Tuesday, June 8, 2021


Happy Birthday mom!  You would have been 91...and as I think of you today at 91 I have no doubt that you would have become the emperor of a small nation!  You certainly were the Emperor of our family nation.  To celebrate your life G and I took a hike this morning up Scouters Mountain.  You would have loved it here.

I was so tickled that my GS was interested in my cross stitch and his Christmas stocking.  After a few stitches he pronounced that he was good at cross stitch and liked doing it...so confident in who he is and what he likes.

I have a quiet day in the Bee Hive planned, stitching gifts and listening to some Flosstubes...I hope your day is equally enjoyable.


  1. My uncle turned 90 today yet another family link between us. My brother’s birthday is October snd mine is in February like G. I think your dad’s is March if I recall correctly. Sisters from different mothers. Enjoy your day snd sweet memories of your mom.

    1. ❤️πŸ˜€ actually my dad’s is in May. Enzo was March

  2. Sweet, sweet, SWEET photo of your grandson! :-)

  3. Precious memories, for sure.

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