Thursday, September 26, 2019

Merry Go Round...

I have been pondering the merry go round I am on right now and it is filled with wonderful people!  I remember when I was a kid in Santa Cruz CA there was a beautiful Merry Go Round on the boardwalk where you could try and grab the brass ring and then try and throw it into the clown's mouth.

Now my Merry Go Round is filled with Quilters and Cross Stitchers!!!  And there is no nicer group of people.  

I am packing and getting ready for Woolstock and looking forward to some stitchy time and the chance to make connections with more peeps who love wool as much as I do!  

I will be off line for a no blog posts next week...taking a blog vacation so I can relax and take it all in :) will have lots to share when I get home!!!

I hope your week is filled with some stitching~


  1. I remember that Merry Go Round and the brass rings. Have a wonderful trip.

  2. The one at our Pacific National Exhibition PNE in Vancouver was refurbished several years ago and relocated to an inside venue at the Burnaby Heritage Village.

    I got to Acorns and Threads today and met Janine, what a lovely lady. I got some threads and linen. Enjoy your blog vacation and say hi to Stacy for me. Have a wonderful time.

  3. Girl - you get around! It was so fun to see you on Buttermilks ad for her upcoming event. I closed my quilt shop aolmost 10 years ago, but I sold a lot of wool and tried to get ladies excited about working with it. I still enjoy it along with quilting and cross stitch too. Have a fun trip and we will see you on the flip side! P.S.I sure enjoy your videos.

  4. Here I am at Sun River and you are out of town! I guess we don't get to meet up this trip. Have a great time and come back n tell us all about it.

  5. thank you for the cross stitch blogs Im so new at this site I love watching you very much and learned a lot THANK again Jamie