Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Just A Bit of Jibber Jabber

This weekend was filled with lots of this and that...you know...the important this and that, LOL  Raining off and on I just can't wait to see what beauty pops up around here.  I can see little spouts of something slowly popping up and our town is making it's way though all the clean up of downed branches and trees.  Soon we will be able to drive around without have to dodge all the limbs.

Silas and G worked out in the wood shop and found out that our lil man is pretty ambidextrous.  He moves the tools to which ever hand seems to be on the side of the project he was working on, lol and uses it without issue.  When we were growing up it seemed if you were left handed everyone worked hard to make sure that they molded you into a right handed person.  

I have been getting a steady stream of robo calls all of which I don't answer and then block...my blocked phone list is longer than my contact list!  But, I always get a chuckle when my phone tells me this all is a potential spam.

Wouldn't it be fun to have your phone tell you...
"call from someone who loves you"

Have a kind, loving, stitchy, quilty day...
that's an order from someone who loves you!



  1. Enjoyed this post Anna. Love that little Silas can so easily adapt, am sure it will benefit him some day where we that are one or the other sometimes run into difficulties. I can relate to the robo calls and we also have a long list of blocks than contacts LOL. Enjoy your day!!

  2. I was one of those kids who worked with both hands and became a rightly. I can remember freaking out a coworker because in an emergency I did something left handed on an OB patient, I couldn’t figure out why she was freaking until she said but you’re right handed, I answered it was an emergency and needed to be done. I hadn’t realized what I did until then.

    Go Silas bring ambidextrous is great. Love the looks on G’s face.

  3. Hope you don't mind I've adopted Silas as my grandson. He sure is a cutie, hubby not bad either. My one grandson is a teenager so the fun part is over now comes the worrying. Can you relate?

  4. Portland is so pretty in the spring. The only thing that doesn't have a flower is a pine tree.

  5. My husband is ambidextrous --- when he was 4 years old (1953) he broke his right arm and was forced to use his left hand. It has been super handy all of his life. Your grandson is adorable.

  6. Had to chuckle about robo calls. Block them on one number the same company then calls on a different number. Seems as they have unlimited numbers. My grandson has the same drill set. So much fun and as Silas he uses whichever hand is the easiest.

  7. Silas is so adorable. His carpentry skills are awesome. Both of our grandsons are ambidextrous. You will have fun seeing all the surprises that pop up in spring! Not sure if I ever realized I could click on your posts and wind up here. I think I have done it, but forgot I could do it. Oh boy, age is catching up with me!!

  8. Years ago when our youngest got a cellphone she entered her contact info into my phone and instead of entering Her Name, she put Her Name loves you! I smile every time I see that pop up when she calls.