Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Word of the Year

Before we get on to discussing our Word of the Year I want to thank you for all your kind support in reading the Woolie blog and those who cheer us on in our Quilt Roadies travels.  I feel like I have a wonderful group of friends cheering us along and when I get homesick I only have to turn here to know I have stitchers right here with me.  Happy New Year!

Have you chosen???  My word kept showing up in my life during the last half of 2018.  And, when I saw this TED talk that took place in my own "hometown" of Portland I was humbled.  I try to live my life without all the wants, wants, wants... but, after all I have grown up in the land of plenty and we are the land of "want".  Because of "work your fingers to the bone" parents I learned, worked and created a comfortable life and want is a verb that was a normal part of life.  But, let me tell you falling on the streets of Portland and sitting down there with others where the want consisted of a dry place with food was humbling.  And so, my word for 2019 is ENOUGH.

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