Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Where is the Winner???

I haven't heard from the winner of the Give Away, Diane Motley...so, if anyone knows her or can let her know please do or I shall throw in back into dog dish and Enzo will draw again, LOL

We are heading out to take our trailer below the snow line so when we are ready to hit the road we won't have to worry about dragging it through snow country.  What that means is trying to somewhat figure out what I can comfortable store in it for the next couple of months and not miss...can one not miss a project!!!!

When I was digging through the boxes I ran across this adorable project that is slowly getting done.  I was using Transfer Eze for my embroidery back then which meant I had to rinse it off...works pretty darn good but does add a different kind of step to the process.  I think I only have one more block to stitch then I can start framing them with pieced blocks.  It looks a bit dark in the photo because it is all wet from the rinsing but I used Kathy Schmitz fabric...I love her crackle fabric for the backgrounds.  And her embroidery patterns are so sweet!  These were meant to be a monthly wall hanging but I decided to put them all together into one quilt :)

I also have been on a big reading binge and finished 2 books that I would recommend.  I love it when I learn something I didn't know...and this sweet book had the trifecta,  it was about a dog, it showed the kindness in the world and I learned something about China I didn't know.  Did I tell you I once ran a section of the Great Wall of China, LOL...there are a lot of layers to this onion!

This book I almost gave up on after the first couple of chapters but boy am I glad I didn't!  In fact I was compelled to keep finding time to sneak in some reading.  There is a movie in the works to be released in 2019 based on this book...but as you know the movie never does the book justice.

Well, that's it for today...
I'll be stitching away in the truck 
as we deliver the trailer to it's holiday resting place.
  Have a great week!

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