Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Tannenbaum SAL in the Beehive


  1. I was looking at my directions as you were reading yours. I must have a different printing than you do because I don't have the direction page. My fabric requirement page says you need 1 fat eighth bundle and 1 charm pack so I think what you received in your kit is correct. I plan on using my own fabrics. I still need to get them pulled together.
    We got snow this weekend too. Less than an inch at our house but some places in north central Montana got 4'! I'm so not ready for winter yet. I told my hubby we might need to buy a tiny house down south too! Lol!

  2. Love watching you! Rethreading your machine was the perfect thing to do. When I heard it I thought oops thread popped out of take up lever. I was talking to you like you could hear me, yep that is me always helpful. Also love stitch roadies! You make my week!

  3. Sorry so not good with thec things. It came up unknown,but it is jlsitaly@hotmail.com

  4. I was gifted of xmas tree wall hanging at Quilt Group but it was small squares of various greens. The one you are doing is so different with rows of colors and blocks that it should be quite eye catching. Hope the rest of your blocks are easier. Loved seeing the Mountain with snow from your window. Have fun at Woolstock with Stacey.

  5. Thanks for the mountain views. We usually get over there in the summer and the mountains are gorgeous then but it has to be heaven in the winter when you don't need to go anywhere and can sit and stitch while watching the snow fall. Enjoy your time away.

  6. Dear Anna!
    Thanks for making a video about your adventure of making this quilt!
    I have got the pattern too and will start soon, so it is for sure very helpful for a lot of people seeing your experiences with it!
    Have a lot of fun at Woolstock! Here in Germany are no such great events as you have in the home country of quilting!
    But recently my first order from Buttermilk Basin arrived here and I will start my own little Woolstock in my sewing room 😊
    All the best and thanks for sharing with us!