Saturday, February 22, 2020

Floss Tube Stitch Roadies 32


  1. We went to Walmart the other day for some very basic items - and they had NONE of them! Told hubby - and this is why I don't want to hear the brick and mortor stores c/o online stores putting them out of business - when you cant even find basic items, you are forced to order online!

  2. Hi Anna,

    The only place I have found a bigger selection of DMC is in Hobby Lobby. I have to go all the way to Shepherds Bush to find the thread. I'm sure that the Attic will be glad to mail it to you. I had always used Anchor, but in desperate situations I mix brands lol.

    Maria B.

  3. Love your hair shorter! Shows off your smile. As for the HAED. I watched two episodes where stitchers talked about them taking 3-4 YEARS to finish and seeing how you have to learn to park your threads, well, that did it for me. I have many other projects to do. But go for it, if it will make you spark some joy....

  4. The women who make the effort to attend quilt and stitch groups are there to share, encourage and really
    care about each other. I find no comparison to life styles, no competitive attitudes, no gossip. They are
    my bridge from outside sadness to calmness and sharing.
    You bring that too. Thank you

  5. I live in rural NC, the closest needlework store is Sassy Jacks 2 1/2 hours away 😢 for floss shopping we only have Wal-mart. The other day I had a list of 20 colors I needed and they had only 2 😡. I came home and placed an order with 123 Stitch-----they are great and of course I found a pattern to keep the floss company 🤓.

  6. I've faced empty shelves at different WM stores quite a few time the last few years. It's frustrating, to say the least.

    Samplers and Antique Needlework was one of my favorite stitchy magazines, sadly it ceased in 2016. I think there's an archive DVD that can be bought????