finished it the last lamb wouldn't fit into a pre-made frame! His little hind end was hidden under the frame edge.   Robin's boyfriend to the rescue!  He made me a frame just in time for this Christmas gift to be given!  Advice...measure when you layout your wool pieces.

Are you ready for a Quilt Along???  If not I am going to continue on my own...but, it would be more fun together.  I am heading to a Quilt Retreat later this week and so prepped several items to work on...first and foremost is Block One of Sunflower Gathering.

For those of you who are doing Buttermilk Basin Bringing Home The Tree the first block is fast and easy!  If any of you want to share your accomplishments you can send me a photo and I'll share it on the blog...no pressure...I know life can sometimes get in the way and some months it will be hard to keep up but a cheering section is bound to help, lol I am going to try my best to keep up.

Have a great stitching Tuesday!


  1. What a lovely gift to receive from Robin's boyfriend and Robin whom I'm sure made the request.

    I've got to prep my Sunflower Gathering blocks and I'm off to the races. Last night I cut out another to do project to add to my list.

    Enjoy your retreat.

  2. I may have to do some catch up up on the quilt alongs. Mega important top secret project going on here! The photos really have me wanting to dive in though! I always think Normas sheeples would look great in a Barnwood frame when I see them. I think our old barn is going to start disappearing, one board at a time!

  3. I have a bad habit of making pieces for frames without thinking of the size. That came out beautifully and nice to make custom frames.


  4. My Bringing Home The Tree is on it's way. Can't wait to get started.

  5. hehehe...I will join you with the sunflower one, I even have that first block done :)