Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The Tell

We all have a "tell" but not many of us know what it is.  For me when I feel my anxiety/depression lurking on the edges I stop reading.  It has taken me many years of self exploration and self help to gather my tool box.  What happened is life got busy and I ignored the "tell".  Busy, with big people things...not busy with fun crafting stuff....but crafting does get affected and I am more disorganized.   Well, it was time to address the "tell"...start doing things that will make my soul happy.  First was finding the perfect book to blow my book desert out of the water...and I found it...although I am not done I can't wait for the next chapter after I finished one.  A mystery set in Ireland...yummm.

Next was spending time with the little man...to look at the world through his eyes is a blessing...back to the basics.  He decided he needed a walking stick, so he found one.  He and G sanded and stained it for the next hike.

Children really do give you perspective on what really counts and to take moments to be one with nature. 

This time of year my parents are more present...this month was dad's birthday and next is mom's.  They were hard workers and all about family.  When I was little my dad and I used to row around in a friends row boat and my dad would share his dream of owning a sailboat...both of them were proactive in making their dream a reality.  This photo of them in their first sailboat was featured in Sunset Magazine.  

So when the Fatquarter Shop revealed the Sail Away SAL it was a slam dunk...oh yeah...I was onboard before the sails were lifted!  I am so excited about this one because I have decided to decorate a room in my house as an ode to my parents and the love of the ocean!  Join me if you are interested!!!

Have a great day...discover what you "tell" is 
and work on a plan!


  1. I love that Silas found a walking stitch almost as tall as he is. What a fun memory for him to have of sanding and staining it with G.

    Have fun with the new SAL.

  2. Love your grand and his walking stick. Our daughter picked up a perfect walking stick when she was about 7 and we were at the Oregon coast. She is now 31 and still has the walking stick, although it is a bit short now!

  3. Wonderful story! What brand is the floss, please?

  4. Oh never mind.... I just looked it up. 🙈

  5. So very sorry for your loss. PrYers for all of the family

  6. Thank you for the book recommendation. I am #66 for 16 copies, but I'm sure it will be worth the wait. I have always been an avid book reader, but got away from books. A few years ago when you mentioned listening to books while sewing, I decided to give that a try. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  7. I have been an avid reader since I was young. When my hubby was sick I didn't have time for it, or much of anything. After he passed I didn't have any desire to read, quilt or cross stitch. I am finally coming out of my fog and starting to do all of them again. Although I did accumulate more stash knowing that I would once again create. I also have to sort, toss and clean what has been neglected.

    1. Grace and time is needed in times like that...hugs

  8. I have been on the waiting list for months for The Searchers. Will think of you when I finally get It!

  9. I reserved the book at our library. I’m #4 on the hold list! Soon!!

  10. I reserved the book at our library. I’m #4 on the hold list! Soon!!