Tuesday, August 27, 2019


I must be growing up.  In my younger days...as in yesterday, I would move full steam ahead without even thinking about how much I was balancing in my life...but, today...well today I am older than yesterday and I am wiser and know that even if I want to...and, I would love to, I can't do it ALL.   Having fallen down the Rabbit Hole of Floss Tube I began videoing Stitch Roadies my own Floss Tube Channel.  I am loving that community!  I know the 2 communities of quilting and cross stitch are much like the mouth of the Columbia River which empties into the Pacific Ocean...yes, we are living in the Brackish Water where salt and fresh water flow together...where quilting and cross stitch are both enjoyed.  With that said I reached out to my friend Sandi to help me moderate the Sue Spargo Facebook group.  Thank goodness for talented friends!

(photo by The Middle Point)

It is so funny to me that a couple of besties are also enjoying the brackish waters of quilting and cross stitch and yet we never get together to cross stitch...we just get together to quilt!  Well that is going to change!

I know you either know Robin or have heard all about her here but she never does anything half way...this week she finished 12 months of cross stitch and then did a full finish (2 are missing from the photo)  They are adorable!

...and then this cross stitch is one that is near and dear to my heart...Kathy who passed away a few years back left behind a gold mine of cross stitch and one of them was a project that was 2/3 done.  So, I continued the stitch until it became a UFO...then I passed it on to my friend Dale who completed it this week.  I know Kathy would be so happy to know her project brought stitchy pleasure to others.

...and just so you know I am older and wiser this week and am creating a balanced world...I worked on this project that Lisa Bongean posted on Facebook.  This is her completed BOW...and it is lovely.  Yesterday I spend the day prepping the final blocks for the next Quilt Roadie trip...I know that border is heading my way in the mail....yikes!

I hope you are finding balance and don't let anyone tell you "You Can't Have It All"  you can...you just have to figure out what is the important "All" in your life and go for it!!


  1. Love your balancing elephant, don’t we all feel that way at times. I’m happy to step in and help out with the Facebook page of Sue Spargo.

    Funny that I live on the Fraser River that is tidal and has brackish water. Another binding thread for our cloth of friendship.

    Looking forward to reports from your upcoming adventures.

  2. There is something special about finishing another's work - you done good.

  3. Lovely words, and projects! Thank you!

  4. Got to read this first thing this morning, You always seem to make my day a little better. Loving both your channels. Keep up the great work!

  5. Really enjoy your blog and videos, you are so real.
    I just recently "found you" blog and quilt roadies, you got me interested in wool embroidery. I g ave up cross stitch some years ago, I quilt, knit a nd embroider so have to find a balance there. So let us see all your projects, you are so encouraging.

  6. For most of us I'd say it's an ongoing process...thanks for the reminder Anna!

  7. You definitely are inspiring. Would love to have your energy and organizational skills!