Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner....

Well lets announce the winner of the 
12th Day of Christmas Give Away! 
I always enjoy the yearly Give Away and 
look forward to next year!

Pat Mahorney, Congratulations!

send me your mailing address to 

I have been enjoying my city time...lots of lights and window shopping!  The weather has been crisp and clear until last night and the rainy weather moved it but it is normal Portland weather...wait a moment and it will change!

I went to my very first wrestling match to watch my sweet grandson...have I ever told you how sweet he is...a wiry strawberry blond.  Well, I was shocked!!!  He pinned both his opponents!   

Then G took me to Acorn & Threads it was like taking a kid to Disneyland!  I was soooo good!  I limited myself to 2 projects, lol  This cute little pincushion and...

Buzz Off LOL...this one was purchased for obvious reasons!

I am just about caught up on Christmas and can start working on other projects :)  Now to get back to the UFOs, WIPs and PIGs.  I hope you are having a relaxing week.

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