Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What??? NO Quilting???

I cannot remember the last time I was on a vacation where there wasn't a quilter somewhere??? LOL  It was an interesting experience.  You would think that between this blog, Anna & G On The Road and Quilt Roadies that we wouldn't know anyone who wasn't a quilter...but, in fact we do!  This past Labor Day Weekend we took a break from quilting.  Well, that is not totally true I did pack some stitching. But, the reality of it was the needle didn't get any movement unless I was in the passenger seat.  Which wasn't very long since we were camping only about 2 1/2 hours away from home.

Mount Thielsen, is an extinct shield volcano 
in the Oregon High Cascades

Diamond Lake, is a natural body of water near 
Crater Lake National Park.  
This was home for the Labor Day Weekend!

...and here we are!...
which one of these is not like the other, LOL
yep, only ONE quilter in the lineup.

Although he is not a quilter 
he was the  only boy this weekend 
who was married to one :)

 But...guess who came along 
even though it was a none quilting weekend, 
Mr. Winkie.

Oh yeah, there was also a very dirty dog who had to hit the dog bath as soon as we got home.  I might owe the campground some money for the amount of acreage that went down Enzo's drain!

This week we are busy busy busy...Thursday starts the Sisters Folk Festival and when that wraps up I'll be packing for a Fabric Stalker Quilt Retreat....Yeah, some quilting.  What I can share with you is that taking a total break from quilting, hanging out with non-quilters has invigorated my excitement for the quilt retreat.  I have lots of prepping to do in the next 7 days!!!


  1. Welcome home albeit a short stay. I'm sure you managed to have a good getaway. Looks like nice weather.

    Poor Enzo he isn't looking very happy after that bath!

  2. A day without needle to thread is almost stressful..enjoy your retreat.

  3. Sometimes it is good to just get away and do something different for awhile. I think I need that and hopefully we can do something fun next week.


  4. It is so beautiful down there! I've never been to Diamond lake until the end of July for Cascade Lakes Relay! There is a time (very rarely) for no needles....