Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Chit Chat Tuesday

We had a wonderful time with family...family breakfast...it is always such a treat when everyone with their wide variety of schedules can be in one spot.  We missed one of my cousins but she sent her family and my oldest grandson.

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Oh and I wanted to share the Vegan pancakes 
my son made, LOL

yep, this is how he rolls....

I can't believe I work up on Sunday morning with this feeling that I was missing something???  So I got my phone out and checked the calendar.  OMG...Thanksgiving is this week!!!  How did I not know that???  And I have company coming, lol.  So G and I decided to stop at Costco in Portland on the way home.  We arrived just as they were opening and I feel pretty darn good...I obviously was not the only one who didn't realize Thanksgiving was this week!!  The place was packed. 

By the time we got home and went to bed...
Enzo was pooped! 

Our Thanksgiving will be an adventure...Vegan, Gluten Free, Meat Eaters...yes, we will be having a feast for everyone.  Yesterday G and I did a trial run on the Vegan mash potatoes and gravy...delicious!!!

In between all the kitchen prep work I am also prepping projects for the future. It has been so much fun digging through the stash closet and deciding what I want to get done.  Hope those who are celebrating this week are embracing a stress free Thanksgiving.  My goal this week is a break from the news and to be in my happy place!   

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