Tuesday, March 30, 2021

My Motto

My heart aches this morning for all that is going on in the Asian Community...one of the aspects of this is that as a culture Asians fly below the radar...they rarely will report a crime against themselves...not wanting to draw attention.  Which in todays environment makes it difficult for police to investigate.  When you think of the hodge podge of cultures you have to understand that many came from places where the police was feared.  Again today I am grateful for my mother who was a strong women who lived her truth...today, as I remember her I inhale courage and exhale fear.

I am in a happy place, seeing the mountains, friends and quilt shops...what is not to love about quilt shops!!!

 Hope I see some of you down the road and we can share and pass on the love to each other.


  1. So sad how we treat each other.

    I am excited to participate in your wool applique class tomorrow.

  2. Excellent words to share Anna. Enjoy your time in the mountains visiting old friend and familiar places.

    Breathing in now.

  3. Anna, my heart is so saddened too. The attack in NY today was beyond terrible. Then the doorman at a high end hotel....in front of where the attack happened.... closes the door instead of helping the lady that was hurt. What is wrong with people?! We need to stand up for each other and help one another. Bless you. Patty McDonald

  4. Hugs and love! If I could send a hug to everyone, I would. So many hurting right, I am at a loss for words. My heart aches.

    But I too shall see you in the morning. Can't decide which project to work on.

  5. It is beyond sad what is going on now, and I’m sure your heart aches even more than most. Your motto is an excellent one. I’m glad you’ve got some happy things happening in your world right now. Looking forward to “seeing” you in a couple of hours!

  6. We are all fighting against satan and his powers. horrible!