Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Project Box Interviews Presents Sue Spargo


  1. Loved the chat/interview with you and Sue Spargo. Then when I opened today's email what did I find but a trip with Sue to Italy! Oh how fun that would be. I was drooling over the photos and description of the time there. Are you going?

    I looked at Connecting Threads site to find they are carrying Sue's wool bundles and other various supplies. What yummy, rich colors. I need some golden yellows (think baby chicks) to make a wall hanging. I have Sue's pattern for chicks just some supplies are lacking.

    Oh Anna, you are such an enabler. Too many projects, too little time.

    Love the new Project Box Interviews. Wonder who you are going to chat with next.

  2. I really want to go on the river cruise in Portugal...time will tell. I think these interviews are going to get me working on my projects!!