Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Quilt Life...

I have been missing my Bee Hive and my quilt life back home so I started hitting the bricks looking for quilters.  The Quilt Market is located about a mile from me if that and I found out that every Tuesday there is an open stitching bee!!!

The classroom was packed with busy stitchers involved in all kinds of stitching.  All that quilting energy and chatter was wonderful.  It was interesting because there was a mix of hand and machine stitching going on.  

It felt so natural to sit and stitch...just like old friends.  And just to let you know how small the world is...across from me was a stitcher who was long time friends with a stitcher I know back in Bend, Oregon!  We are all connected by our love of quilting...and sometimes more.

There were a few English paper piecers, applique and hand quilters tucked between the machine piecers...a place for all the different creative souls.

This group meets every Tuesday morning and so they know each other well.  But they also welcome newcomers.  It was lovely the sharing and show 'n tell.

For sure I will be there next Tuesday!

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