Friday, December 14, 2018

Day 12 Give Away!!!! + A Winner

I cannot believe that today is the last day of the Give Aways!!!  You know if I could I would give something to each and everyone of you.  I so appreciate all the stitching support throughout the year :)  

Yesterday was a non-stop day filled with have to's, last minute shopping and a wonderful gathering of friends.  I cancelled my cable...I can count on one hand the number of times in the last year we actually watched cable TV.  So, I had to take all the TV hooks up back to the cable company...then a bit of Christmas Shopping.  After which I picked up Connor and Silas's Fairy Godmother so we could attend a party. Two wild and crazy stitchers!!

After the party I headed home but first had to stop at the car dealership so get one of those annoying messages that my car kept giving me deleted!  I can't stand that the car seems to be smarter than me!

With all the traffic and errands I made it home to the most spectacular is a blessing!

Well...I know you have been waiting for the final give away...and yes, it is a spectacular one!  Gail Pans wonderful book of projects!  So if you are interested leave a comment below and we'll see who the Dog Dish chooses!  I'll announce on Tuesday as I am going back to the regularly scheduled blog post which are Tuesday and Thursday :) Remember, once I announce the winner you'll have 24 hours to send me your mailing address and please if entering be a registered follower of the Woolie Blog and Quilt Roadies

The Day 11 Winner is.....

Karen Miersma
email me you mailing address to

Enjoy the video...I thought it was soooo sweet!