Friday, November 20, 2020

Hunkering Down in Portland


  1. I love to watch your videos on Quilting and Cross Stitch I think you do wonderful work oh and I love your stories too. I tried to follow you on Instagram but I can only view I cant upload as i am using a computer so i will keep enjoying you on the blog land Instagram

  2. When I thought about you moving the first thing that came to my mind was the stove in the bee hive

  3. I agree, hand sewn bindings! Your move sounds so exciting, my husband and I did that two years ago (we are in our 70's) and are only 4 hours away from our son the closest we have ever lived since he left college. I know you will find the perfect home, can't wait to see it. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Hmm, posted right after you put this video up but now it's not to be found. Oh well,,,,,

    Always a welcome pleasure to sit with you and "visit" for a while. And when I say visit, I mean just that as I have a "conversation" with answering and asking thingsand just giving you positive input. At times when I ask a question it's not long until you've answered it.

    I checked out the "HOME" project but right now it's a bit out of my budget. Have too many other projects to do anyway. Will never get them all finished.

    Yes, your stove in the Beehive. I have one very similar in my house that belonged to my grandparents. They are heavy, that's for sure.

    Love sewing down bindings. So calming. I need to get several quilts ready to bind, one of them being a Christmas quilt for my grandson.

    Best of everything to you and G while house hunting. The right house is out there (no bathroom in the Beehive would be a deal breaker for sure).

    Happy stitching.

  5. A big YES to seeing your projects! That would be a lot of fun, and inspiring. . . . and just maybe I wouldn't feel so guilty about the number of projects I have that need to be completed!

  6. I am sad to miss the Bee Hive. Is so familiar to me now it is like I am leaving it. LOL Congratulations on the move Anna.