Tuesday, February 5, 2019


While stitching, hiking and meeting people along the way I also have a lot of extra time to reflect on life.  It is easy to look at someone else's life and judge your own.  But, what I can tell you is everyone's life has challenges...it is part of living.  And, it is good for the soul to take the time and look at the blessings in your life and accept that the challenges are what make the blessing that much sweeter.  I hope that with all the ups and downs of life I will always remember the sweet moments...

This past couple of weeks we have had 2 birthdays in our family and in looking back I am reminded of one of those sweet moments and what a blessing it is to know that I can carry these moments with me.

These 2 guys have birthdays in the same 7 day period and back a few years ago the little guy was mesmerized by G's guitar playing.

G helped him pick a few notes...
and was impressed with how gentle 
he was in picking the strings.

...and now for his 7th birthday his dad gave him a guitar
 and is teaching him to play!

I hope you also tuck those sweet moments 
in your heart to bring out when 
you need a feel good moment :)


  1. What a sweet memory and great photo of both events. Waiting to hear some dueling guitars in the future!

    When is your grandson’s birthday? He must be a fellow Aquarian.

  2. It is those moments that are the most precious and get us through the bad days. Nick will be 6 this year, they sure do grow up fast.


  3. To be able to give a child the gift of music appreciation is a wonderful thing. Great memory and I bet you will be such a proud Gram listening to that little guy's accomplishments as he learns the guitar.

  4. So fun for him. Yes, everyone has challenges and always remember to be kind an friendly to all as we just never know how bad things are in their lives. Not being kind or friendly can have a bad effect on them that we are unaware of. I try to smile and say hello to those that I pass daily.

  5. Hard to miss a grandchild's birthday. Hope you got to Skype or FaceTime with him. And hope you are staying warm!

  6. Seeing this makes my heart sing!!!!

  7. I love watching your grandson grow and change. What a cutie! ( I admit to being biased as I have 3 grandsons and one great grandson.) ;0)

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