Monday, March 22, 2021

Stitch Roadies Smorgasbord


  1. Thank you for the spa explanation. It's so good to know what an above board biz they are & it's even better to have the stigma broken. Too bad that hateful so and so didn't see it that way before he decided to murder innocent people.

  2. Anna, your Anniversary stitch is darling - I didn’t catch the name of where you got the pattern? Thanks!

  3. Anna, once again you are enabling me. I must get the chicken chart. My daughter raises chickens and ducks and sells eggs. I have been looking for a cross stitch but hadn't found the "right" one, until you showed your new one.

    Oh and i googled the Korean spas, yes you have some in the Portland area and it looks like there may be one in my area. Thanks for explaining them to us.

    Great finishes. You are such a bright spot in our stitchy world. I received my Prim & Proper chart but now am missing my bag of floss. Have all my silks, verigated, and metallics, but not my dmc. It will show up. We've been shuffling things around quite a bit.

    Happy stitching.

  4. I live in whats call the Bible Belt in East Tn. When I listened to your explanation on a Korean spa my thoughts were everyone involved would be arrested. So sorry for the hate in this world but Im like Ann Frank, basically people are good. I wish we lived closer so I could be your stitching buddy and hang out together at Acorn and Threads sitting at one of those tables you mentioned. Love you and hearing about your family.