Tuesday, September 4, 2018

True Confessions...

When I was a kid I remember on the news stand there being magazines called True Confessions...or True Detective??? Do you remember that?  My mother would have never purchased such a magazine but I was intrigued.  Where is this thought process taking me...and you???  I think I should start a magazine called True Quilter, LOL...or a Dear Anna column.  So, before I ask you to air any dirty quilts here I will start off with a True Confession...

You know how I packed my handwork for this Quilt Roadies trip...choosing very carefully which stitcheries I was going to bring.  One of the projects I brought was Cuppa by Sue Spargo. I really wanted to give this BOM a jump start!  I brought all the blocks I had prepped and the instructions...but, I did NOT bring one spool of thread!!!!  There is a reason Robin is my quilting spouse...where was she when I needed her?!  As Caker's says...we all need a Pocket Robin and that goes doubly for me...

We have pulled up stakes at the Timberlake Campground and it is one I highly recommend...just a lovely setting.  The wedding we attended was just a couple of miles down the road with a quarter mile hike from the parking lot to the open meadow where the wedding was held.  Did I mention that I was the L & D nurse for the bride's birth.  Such amazing memories and connections with this family having been the delivery nurse for the 3 oldest siblings.  Her mom is a dear friend who I worked with and shared family time with...in our younger married raising kids life.  G and I are better people for having been a part of this family.

Since Stevenson is across the river from Oregon and only about an hour from our youngest son and his family they made the trip over for lunch at the Skamania Lodge.  I had never been there and it was a wonderful spot to meet up.  What a treat to have before we hit the road again.

May September bring 
more sun, more clear skies and more stitching!
The 3 S's 
actually that is 4 S's :)

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