Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Physical Therapy by Quilting...

Having worked as an RN prepping patients for the surgeries I do know that shoulder injuries can be the most troublesome on a variety of levels.  That is why when I fell...I knew life was going to be a "chair of bowlies".  One of the big issues is sleeping or the lack of it.  Because of the opioid crisis they are very tight with pain medications and i was instructed to go home take motrin/tylenol and get on with PT.   In the current state of medicine you have to be self directed because that world moves at its own pace and with PT starting today I have been in the process of self care for a week.  In pondering how I could start my own rehab program until I got plugged into the system I realized that quilting is a good shoulder PT activity.  With the stretching while cutting and placing blocks on the design wall I was slowly making progress and although painful I inched my way forward.

When I got back in the Bee Hive and checked out where I had left off I decided the current quilt in progress on the design wall would be my Physical Therapy Quilt!  Making four blocks a day, cutting, piecing and pressing I was able to finish all the blocks left to complete the top.  This was not only good physical therapy but emotionally it was a boost.

Some of the comments on Quilt Roadies have asked about the quilt in the back ground of the video...here it is :)  It was a kit I purchased while traveling through Boise, ID.  You can watch the video of Quilt Expressions by clicking this link.  The pattern Masquerade is one of the many patterns that are self published by the shop.

The fabrics used in this quilt are a combination of fabrics by Marcia Derse and panels called the Queen of We'en by  J. Wecker Frisch.

I highly recommend quilting as a physical therapy tool...it is not pain free but you do end up with something that makes you smile!  Wish me luck at PT today...I already have chosen my next quilting PT project but more about that later :) 

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