Friday, January 20, 2012

Lesson Learned

I went to Barnes & Nobles yesterday because I found out that a Christmas gift I had ordered for my nephew's son never arrived.  The process of tracking down the  order and delivery was taking time and the manager told me to just browse while she was on hold.

I got a cup of coffee and headed to the quilt magazines...and found my favorite Quilt Mania and an annual publication by the International Quilt Festival.  Since I am on a fabric diet drooling over what I want in the future seemed like a good idea!  Until I got to the checkout stand...of course there was a line behind me...but when the clerk rang it up and said the total...$34.98!!!!!!!!!!  I actually said in a somewhat loud voice...What????  she politely said, "$34.98.  I said, "you gotta be kidding, for a couple of magazines?"  She pointed out that some of them are pretty spendy...NO DUH.  With the line behind me and my desire to drool over the pages I went ahead and made the purchase...but, let me tell you...from now on I am going to check out the price before I walk up to the register!  Next time I might just sit down at a table and drool over them with a cup of coffee and then put them back on the shelf.  What ever happened to the $3.99 magazine?  

Then last night I sat down and paged through them...OMG...they were worth every penny.  In fact the QuiltMania has the complete pattern by Lisa of Primitive Gatherings for the new Christmas BOM that is coming out in May that I was going to do!!!!  Here it is January 20th and it is Christmas all over again!

It is a good thing I am at work today cause some of my wage is gonna pay for my magazines!


  1. LOL Anna. The magazines sound great though. I got an online $10 voucher from a local craft store, decided I would be very "good" and only buy just over the $10, I needed to get some vilene to make a foundation pieced table runner, and a couple of notions. Came home with vilene, doll needles, 2 FQ packs and a half metre of owl fabric- cost me $44. I am hopeless!! ;)

  2. I was looking at it and just glanced, has some nice patterns in it, so guess I need that one, lol. I hit jo anns and get them with a coupon, way too high for me;)


  3. Last fall I went to B&N to buy the Special Autumn issue of Quiltmania - put it down after seeing the $20.00 price - and especially since all the measurements were in meters. I heard this issue has the cutting directions in inches (thank goodness) and I just might be tempted to check out Lisa's pattern. Sounds like you had sticker shock for sure!

  4. I will have to go to BAN and check that Quilt Mania out. I have the other one. Isn't the price of magazines CRAZY??!!

  5. Twenty dollars for a mag is dumb.... hard to know if it is dumb of me or dumb of them. I no longer BUY those magazines...after all they are pattern magazines and I have a zillion patterns to sew already... it is OK to just look.