Thursday, May 6, 2021

Well???'s a deep subject I know...but, if you celebrate Cinco de was it?  This is the second year where we did not celebrate with friends but we texted pictures of our individual is going to be OK.

Our day started off with a really cute yard boy 
helping me water the garden

And, ended with another cute grandpa cooking tacos 
and making margaritas!

Life is in full bloom now and Mother Nature has a way of teaching us lessons...the ice storm we endured that destroyed and disfigured so many trees is barely noticeable with the foliage filling in the ugly spots...and isn't that the lesson...look past the ugly and enjoy the beautiful.  Have a wonderful day!


  1. I made Indian tacos and don’t know why I don’t do it more often. They are so easy. Wish I could have been with family.

  2. I went snd got a chicken quesadilla and made myself a Margarita. Very quiet but earlier in the day I zoomed with a friend who moved to Halifax and our Merry group of quilters here at home.

  3. We got together with friends for dinner and the couple who brought the margaritas were an hour late. They were at a bar. We were hungry and the food was ready, but had to wait for rude friends.