Thursday, December 27, 2018

Give Me Your Word!

I am a great believer is choosing a Word of the Year.  It is like a touch stone when life seems to be out of control or emotional cruel.  Yes, life can be cruel and suck the air right out of a room but then I touch my word and bring it into focus, somehow I can feel my soul reach for peace.  In 2017 my word was Detox and it was a year I really took to leaving negative thoughts and people behind and focusing on those that bring joy into the world.  Then 2018...brought the word Mindfulness into my life.  Boy, did that word serve me well.  Anytime I felt out of control whether it be in my schedule or my life I embraced Mindfulness and realized I am choosing this life and I want to enjoy it in all of it's craziness.

I have been thinking long and hard about my word for 2019.  I know for a fact that 2019 will be an epic stitching year filled with sharing and friendships!!!  LOL...I think I say that every year and you know is!!!  I never rush into picking my word...I ponder, wish, read and embrace...knowing the word will come to me and boy has it ever!!!

So, stay tuned for the blog post on New Years Day where I will reveal my word for 2019 and I hope you will have chosen a word also!

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