Thursday, December 20, 2018

My Heart is Full

What can I heart is full and it has everything to do with my son's and their families.  For me there is nothing like spending time with little ones to make me realize how amazing life can be and that through them one does live forever :)

I was happy to have finished the binding on the 
Christmas quilts....

For my oldest grandson I made a Mindcraft Quilt, LOL And yes...they do make Mindcraft fabric but you have to find it online.

...and for my oldest son and Laura I made a bed quilt in the colors that she liked...yellow and gray.  It was fun gathering the fabrics because it is not a palate that I have a lot in my stash.  I started with a pattern but then ended up mixing it there is not a specific pattern for either of these quilts.

Connor's Fairy Godmother and she is also his son's Great Fairy Godmother stitched a beautiful Santa table runner as a birthday gift for is beautiful!

But, I really have to show you this amazing piece of art drawn by my older son...he attended the Seattle Art Institute but I can testify that he was artistic from he works at saving lives but I am so happy to say he is embracing the artist within. 

This piece is amazing because it is drawn on a black base...the color is drawn on top??? blows my mind...kind of like a negative.  It is going to have a special place in the Bee Hive!

I won't bore you with all the gifts of life but let me say I take nothing for granted and am grateful for the blessings :)  Thank you for your reader support and I am looking forward to many adventures down the road...including some cooking with the new cookbooks I got!!!

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