Thursday, May 13, 2021

Busy Bee!

I am not complaining cause I like to be busy especially when it is with fun stuff!  But, I do find after nana & G time I am pooped!  

I was blessed with a visit from my bestie and it was a gift!  She decided that she was coming up and it was the first time I have had anyone staying in my house in over a year!!!  I spent the 2 days talking talking and more a way you just don't when you are on the phone or zoom.  We took a walk up Scouter's Mountain and it was beautiful and I took this photo of one of the many species of fungus growing.  I was pleased that she enjoyed my yard as much as I truly is a blessing.

Of course we went to Acorns & Threads and although I did NOT need another chart or project I still could not pass up some beauties that I will share in a Stitchroadie are not going to want to miss that one....

Although Acorns and Threads limit the number allowed in the shop and we had to rotate it was so wonderful to meet up with many of the floss tubers I say good bye to Fiona who is moving the Nevada and visit with friends I had not seen in a while.  We were all vaccinated so it was a blessing to finally meet up.


 So now I have to reorganize and figure out a rotation for my cross stitch, sew a couple of quilt backings so I can get some quilts quilted and enjoy the beautiful spring we are having...I hope you are also taking a moment with friends, being safe and staying healthy...and most of all...take a stitch or 2!


  1. I’m curious did you also take her to Pioneer Quilts? I had a bet that you would take her to both shops. How great that she came down to check out your new digs and be your first official house guest.

    Looking forward to the new Stitch Roadies video in the near futur,

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  3. Have you made it to Cedar Ridge Quilts yet? It's one of my favorites as well as Fiddlesticks in Vancouver

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful nice!!! Of course, one cannot go into a shop and come out empty handed....isn't there a law somewhere against that? lol My vaccinated cousin and myself went to the ocean for the day today and it was a fabulous day. Looking forward to the flosstube.