Thursday, February 25, 2021

Time Flies....

It is a funny thing...time...sometimes it flies by and other times it creeps by.  There are moments that tick away at a pace a tortoise could pass and other times you wonder where the time has went.  My week vacillated between the 2.  We have come to tell time by Silas time...having our grandson twice a week means he has become our Grandson Time Keeper, LOL.  This week he had a dentist appointment because he fell and bumped his front teeth...all is ok but it is interesting to me how much we already count on our grandson time.  

It did mean I spent more time in The Bee Hive...stitching and watching Flosstube.  In instagram you can find these two, who are both highly entertaining.  Sambrie Stitches and Scott Stitches in Spain

Also, G and I visited an antique store in was so quiet in shoppers and a lot of old stuff...I was really tempted by this stitchery...but alas, I don't have room to hang my own stuff...but I LOVED the sentiment!

...and I pondered who were all these people in this giant pile of photos...I don't know...I felt a little melancholy when I looked through these...there were descriptions on the back of some of them...Makes me want to keep working on sorting all my photos...I may change the descriptions on the back to say stuff like...the Queen of Oregon or The King and I...I can see some shopper in a hundred years pawing through my photos saying...WOW, "I didn't know Oregon had a Queen!"  LOL

 May your week travel at just the speed you need...


  1. Beautiful frame on that sweet cross stitch. I found a huge box of photographs that I’ve never seen at my mom’s. Not to mention a scrap book of their engagement showers etc.

    Hope Silas gets lots of hugs after the dentist appointment.

  2. You are such a hoot!! Thanks for the laugh and I will never look at the back of pictures the same again!! Lol!

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  4. I love the photo idea!!! The Queen of Oregon. Photos are a rabbit hole too, but so worth it and fun!