Thursday, January 3, 2019


I have been told over and over again this last week that Arizonians have never experienced a January this cold!  As i sat in a hot tub in Tucson snow flakes were drifting down.  Our camper is cozy but I can't wait till I can open the door and leave it open!  I have been stitch away but started to have a bit of anxiety that I might run out of projects if I kept up at this pace!

I am looking forward to warmer weather and for the government to be back to many places we want to hike are closed or rather the bathrooms are locked :(  so we hang around here enjoying our cozy spot.

I was shocked to see that there is a huge sewing room when we are staying!  Which is great because I forgot to bring my favorite iron!!!  Today I am heading over to the Sewing Room and use their iron and board!

Have a wonderful first week of 2019...I am on count down to my class with Sue Spargo!  Can't wait to share the adventure at Tanque Verde with you!

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