Thursday, November 7, 2019


When you use public transportation there is a lot more time to ponder the world around you and to see that which you might miss while driving.  Every time I ride the bus to the lil' man's house I see this big sign...Long Live The Wildcards, Misfits and Dabblers.  It always makes me smile!  Somehow I think the world is a more interesting place because of the wildcards, misfits and dabblers.

My favorite time of the day to stitch is right before the city wakes really see the beauty at this time of the morning.  The city is like a person who is slowly waking up...first you see the buses arrive...then the early morning workers...the streetcar comes by and the walkers are out.  It is a beautiful time of day.  So peaceful.

My list is full of "wanna do's" for the next week!  I  have Christmas to think about...OMG can you believe it...48 days!!!  How can that be???  Pedal to the Metal for the Roadies and we are loving every moment!  Hope your day is going to be filled with friendship and stitching!  Today is First Thursday Stitch at Acorn and Threads...parteeeee!!!!


  1. I’m heading off to stitch also but with a new wool group that is also trying to stimulate design and texture onto the mix. Most of the people are new to stitching but that sometimes sparks the creative edge.

    Enjoy your day, I certainly plan on it at my end.

  2. I love driving as the sun comes up and see the world waking
    into a new day, so peaceful, but ready to shine.

  3. I too am a morning person. My favorite time of day. Have fun

  4. I seldom rise as early as you seem to, but on the odd occasion that I do I think I should do it more often as it's a lovely time of day.
    We're just into our winter home now, such a lot of work. Got my sewing room set up today tho so I'm ready to go - and guild meeting tomorrow. Yay!

  5. Early riser here too, but with a country environment...birds singing and my rooster crowing! I love to head into my sewing studio with a cuppa tea, my new little kitty by my side. ;0) (You never cease to entertain me Anna!)

  6. I think it's so awesome to have a hobby like this. Yep, Xmas is coming, hard to believe. We just went to Target and my son had to have a toy now...