Thursday, November 1, 2018

Hello November

All I can say is WOW! 
 How in the world can it be November?! 
 Time for some hardcore, biker chick stitchin'!!!!

Yesterday was an awesome Halloween...I started to worry when by 5:30 my doorbell hadn't rung once!  We used to lived in a neighborhood when the kids were young that had more candy per acre then any other in town.  Which meant parents would car pool their kids to our neighborhood.  Since our move to Sisters I have had to cultivate the Trick or Treater population by giving out full sized candy bars and telling each kid...tell you friends.  And each year I have increased the numbers to an all time high last night of 58!!!  That is over 20 more than last year!!!  I also have no problem giving candy to teenagers and adults accompanying their kids.  It is fun to see groups of teenagers hanging out together all in good fun.  Plus they all get to go home to their parents, LOL

I got photos of the grandkids and their Halloween adventures...little Wyatt is a hoot with his dyed hair and I love that his glasses were perfect for this costume!

Now Silas had fun just going around his Grandma Carrie's house and obviously is not frightened by his Halloween bucket...since it has candy in there.  And remembering back to this age he would have needed to eat the candy as soon as it hit the bucket, LOL

At times it seems life happens the way it works out best and my falling and both Robin and my schedule precluded heading to Quilt Market.  But then I had the best Halloween evening ever.  If I hadn't been here G and Enzo would have been hiding out in the dark, LOL.  Instead Enzo got lots of pets...and G enjoyed watching how exciting it all was :) 

...and yesterday I also got to pickup Coffee Quaker  all framed and now hung up.  I am so tickled with how it turned out!  It felt good since it had been a while since I finished a cross stitch project!

...and for you Buttermilk Basin fans I just got a peek of the new design that will be teaching at Quilter's Affair 2019  and you are definitely going to want to register for this one!!!  The reveal and registration will begin in January!! Can you believe that is only 2 months away!!!

Have a wonderful start to November 
I hope kindness envelopes your world.

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