Thursday, January 31, 2019

Fun Times

It has been a wonderful time here in Tucson, AZ.  I have met so many wonderful people both quilters and non-quilters but the wanderlust has set in and I am ready to hit the road.

Today we start packing, cleaning and getting ready to pull up stakes for the next destination.  One of my favorite destinations is the Superstition Mountains...there is gold somewhere in them there mountains!  And although I may not find any gold I know I am traveling with a goldmine of stitching, LOL.  And I am hoping I will be able to actually get the sewing machine out...but if not I have a ton of hand work :)

I am looking forward to attending the VDO quilt show in Mesa, AZ and also enjoying a visit to a new cross stitch shop called The Attic!  Sounds like a great day and maybe I will be picking up some new projects?!  

Those of you who are in the deep freeze be careful and enjoy the extra stitching time! Hard to believe it is the end of January already!!!

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