Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Bright Side...

Ahhhh...thank goodness for the bright side of my and girlfriends!  And, of course there is the Bee Hive which was a peaceful spot to hibernate.  But, really...I know I am his Nana...but is he the cutest ever and what a large personality, LOL

It was a blessing to have the Berries over for a stitch support group meeting...and I mean support with a big "S"  I can't say enough how important girlfriends are...not only for those moments where you need to grieve with someone who knows there is nothing but time that will make it better...but, the comfort in knowing there are peeps who are walking the same aging path you are!!!  What I can tell you (alleluia) is we have not reached the age where we are talking about our poops, LOL!!!  It is still about the stitching, family and grandkids :)

I had to share this adorable Norma Whaley project that Pat was working the combination of wool and cotton.  9 more wool blocks to go :)

The day ended with a blessing when I got a call from The Stitchin Post that someone had dropped something off for me.  So after the Berries left I headed over and picked up an envelope with a sweet note from Marci who is a watcher of our Quilt Roadie videos and tucked inside were 2 scissor Bee Fobs!!!  Absolutely adorable and I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart!  

I am going to spend another day hiding out in The Bee Hive..nourish my soul, get ahead of some of my deadlines and Bee Happy.


  1. Even tho there may be a tear or two It is comforting to have dear friends to gather and share projects to work on and laughs to make the days seem brighter and full of hope.

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  3. Supportive friends are the best friends to have. Love your new picture of Silas he is just so full of personality just like his Nana! Cute scissor fobs enjoy using them!

  4. So happy to hear you were able to have some good time with friends and crafts; sounds like great medicine for you. Silas is just growing up way too fast...I cannot get over the changes, and so handsome! Those scissor fobs are adorable and am sure you will put them to good use. God bless you and G as you go through the journey of mourning and may you find some joy in each day along the way. HUGS