Thursday, February 13, 2020

Mea Culpa Mea Culpa

It seems I have lost track of time and I keep forgetting what day of the week it is...the sign of either a busy full life or one that is a bit crazy, lol.  Most days I wake up and forget what day of the week it is...should I be worried?  The temperature is starting to climb...but ever so slightly and the view out of one of the upper windows is changing to that beautiful desert sunrise.

Each time we hit the road I learn something about myself and I have made some emotional growths even at my age!  We tend to want to stick to our comfort zones and patterns but I think challenging ones comfort zone is mind expanding.  Trying to things rather than keeping to the same ol same ol.

This last week a group of friends attended the performance "Showdown in Tucson"  Most of them had been to a performance at this theater before but it was the first time for both of us and we had a belly laugh of a good time!!  What an entertaining evening as this time performance poked fun at the oldie but goodie Westerns we grew up with.

The best part of traveling is seeing America and its peeps...
and I laughed when I saw this car...
now that is clever advertising!

One day G and I hit the antique second hand stores 
and when I saw this 
I knew I would have to cross stitch it...
somehow it made me feel good...
how about you?

May the rest of this week bring you 
new enlightenment about yourself and then peace.


  1. Love all th videos you’ve been posting but miss these delightful written word posts.

    I agree with that saying. Hard to clear out the creative clutter in our minds sometime.

    What a gorgeous sunrise to watch. Have a lovely Valentines Say with G.

    1. I know...I so enjoy this process of just seams I lose track of what day it is, LOL We both have creative minds and dreams!

  2. Anna! You sent me down the rabbit hole with the Material Girls link! HAD to get the Christmas Mischief AND Christmas Morning Delight! Thanks ( I guess!!!) for tip on a designer I never heard of before. Will have fun doing these!

  3. We got snow yesterday and it's about 20 degrees now. At least the sun has peeked out!!!! This has been one very gloomy winter in IL. I have a sign on my desk that says the same thing. A friend gifted it to me about 20 years ago when my Mother would always complain about my messy craft areas. She also asked why I get paint all over myself when painting...all I could tell her is "When I get into painting, I really get into it, literally". LOL

    1. the sign of a person who loves the process...a neat cook does not make tasty dishes!

  4. It makes me feel so justified in the chaos of my sewing room! I must be super creative!