Thursday, July 18, 2019

It's A Wrap

A big sigh of relief and satisfaction is felt by our community as we wrap up the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and move on to the next town event.  For me...I feel a bit melancholy because one of the events special moments is knowing the Twisted Sisters are in town.  They have been coming for years and we have developed a beautiful friendship that I cherish.  It seems life is getting more chaotic, more angry and our world is, I gather in my heart those things and people who will weather these times with  me and we together can keep sharing that which we love...quilting.

What I know is that there is nothing more healing than a quilting retreat.  The pace is so far removed from daily life of shoulds...and, out of what looks like chaos are actually moments in time where you can lay the bra aside, place your soul on the table, feel safe in your pain, create something beautiful and have the strength at the end to face the world.

In this snippet of time the sisters 
created things of beauty 
and the world is better for it!

Enjoy the slide show!

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  1. What a lot of wonderful projects the Twisted Sisters finished this year in Sisters! I’m tired from looking at the pictures. Always a good tome when they are around.

    Looking forward to what they are up to next year and what the challenge fabric is made into 1

    1. it is truly amazing how much they accomplish even with all the shopping trips inbetween, lol

  2. How fun! Having quilting sisters is a necessity. ;o)

    1. I totally agree and was soooo happy to see you at the show!