Thursday, August 1, 2019

A Bit of This and That...

One of the survival tools that I have developed while traveling is to check out quilt shops in the area we are camping to find out if they have open sew days scheduled.  There is something comforting in finding out that quilters scattered all over this country are not only there to stitch but to provide friendship and comfort to each other.  Fiber and Stitches in St. Helen's Oregon provided that sweet spot this week.  I love the laughter, opinions and support these groups the inspiration.  One of my new stitching pals, Karen did a show and tell of her latest quilt and I loved how she added the grey in the mix of Christmas fabrics!  I encourage you to stop along the way and fill your quilting well when you are on the road :)

Right off our camp site was a nest of Osprey's...and it seems we are having a failure to launch going on, lol.  There are 3 babies who have been squawking...more food, more food...poor mom and dad keep trying to encourage them to take flight.  Sometimes there is no place like home! 

Even with all the noise I have been enjoying my stitch time.  I am approaching this project totally different!  I am actually following the exact stitching directions!  Yes, you heard me...I am following the rules on this one.  I wanted to relax, make no choices or decisions and it is refreshing.

Today, I am heading to Acorn & Threads with a friend...
I feel a cross stitch attack coming on!!!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!


  1. Back on the Road and winding down from the last weeks of hurry,hurry for the Quilt Show etc. Lovely place to park and watch nature unfold. Happy Vanting? Is that a word?

  2. Are you in your new trailer?

  3. love your new "tiny home on the road"! what fun, and easy to park too!