Thursday, August 29, 2019

What a Week...

Life is full this week but in this household that is how we roll...The Quilt Show is in town for filming a remote season of the exciting!  My segment will be filmed tomorrow and show next year but today I get to go over and watch the recording of Violet Crafts segment...I love her sweetness and her designs!

I have been getting regular stream of mail...mostly cross stitch stuff and you guys will have to check out my new channel on Floss Tube called... wait for it....Stitch Roadies...yeah, I know not very creative, LOL

but this week I also got some quilty mail...look at this photo!  Does it not look like the Fed Ex guy used it as a seat cushion?!  I am telling you when ever I get a box from Sue Spargo! it looks like this...I think the delivery person knows there is soft wool in there!

Full disclosure here...I was originally going to take Sue's class in Santa Fe...but when my friend Karen and I saw the photos coming out of the class on Madeleine Island we needed to take the class that was called Sand Dollars.  So we switched our registration to Tucson...We both loved this class and now are spending time gathering wool in that color yummy you could eat it!

I have also decided 
that sometime soon G and I are going to have to visit 
this shop in Washington...
seems like a well balanced place!

Have a wonderful week and be grateful for the life we are creating.


  1. I stopped at that shop last year after backpacking. Very cute. Bought a ton of wool

    1. Now I know it must be great if you have already shopped there!

  2. Yes, that is a fun little shop. And awesome that you're filming another segment on The Quilt Show. Hope to see you next week!

  3. Wow! Several years ago while driving to Spokane I took a driving break in Ritzville where I found a small quilt shop/liquor combo shop also. Sadly no wool to be found there. May have to change my route my next trip heading south to check it out.

  4. Best way to loosen up for longarming was just one drink!

  5. Best way to loosen up for longarming was just one drink!

  6. My hometown area. Just west a few miles is Randle, which is where I will be in another month. And if you want a great place to stay, the Packwood Motel is it. In an old log building, it's like walking back in time. And the best nights sleep one could ask for. Nothing else can compare. There's also lots of great campgrounds in the area. You will fall in love with the area.

  7. I am definitely putting this on my list of places to visit!

  8. Looking forward both to your review of Packwood Liquor Store and Quilt Shop - great combo - and to your next episode on The Quilt Show.

  9. Can't wait to see you on TQS. That show is my quilt guild. Be sure to share pics of that fun looking quilt shop.

  10. When I stopped at that quilt shop in Packwood they were brand new! Recently came over Stevens Pass and just east of Leavenworth there is a quilt shop with WOOL! Another good place to check out in the Pacific North West!